Saturday, December 02, 2017

Ace Gives Cay A Spinner

Ace went over to Popo house the other day and brought along one of his smaller fidget spinners.

Cay was sick and at home so he played with Ace a little when Ace was there.

When Ace returned home, Ah Yee messaged me and said Ace forgot to bring his FS home.

I told Ace and he said he did not bring it home on purpose becos he wanted to give it to Cay.

Cay was sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy cos he has been bugging his parents to buy him one but they did not.. so he kept playing with it.

And then, Ah Yee sent this sweet video..

THen as expected.. following wkend the two cousins were best frens:) hahahhaa..

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ice Cream Overdose At Nainai's House

Since his grandmother started working, we do not get to visit weekly on weekends.

THe other day, Nainai happened to be at home and so we went over for dinner:)

His grandparents knew Ace was coming and bought ice cream to wait for him lor...

THe end result?

Ice cream overdose! hahahaha

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chwee Kuay And Good Girl Grape Juice

Asked Ace what he wanted to eat.. he says he wants to eat Chwee Kway.

Since I will be passing by the store that day... we arrange to have a Chwee Kway and Good Girl Grape Juice dinner together. It was also to celebrate the end of PSLE listening compre )

Apparently, he was a good boy and his teacher gave him GOOD BOY APPLE JUICE.

Because I was given some grape juice, I told him I will share with him.. I call it my Good Girl Grape Juice:) hahaha

Super tasty meal!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PSLE Prep Talk By Jez Meinu

We are blessed with great friends.

I was telling Jez meinu how Ace is losing focus right before PSLE and how he is not pushing himself to do his best. He is perpetually lost and angry. To make it worse, he did not do well for his prelims and so that made him feel like giving up...

And being the good friend she is, Jez after working for 12 hours straight in the day, rushed over to our house to go through with Ace his PSLE revision time table and also to give him prep talk for PSLE.

SO thankful for that.

BUt did it help?

Well, our good friend actually went back to watching videos non stop again the very next day and did not do any of his required papers at all for the first few days till he kenna scolding from me.


Luckily, after a few days, he started showing slightly better attitude and started to pick up a little. Though I know and can tell it is not his best.

I do what I can best. I leave the rest to Ace himself and heaven.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

The Dao Kua Pok That Refused To Melt

Because Ace loved the veg fried egg that Aunty Mag made, I have been trying to replicate the dish..

I bought all the required ingredients... alas, I tried to cook the dao kua pao.. I cook and cook and cook... I cooked for TWO DAYS using PRESSURE COOKER... also no difference!

 It just refused to MELT! It is supposed to melt into like dao hway.. and then after that I am suspposed to wrap it with carrot into a beancurd skin and airfry it...

In the end I give up. I made this instead with some canned peanuts... tasted equally awesome to me.

That only goes to show.. when life gives you dao pok tat refused to melt, you just make braised dao kee out of it! Equally satisfying! ;)

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Vulgar Language Wolverine

Mr boh liao is at it again...

He found my Lions Club letter opener and played with it. He told me he is wolverine..

Then he was hit by a bright idea and he told me.. now he is VULGAR LANGUAGE wolverine...

NO guesses for which vulgarity wolverine is supposedly scolding..LOL

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Da Chef Da Boss

Ace does not dare to turn on the fire to cook. But it has been difficult for me to cook for him everyday before work.

The other day, I suggested that he can use the airfryer to cook..

And so... he made this.... tomato fried egg using airfryer:)

He says he is DA CHEF and DA BOSS. so gotta pose like this.. LOL

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Ace, The Gift Of Humour

 Usually if I meet Ace's teachers, be it his school teachers or his tuition teachers, the feedback is always the same. He cannot sit still, he is always fiddling with something in class, he is too much of a clown and trying to make others laugh instead of concentrating on his work...

It has been like this all this while... And I realized some time back that while it is true there are times when he is doing that when he is not focused, there are also times that he does all those when he is.. reason being.. he is a kine learner... so I guess he needs his outlet..

But this year though, the feedback in school has not been fantastic. Somewhere along the mid of last year, he started to lose focus in class and became tardy. No amount of prep talk from me, from his teachers whatsoever has really helped. And I guess he was probably affected by the things going on at home. Initially though, it did not affect his results. This year though, his results were very much affected and he did not do well for his prelims or his mid years.

So it was really a pleasant surprise the other day when his Primary Division Sunshine Aunty messaged me and told me this:

It is a reminder to me that he is just in mastery of his gift of humour:) I hope the same can extend to his studies as well.. LOL

Anyway, I am quite blessed. The other day, his dad suddenly said he cannot send Ace to the PD meeting but I was like really sick and it will be difficult for me to send him there and wait for him for two hours doing nothing... so I think I thought and thank.. and I decided to message Sunshine aunty to see I can send him there and then they help guide him to bus stop so he can take bus home.

My good fortune was sunshine aunty say she can pick him, send him there and send him home! NMHRGK... blessed lor!

So I can stay at home to rest and focus on getting better...

I wonder if Ace will miss his PD friends as he moves on to secondary school next year.

But gakkai is small place, somehow they will meet again I am sure:)

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Make Shift Veg Sushi

So near my workplace there is only like ONE place I can dabao food and only ONE food I can dabao for Ace.

That place is called NTUC and that food is sushi.. every time I need to dabao dinner for Ace, I will go over there to check out the food and see what veg options are left. I realized that alot of times they have discounts after a certain timing and because Ace loves sushi, this is a frequent dinner arrangement.

However, one of the days I went, there were not vegetarian options left and so I bought thisand replaced the crabstick with veg sausage to make it vegetarian lor:)

I tot I am quite clever leh.. but Ace says the taste is very weird:) hahahaha

Then one of the times, I was there choosing sushi and the aunty asked me what I want..  I said I was looking for inari because my son is vegetarian.. so she said she can make for me... And then I asked her why sometimes got discount, sometimes no discount.. she asked me to pick what I want and she will give me the discount..

So after tat, I clever liao... I always go and look for aunty for customized sushi for Ace and open my mouth and ask for discount:) hahahahaah..

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Monday, September 04, 2017

Birthday Treat For Max

As Max's birthday was just round the corner, I thought I will bring Ace and Max to somewhere nice for a meal...

But leh, Max kept rejecting my attempts to book a time slot with him... so in the end, ad hoc basis.. while I went for my massage, the boys met me afterwards at Pu Tien.

First time I use money I earn to give the two of them a treat lah.. and though it is a simple meal, I hope they liked it:)

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Visit To Parkway Parade With Cousin Cay

The two cousins are very cute lah..

We were at Popo's house the other day and whole day, they just did their own thing by themselves. In the end, when I said I wanted to go home liao, they wanted to play together and started playing lego together.

The ending is we decided to go out for dinner together and ended up in PPP after that.

 The two cousins tam dak yi.. never put money also want to go and ride the kiddy ride

 Never fails to amaze me how Ace can also squeeze in and enjoy the ride.. hahahaah

Anyway, we bought school shoes for Ace as well because just two months short of graduation from primary school, his shoe gave way. Boh pian lah... buy new ones lor.. wat to do.. have a cow for a son.. hahahah..

After we did all our shopping, Nett Nett bought very tasty tutu kuay for all to share...

THen we went to jalan jalan at Daiso and the various shops before we made our way home...

Saw some interesting gift items...

I wonder at what age will they like start going out together on their own...

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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Bohliao Ace Pretends To Smoke

Boh liao Ace saw this humidifier and said I should take picture of him pretending to smoke... 😂😂😂😂

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Friday, September 01, 2017

Pampering My Feet

 Me: Tomm I going out in the morning
Son: *face fell* huh...
Me: I go pedicure lah.
Son: hands or feet?
Me: Pedicure means feet.
Son takes a look 👀 at my feet
Son: ok go! U need it!!!
Me: 😂

I come home with my pedicure..
Son: i wanna see!
After i show him...
Son: yay! Your feet dun look like shit anymore!

Maybe I should do this more often:) hahahha...

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Angel's 40th Birthday- Part 3

 So... that weekend near to my birthday, I had a celebration at my mum's place. I told her not to buy cake lah.. I eat till scared... BUT she still did:) Hahahaah

Then I went to meet up with my bestie.. WHo secretly sponsored my eyelash extensions and told me she cannot buy me something tat only lasts a month.. so we went shopping for something tat can last longer:) hahaha

The day of my birthday, I took Off In Lieu...

Early morning, I went to my Tue Yoga class to say hi to my friends:)

 Then rest of day out with Jez.

I had been thinking for long time what to do on my birthday. I wanted to do something I had not done before and arrived at the conclusion of going to the Onsen at Kallang Wave Mall.

 After yoga , we went to my parent's place to bath and change.. and then we went to eat something before we go onsen... Jez booked for us a massage before the onsen...

Wah.. lucky we went yoga before the massage.. It was thai massage... and they were bending us this way and that way.. and even told me I am very soft... I told her it is cos i went for yoga in the morning and my joints are warmed up... LOL

ANd the onsen was a great experience. I loved it. I was worried about having to walk around semi naked but then my realization is that it got me over being self concsious about my body a little. Because... when naked hor, really everyone is almost the same one:) I dunno why.. but tat is how I felt when I saw all the diff pple of diff shapes and sizes:) Nothing much to be afraid of.. everyone is not perfect and despite that they are all still beautiful!

 After that, we went to cafe to have a quick bite..

 We were going to eat dinner so ordered to share ;)

 Birthday beer!

 Wear the jap outfit so nice must take photo lah.. so we asked waitress to help us take photo..

Originally, I arranged to eat dinner only with my sis. Since Jez is now free.. she said she will join and cos we eating mookata.. something she or our SHI ZI LU KOU leader, ZJ has not tried before, we asked him to join us:)

 My first mookata! Not bad wor!

 Heart shaped sausage my sis grilled for me:) SHe also paid for my mookata dinner.

 Then we crossed the road for more beer! Hahahahaha...

We were eating along the road where Katong Square is.. I told them this is my shang xin di.. because it was where I was delivered some really unpleasant news.. My sis told me it should be my happy place because this is where I start my brand new life.. I guess she is right;)

 Hehehe.. Here got interesting story to tell one... The waiter who served us smelled so bad tat we wished he would go away and we had to apply moisturizer to our hands and smell whenever he walked past us.. hahahah

They ordered a cake for me..

And ZJ paid for me for this one...Thanks Leader!

And when I reached home, there was another surprise waiting for me!

 My son made a card for me!

 It even came with a present!

He told me later that his dad was the one who asked him to get a present and brought him to 7Eleven (cos tat is closest place to where they were dinnering) to buy this...

 My fav part of the card...  My worht is literally off the charts! hahahaha

Even Max also prepared something for me:)

THanks, guys!

All in all, a great big 4-O i had! :)

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