Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Angel's 40th Birthday- Part 2

So my lovely "sisters" thought since this is the big 40 and since it is a huge milestone of my life, Kar Peng suggested that they do a surprise party for me. Not only did they plan the party among our usual gang, they actually reached out to my other friends and invited them to set up the surprise party for me!

They spent weeks coming up with a plan and KP, GH and Linda arranged to meet me for dinner.

They even came up with some elaborate scheme... where they suggested eating jap food.... last min tell me change cos someone got a good groupon deal... And then GH even pretended that she reached late cos she was at some other event but they had actually reached earlier to gather everyone and get prepared!

So i was walking into the restaurant... and GH was talking about her event that she had to work at and I was just wondering why KP was taking video of us walking in like wedding dinner.. and why they led us to a big table enough for 8 pax and suddenly, I heard, "Surprise!" And I saw Karen, Jez and Annie... my best friends all there as well! I was so moved! I cannot help but tear lor... GAN DONG!

And the girls were so xi xin lor... Annie actually even came to do taste test to make sure the food is good... and KP brought lots of decorative stuff to decorate the place.. and Karen bought Party masks for all of us to take photos!

They even bought me a crown to wear! It felt like hen night or something lor! hahahaha

 My present... a lovely photo album with our photos and their well wishes!:)

 Even got flowers lor:) hahaha.. They told me just whether to get flowers, they took long long time to decide:) hahahaha

After eating, it was cake time, we took photos lor:) These sweeties bought me a wonder woman cake! Hahahaha... And they said it was difficult to choose a nice photo everyone liked.. hahhaha

Then they so funny lor.. sing me birthday song. BUt KP din press the button for the video.. so we did re-enactment.. and they  sang, "You are 40 this year!" super loud in public lor.. tsk tsk tsk..

 Greatest memories! Have to do this again when I am 50... hahahaa

So they chose this restaurant cos they have all these nice places where you can take nice photos.. I guess more for those ROM... or romantic dinner kind.. There was even a guy who proposed in front of us.. sweet:)

Had a really lovely surprise lor...

After that, Annie treated me and Jez to some beer:) We wanted to go to some nice place but when we reached, they say need to wait 45 min.. so we went back to clark quay.. LOL

All in all a great night! Thanks, girls! I feel so loved... I will remember this day for the rest of my life:)

Must take photo of my pressies...

 This page is for our group photo that night..

So sweet of them to take so much effort lor!:)


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Angel's 40th Birthday- Part 1

Ace never remembers my birthday! Hahahaha..

So this year, he decided to counter that by giving me a present early in August so that he will not miss it.

And this year being a huge milestone.. I had a grand celebration of sorts:)
 Round 1 of celebration was with the girls in my office :) Another colleague also having birthday same month:)

 THey even preapred cards...

 And gifts:)

I used their gift to buy a new pair of shoes  :) Hee hee..

Following that, I celebrated with an afternoon out to make myself pretty with Annie...

She said she treating me to a day of beauty... first stop... to get me some eyelash extensions!

Apparently, my eyelash extensions are really hard to do because my eyelashes are super short and super fine. The beautiful Jess who did it for me said it is the MOST CHALLENGING SET OF EYELASH she has ever done! hahahahaha..

 Done.. swee boh?

 Then we went over to have a meal...and she treated me to cakes and peaches.. 不是寿桃,而是从日本来的超甜的蜜桃!

 Then to the salon to give me a nice perm cos Annie said I can save time if I dun need to curl my hair everyday....

So Annie's cheeky stylist asked me what I wanted to do. I said it is up to him. And he suggested a soft digital perm.. so I said ok..

But once he removed the curlers, this is what I saw..

 I told him please dun tell me this is my hairstyle.. and he said, "Yeah, finished... " And laughed... and said I looked like a poodle!

Me and Annie were super impressed that with his half past six english,  he actually knows the word 'poodle'. hahahahaha

 Of cos it is just a soft curl lah ;)

 This calls for a photo together:)

Then Annie brought me to eat the most delicious Japanese grill!

She even secretly arranged for what the waiter called a BEEF-day cake for me!: )

As what our Japanese friends taught us... Sugoi delicious! Hahahaha

 At the end, we found two onions at the bottom of the beefday cake...

Waiter say we cannot waste it.. and made us cook and eat.. turned out to be sugoi delicious too because it was very sweet!

 And what  is a meal without some sweet desserts!:)

What an eventful day! ;) 

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