Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Am Free!

Ace makes a few changes of clothes and so everyday, he will bring a bag with all his clothes, towel and a plastic bag to contain all the dirty clothes.

The other day, Ace was at home and had just finished building a helicopter with his dad using his engineering set. He was going around shooting everyone using the helicopter which he says is a gun and then all of a sudden, he went to his bag, took out all the dirty clothes inside and threw them in the laundry basket and sat down to fold the plastic bag to put it back..

I was soooooooo happy when I saw that. "Wah! Ace is such a good boy leh! Yeah! I am free!" I told Max...

But leh, I was happy too early....

Cos after he finished, he started taking out all the clean clothes inside as well....

"What are you doing?" Max asked Ace

"I am army, Daddy. Army need a bag to put his gun..."

Hahahaha... I luff until I pengz lor...

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am Champion

Recently, Ace is very often celebrating the fact that he is a champion

Maybe it is because of all the Singapore Idol ads he is watching.. or maybe he is just at the stage where is aspires to be some reality singing competition star...

The other day, he was sitting alone in his room and then he, on his own, went to search for his CD, put it into the CD player and play the music... and on the other hand, he switched on the piano that teacher Ivy bought for him (the one tat has a mic) and started singing together with the CD

And halfway through, he shouted out to me, "Mama! Come and see my concert

And he kept calling and calling and calling and calling for me until I was finally sitting down and watching him sing.. after he fininished singing, he asked me to give him a trophy and declare him a champion and then he would run around the room and declare, "I am a champion!"

And then he will start to sing another song.... and declare himself champion again.

At the end of his little concert there was a whole row of trophies sitting on the desk in his room... hahahaha..

But well, I am glad he is feeling so confident of himself. Most people feel that they are a piece of worthless shit... even especially those who boast about themselves... It is nice to watch someone declare that they are a champion whole day long.... and it reminds us that we are all champions too, champions in the sperm swimming contest :) if not we wouldn't be born...:):)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mummy, You So Cute Leh!

The other day, I was lying on the bed beside Ace and all of a sudden, the turned over, pinched my cheeks and told me, "Mummy, you are so cute leh.." and smiled to me while looking into my eyes...


Buay tahan my son!

But the best is yet to come!

And then after 5 seconds or so, he told me. "I am also very cute... Papa is also very cute..."

And then I asked him what about Popo, Gong gong and Zhen Popo leh?

He said, "No, they not cute already. Cos they are 老人already. They cannot be cute..."


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Nai Nai Jia?

Me and Max often wondered why always prefered to go to Nai Nai's house versus Popo's house.

Initially we thought it was becuase he got to visit them a little less often... but then we realized that even if we visited them everyday in the week, he still prefers to go there.

And then we took to asking him why and he says it is becuase he gets to eat fruits there. But that is a strange reason because in Popo's house, there is always so many different types of food.

In the end, our conclusion is that our parents show their love in different ways and he just enjoys Nai Nai and Yeye's way more.

When he goes to Popo's house, Popo is often back late and by the time she is back, she is usually really tired and so Ace usually gets to like play with his mountain loads of toys there. The toys there however are usually educational like LEGO, etc.. sometimes if Popo is free, she will do a little bit of artwork or homework with him. Gong gong's idea of showing love is to shower him with lots of food.... pancakes, strawberries, chee cheong fun... and of course, gong gong's favourite past time is "Ace, come here and sit beside gong gong and WATCH TV TOGETHER with gong gong..."

Now change the scene to Nai Nai's house. When Ace is at NaiNai's house, he has loads of toys as well and mostly purchased at his request like guns, swords, remote control cars, bicycle. He loves Nai Nai's cooking and they also always buy fruits for him. And from the time he reaches, there is always someone engaged in some activity together with him like for example, Yeye will sit and play the toys with him or they will take out a piece of paper and draw together...

I guess he just liked it that there was someone always beside him, engaged with him, paying attention to him...

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Boy Ace 2

Ace was really hilarious the other day

Initially, he was really happy when we sent him over to my mum's place because in his words, "I like popo house because there is sooooooooooooooooo many things to eat..." But after staying at my mum's place for many days, he changed his mind..."I don't like Popo jia again now, everyday also popo house... I want to go nai nai jia..."

Alas when we called Nai Nai, she said she was not feeling well and declined to take care of Ace that day lest she spreads her cough to him.

So when we saw Ace, we told him that we had no choice but to send him to Popo's house because Nai Nai is sick. "Nai Nai is sick so she will not have the energy to play with you...

"Nevermind!" He chirped happily. "I am a big boy already. I don't need Nai Nai to play with me. I can play by myself..."

"But Nai Nai will not have energy to take care of you.." I told him.

"Nevermind, I big boy already, I can take care of myself...."

Hahahahahahaha... he is indeed master of persuasion! hahaha...

But well, he still went to Popo's house in the end of course.. cos me and Max are even better promoters! hahaha..

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Boy Ace

The other day, while I was in Penang, Arthur and Mei, my biz coaches were telling me about how marvelous their youngest kid is. When he was very young, he developed some mouth rashes and the doctor said his pacifier may have caused that. And then, at age 3 or 4, he made a decision to give up the pacifier and just threw it away... his mother was so worried that he might suffer 'withdrawal symptoms and might not be able to sleep and kept asking him if he is sure about it but he has just made up his mind.. At night when he couldn't sleep and missed his pacifier, he did not make any noise but just sat at the floor of the stair case alone quietly...

I was so amazed when I heard that story...

But little did I know that when I came back to SGP, I was in for a surprise!

On my last day in Penang, my mum called Max a few hours before we were due home and told us that Ace has been vomitting the whole day after food. For two days, he did not go to school and had very small appetite. Because he often vomitted only after food, I kept reminding him that he had to eat slowly and eat little bit by little bit so that he would not vomit.

And just so that he would not vomit when he is sleeping, I asked him if it is ok tat he stopped drinking milk for a night or two to let his tummy and his body settle down

So he skipped milk for like two days and when he finally got better and I asked him if he wanted to drink milk, he said, "No Mummy, I don't need to drink milk already. I am a big boy already

And true enough, for the next 3 days, he made no mention of milk at night at all... I know it was not at all easy for him cos every night he would try to sleep and then walk out and ask for a drink of water.... but he did it, he made a decision and stuck by his decision

Bravo! Big Boy!

Since we had so much milk powder left though (cos i purchased them in bulk), Max suggested that we let Ace drink his milk nightly via a cup. So we asked Ace if he was ok with the idea and he gladly agreed.

A few days later, I was at his school and by chance, I met his form teacher, Teacher Erica, and discussed about his unwillingness to feed himself at home. When I fetched him home from school, I told him that I told teacher that he refused to feed himself at home...

He asked me why I told teacher that he did not feed himself at home, I told him it was because I wanted to let teacher know what he is doing at home. "BUT", I told him, "IF you still are a big boy and feed yourself at home, I will tell teacher that you are not a big boy and a good boy and feed yourself when you are at home too..."

"OK!" he replied happily. And then he thought for 3 seconds and asked me, "Did you tell teacher that I am a big boy and I never drink milk from a milk bottle anymore?" Ooops, I only remembered to complain but forgot to praise.. hahaha... "I forgot. But I will tell her that you are a very good boy and a big boy now... cos you drink milk from a cup.." "OK.." and he happily went about doing other things.

PS: Mum also commmented that Ace is really a very good boy. Even when he was feeling unwell, he didn't cry or make noise. He merely informed them when he vomited and just kept sleeping when he was tired and sitting there quietly when he was awake...

PPS: I sent Ace to school the other day and his teacher told me that she asked him why din he come to school for so many days and he told his teacher, "I vomit lor...".

"You must have been feeling really lousy...很辛苦哦?" his teacher commented. "Yeah.. 很辛苦... when I vomit hor, my mummy and daddy not at home..." he replied

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ace has a new playground that he likes to visit.. it is the playground at Mac Donalds House in AMK.

Once every two months, we would visit this little boy that our Lions Club befriends from Rainbow School. His name is Haikal and he is about 11 years old this year... Haikal has cerebal palsly and is unable to move or talk properly. But he is a smiley and friendly boy who has a great sense of humour and a love and passion for music.

To cultivate Ace's sense of being willing to contribute and help others, we always brought him along whenever we visited Haikal.... But mostly also because Haikal was very often happy to see another kid jumping around him....

Initially, Ace was quite reserved but now after a few visits, he can talk to Haikal freely, play with him freely and touch him freely.. he was so free he even walked around the whole house like it was his own house! hahahaha...

The other day, after visiting Haikal with Ganma Karen and Gandie Zhiguang, we went to AMK for lunch and then just when we arrived, our SHAOYE said he wanted to 大便. Sometimes Ace says he wants to poop when he farts so usually we wait around for a little while and see of it is really true before we bring him to toilet.. after waiting for a while, Ace started squatting on the floor... Alas, the toilet at our lunch area is the squat down kind and is very dirty so out of desperation, we had to DRIVE Ace the Mac Donald House nearly, let him shit, wash his bum and then drive him back for lunch.

When we were there, he saw the playground and said he wanted to go there and play and so after we finished lunch, we went there for a drink. We barely sat down and Ace kept saying that he wanted to go and play at the playground. "Go lah..."

But he did not want to go by himself... So I asked him to choose who he wanted to go with him... "Erm...." he looked around at the 4 adults and had a cheeky look..."I want GANDIE!" Wah, I really marvel at how he made his choice.. he dam clever lor... choose gandie instead of me, or daddy or ganma.. he knows gandie good with kids and sure will have fun with him...

Anyway, he played for a good half hour and after that, often asked us if we could go back there. Gandie said that he initially was afraid to climb into the playground maze by himself and kept asking Gandie to go with him.. but when he saw other children.. he got more daring and finally managed to climb to the top of the 'helicoptor'.

I must say that Ace is getting more and more brave and he more daring when he is at playgrounds now. Perhaps he is now more confident. He will climb higher and many of the things he previously does not dare to try at the playground, he dares to try now.. good.. boy mah.. be brave like daddy better than be a hum chee like mummy :) hahahaha....

PS: Haikal needs3 changes of L/XL sized diapers, and drinks Pediasure brand milk daily as per recommendations by his doctor and all these are very costly. Our club takes out $150 every month to help him with his supplies. If you know of anyone who would like to either donate money or these items in kind or if you know any supplier who dun mind donating these items, do also link us up and contact Angel at or 96909119.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Ace has a very sweet tooth.. sigh... All he wants are sweet stuff..

Recently, his Ganma Karen has quit her job and has been staying at home pursuing her love for cooking and baking. Because of this, we have had the honour of tasting her home made cookies, muffins, etc...

And everytime after she finishes baking something nice, she will pack up some and send them all the way from Serangoon/Seng Kang here to Bedok to us.

Alas, Ganma is very health conscious, she uses organic unbleached flour and uses molasses instead of sugar.. so the food that she makes is very much to my liking as I love foods with natural flavours...

The other day she made some muffins for us and passed to us when we met up to visit our Lions Club Rainbow Kid, Haikal. At night when I reached home, I couldnt helped it and took one out to eat.. wah, it was dam nice lor.. there is like so much aroma floating out of the muffin when you chew it and then the whole of the inside of your mouth is filled with the sweet scent of molasses bursting in colourful flavours just like a fireworks party.. NICE!

But did it pass the ACE TEST?

Well, the next morning, I heated one up for Ace as his breakfast. He took a bite and told me, "Mummy, I don't want already..." When I asked him why, he said, "Because it is not sweet..."

Hai.. dunno what is wrong with my son. Refined sugar taste very nice meh? Anyway, I told him that since everytime Ganma made healthy cakes and muffins for him, he also say tat he dun like (previously he complained the cookies were too hard and din want to eat after he ate one), I will tell Ganma not to make anymore for him. Since he dun appreciate, then don't waste Ganma's efforts.

"I don't like because Ganma forgot to put chocolate chips inside..." he quickly explained.. as if implying it was not Ganma's muffins that he din like but the fact that there were no chocolate chips...

"Ok lah, Iwill buy chocolate chips and put chocolate inside for my godson.." Said Ganma Karen when I told her about what happened.

You dam lucky to have this ganma ah, Ace!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Arthur's House

Went to Arthur's house again :)

While Ace usually asks a thousand times why we cannot bring him along, this time round he is happy and just said, "OK." after I explained to him that we are going to Penang for a meeting. But of cos before he throw any tantrum, I told him I would buy him a present and all he asked for is one KinderJoy. Such a good little boy. Because he was such a good little boy, we bought him TWO Kinderjoys.. hahahaha

When I reached Arthur's house and when we went out to sea, I was glad we did not bring him along. I think he would not have had anything to eat and that he would have been afraid of the sea.

My coach, Arthur still never fails to amaze me with the new additions to his house! :)

Here are some pics of our adventure...

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Am Army

Ace is a really funny kid and he is really getting creative in his play as well :)

The other day, we went to Popo's house for lunch and she said that when Ace was there on wednesday, he happily played by himself for a good 30min with this net tat can be set up as a goal post. It was a present from Ganma Megan and dunno why or how, he learnt that a soldier would put a net over themselves... and so he kept putting the net around himself and tell people, "I am the army soldier" and march around using a pole as his rifle... so farnee...

And then leh, yet another day, we bought one more policeman set for him and the packaging of it came in the form of a shirt and so he thought of an idea of asking me put a string through it so that he can 'wear' the policeman uniform! Amazing!

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Monday, September 14, 2009


Well, the pot of roses that Ace gave me the other day are dead.. sigh.. BUT thank goodness a took a photo before the flowers wilted :)

Anyway, for Max's birthday, I had wanted to make a cake using the $100 pot that I bought so I decided that we better practice first before we start. So on 1st Sept, when Ace was at home, we decided to go buy ingredients to make cake... alas, it was raining so heavily that we had to stay at home and make jelly instead.

And then leh, came the actual day and the cake we made was erm.. really not very good.. nevertheless, Max got to taste it and he says it tasted quite good just tat it din look like a cake.. sigh....

But well, at last me and Ace tried :)

For Max's birthday, we went to Popo's house for lunch and they cooked Jap Curry to celebrate. But because Popo had to go out at night, we decided that we will bring Ace out for celebration too. Here are some of the pics.... PS: After some beer, Max says THIS then feels like a celebration.. hahahaha

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mummy I want to send you love

The other day, Ace did something awfully sweet...

I caught some itchy throat virus and went on to cough for quite a few days...

Ace did not do much or say much in the day. But because of the cough, I felt super tired and went to bed every night at around 10pm or so and then Ace would come into my room and talk to me.

I thought he needed some extra attention but turned out that he was there to lavish attention on me!

"Mummy, I want to send you love..." He said and he hugged me for 10 seconds or so.

I asked him why he wanted to do that and he replied that it was because I was coughing and he wanted me to feel better...

Aw.. isn't that sweet...

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sex Education For Toddlers

Some time back, I received an email from a friend titled "German Kindergarten Textbook"

And along with the email came these attachments...

I don't know what you think but I think it is a great way of introducing sex education when children are young without giving too much detail and so I kept the email thinking that one day, I would use it to explain to Ace about the birds and bees...

The other day though, I had my first brief touch about the topic.

Some of you might know, I still bath with my son occasionally. It is just one of the fun things that we do together... and so the other day, I was having my period and when I asked Ace to take a bath, he said he wanted to bath with me. "I can't bath with you today, Ace..." I told him.

And like all inquisitive little boys, he asked me the big "WHY?"

After thinking through for a while, I explained to him that I cannot bath with him because I was having my period which is also known as my menses.

Anticipating that he would be asking me what is a period, I explained to him that a woman has a organ inside her called the womb. Every month, the womb will make food for the baby. If the woman make a baby with a man, then baby will use up the food and there will be no period.

If there is no baby, the food will not be used and it will come out of the body. When that happens, a woman will have a period.

Karen Ganma said that government suggestion is that children find out about the birds and bees by the time they are 8 or 9 years old. I think there is no harm in telling them about it earlier... just that it is important to be factual and not get too hung up about details because I guess it would be too much info and they wouldn't really grasp the concept of it at all.

Oh well, I think though that as Ace gets older, this is definitely one talk I will have with him. Because I think it is important that they realize that the result of their urges is not just satisfaction but also a whole lot of other possible repercussions they might not be ready to handle yet.

My friend says she has given up teaching her children about saving themselves for marriage because married virgins are just so darn rare now. She says however, she will insist that her children only make love with pple they love.. that is why it is called ' make love'... and she would try to be open so tat she knows the pple that her kids are dating...

I am pretty open too... cos I know that children dun follow everything their parents say anyway... When i was having a discussion with Karen Ganma about sex education for children, I told her that when i have a daughter, I will educate the importance of protecting herself, her love and her body... because it is a decision you have to make and bear yourself.. and mummy or daddy cannot be always be by your side to protect you or keep you safe... Only you can protect you and only you can make your own decision.. never leave the decision to some other guy and his dick.. hahaha....

Ganma Karen reminded me though that I should educate Ace so that he will protect the woman that he loves and understand the effects it could possibly have on her and how it might affect the rest of their lives :)

Ah well, but i guess I am still quite a number of years away from this talk.. for now, the kindergarten book pics should suffice :)

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Copy Kiss

There was alot of feedback about Ace's reprisal of the cadbury eyebrow dance...

Alot of people asked me why Ace PRACTICED to learn that ad. I think I have to clarify a little.

Firstly, Ace did not really practice that many times as in he did not really purposely do it to practice...

Secondly, he really just tried to follow along whenever he sees the ad and well, the ad is on TV pretty often....

Thirdly, Ace follow everything he sees on TV. The cadbury eyebrow dance just happened to be one of them. Another one tat he copies tat has me in stitches is the ad for WO YAO CHANG XIA QU.. there is one ad with Chong Qing trying to sing the song Bei Bao and he was stuck at the words "bei bao" and then he exclaimed, "wo yao chang xia qu!"

Teacher IVY showed Ace's cadbury eyebrow dance to all the teachers at LNT and they had a good laugh. She reminded me to be careful about what I exposed Ace to...

Alas, I think it is a little too late as he has already watched a little too much tv. The other day, he watched Fated To Love You and the male lead held the female lead's face and kissed her and since, he has been doing that to me very often ever since! I must say it is a pretty nice feeling to be kissed by a handsome young chap forcefully with so much passion, especially when he is your son.... hahaha... So I guess, it could turn out to be a happy problem as well:)

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ace The Builder

Well, to Ace, anyone who is in overalls and looks like he is building something will be known as Bob The Builder...

As there is some upgrading work going on at our place, there are lots of chinese and indian workers walking around the estate and everytime Ace sees them, he exclaims, "Look mummy! The bob the builder uncle

Recently, Max brought Ace to some pasar malam that was selling toys. Apparently, there were many different types of sets like policemen, doctor and of cos, Ace saw a "bob the builder set" and fell in love with it. So Max bought him the set.

(Look like Phua Choo Kang or Bob the Builder leh??? hahahaha)

It was a set that came with hammer, screws, bolts, screwdriver and best of all, a yellow safety hat like the one bob the builder wears. Ace loves the hat cos the hat has a light on it and every day, he just keeps wearing the hat and walking around with the light on.. he even stares at himself in my full length mirror after wearing the hat for a long time.

Thanks to the Bob The Builder hat, his engineering set had a revival time.. meaning after being neglected for so long, Ace got interested in it and took it out to build a few things.... And his creativity and mobile skills has improved by leaps and bounds. He now can build transformers (optimus prime he says it is), motor cycles, aeroplanes, houses...

Alas, I still cannot find the cowboy set that he wants.. sigh...

PS: Ace is very excited. They finally removed all the aluminium boards around the lift upgrading area and we can see the half finished lift and lift landing from our house now. Ace keeps telling me, "Mummy, our lift is going to be ok soon... hahaha.. that newly upgraded lift tat comes right to our doorstep is OUR LIFT in Ace's eyes.. because of the new lift, Ace happily announced to me that we are going to have a new house... Children are just so wonderful...

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Papa Also Policeman

Well, remember Ace's policeman set?

I discovered that in my house, there is another BIG BOY who likes to play with the policeman set. He especially likes the big, long gun...

Why? Well, because he likes using the gun to shoot me lah! *humph*

He got so excited when he he realized that the long gun can shoot quite a long range. So we had a 'war' with the gun (cos there were two guns in the set) and we started shooting at each other over the cupboard tat was used as a 'wall' for the study room.

And then later when I went for a bath, Max made Ace hide around the corner and wait for me to come out. "Mummy! Mummy!"

I was wondering why Ace suddenkly kept calling me and when I came out of the kitchen and got a shot in the tummy, I finally understood why.

So they had such a great laugh and so when we were due to go to Yeye's house for supper, Max asked Ace to bring along his gun to shoot at Yeye.

Ace was so excited and he even brought along his make shift policeman hat which is actually daddy's navy hat.

Alas, when he tried to shoot Yeye, he realized that the gun was already spoilt. Alas Ace was still happy to pretend to be a policeman writing a report as he sits there scribbling on paper with his 'policeman hat'.

Anyway, because he had so much fun, Max decided that he will buy another gun... we had a look at the toy section and found that the good quality guns cost like $80 per set! Wah..... that's really expensive! So in the end we settled for a $2.50 one from a market store... hahaha.. but the quality is totally different... cos the moment we reached home, one of the bullet broke into two. Within the next 3 min, one more bullet broke into two.. i think it is unlikely this set will last long.

However, if you think about it, $80 will be able to buy 320 sets.... so I guess still wu hua lah..cos he might get sick of guns before we hit the 320th set... hahaha...

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Monday, September 07, 2009

A Is For Ace

Remember Ace's "little girlfriend', Tiffany?

She was celebrating her third birthday the other day and her parents decided to hold a birthday party for her. They invited us and because we had something on that day, I told them that we could not make it.

"Come after your event lah.." said Tiff's mum. Being friends of many years, she know where my soft spots are. "Just to make sure that you will come, let me tell you that the cake is going to be chocholate and durian..." Wah.....

And so we went.

The cake was a really intricate cake. Tiff's parents bought the cake decorations over the internet and it cost like $50. The cake itself was about $120. So the $170 cake looked really beautiful and there were these letters that spelt out Tiff's name in what seemed to me like cotton candy.

When Ace saw the letters, he insisted that he wanted the letter A because A is for Ace. Hahaha...

Glad the other children there wanted other alphabets:)

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Creative Anger

I just talked about how Ace is starting to stop using tantrums to get us to do things and is starting to understand that there are better ways of getting what he wants and better ways of expressing his desires.

But there are times where Ace will lose his control as well. And when he gets really upset, he gets really creative about how to show his anger

And the interesting thing is that the ways he shows his anger are so creative, I really have no idea where he learnt it from.

The other day he asked for something and I did not give it to him and then he got upset and angry and then he crossed his arms. After seething in anger for 30 seconds, he stomped into his room and told me, "Y0u are useless, Mummy! You are useless...."

I wonder where he learnt tat saying someone is useless is a degratory term and how he learnt that it is hurtful to tell someone they are useless... especially if they believe that they really are useless...

Well, anger got better of me and so out of instinct, I used threats to get him to stop. "Mummy is useless right? Ok lor, next time no more mummy to help you. You clean your own buttock after you shit, you make your own milk, you read your own story books...."

And then he started crying and said he wouldn't do it again.

But just minutes later, when I rejected another request of his, he went into a corner to sulk and then suddenly, he went to a dusty corner of the room and rubbed his hands on the dusty floor and then he came to me and touched my face with his dirty hand and said nastily, "I give you dirty hand...."

Needless to say, he kenna left right and centre from his dad for doing that.

When he cooled down, I explained to him how when he does these things, it makes me feel very hurt. "I don't want to do it. I will not do that again, Mummy.." he assured me.

Which brings me to another point.. Recently after each scolding, he will tell us, "I don't want to do it. I will not do that again..." Initially I was feeling rather pleased that he is so well behaved and that he is aware of what is expected of him. But going deeper, I guess there is really nothing to be happy about. It just tells me that his ego mind has been formed and that he has gone into a role of doing what is expected of him because he wants us to like and love him. If he were doing it out of love, then that would really be something to shout about ;)

PS: He just got scolded by his dad for taking 2 hours to keep his lego toys and after that, he came to me and told me, "Mummy, I got something to tell you. I will not do that again..." And his punishment for wasting time was that he would not get milk that night. He went into his room, tried to sleep and then after 20 min, made another attempt to get his milk by telling me, "Mummy, I want to tell you something.. I know I did the wrong things. I won't do it again. I don't know why, I don't feel well. I sleep already and then I wake up and I don't remember why I dun have milk..."

Good try, Ace. Just like I said, I am not making milk for you tonight because I want you to remember this lesson.. when we say something. just move it and do it.. dun wait for us to repeat it like 10 000 times and scream at you before you do it...

PPS: Is it me? Is it because when my mother or authority figures tell me to do things, I like to dilly dally? I know I hate having pple tell me what to do and sometimes dilly dally is the way I get back at them... I hope it is not cos of this tat Ace is 'following my footsteps'...

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Friday, September 04, 2009

My Birthday

It seems natural to talk about my birthday celebration on the day I am celebrating my LUNAR birthday:)

Well, I did not have any special birthday celebrations this year but all in all, I guess I had a good celebration. It started off heartwarmingly when Ace woke up and ran to me and said, "Happy birthday, Mama!" to me like 100000 times... (now many days after my birthday, he still says happy birthday to me as and when he feels like it. I really very happy lor!)

And then he asked me if I could hide in the toilet because he wanted to make a surprise birthday card for me and did not want me to see it. I told him I would hide in the study room and after he finished, we went out for breakfast and brought him swimming.

Next would be to have a good rest before we sent Ace to my mum's place and headed for our own celebration. But that posed a challenge because I did not want to lie to him but at the same time did not want to hurt him by telling him I wanted to spend time with his dad but not with him around....

So after he had loads of fun swimming already, I decided to go straight into the topic and explained to him that we would be bringing him to my mum's place because me and max are going out.

So Ace asked me why. I told him because me and Max wanted to spend time together, we want to have 二人世界together. So Ace asked me why cannot have 三人世界... So I told him I would pick him up for san ren shi jie after I spent some time alone with Max.

Initially, he was quite upset and kept telling me he din want me to have er ren shi jie but wanted all of us to have fun together. I think he was hurt that he was not included.. so I tried to explain to him like this...

"Ace, sometimes you want to spend time with mama only right? And sometimes you only want to spend time alone with Daddy, right? That is er ren shi jie... But when you are playing and having fun with mummy alone, does it mean you don't like daddy or don't love him? No right? YOu still love him in your heart but you just would like to spend time with daddy at that time. When you are having fun alone with daddy, does it mean you dun like mummy? No right, you still love mummy but you just like to spend time alone with daddy at that moment. So, please understand that mummy just wants to spend time alone with daddy for a while on my birthday... and that does not mean mummy or daddy do not love you... ok?"

And strangely, it seems like he really got it and he said ok and just went to my mum's place without complain ;) Apparently after tat, he still kept telling my mum that he waiting for us to come and fetch him and have san ren shi jie... hahaha...

Now when he wants to spend time alone with me, he asks me, "Mummy, can I 二人世界with you?"

Anyway, here are some of the pics i took on 29th Aug...

Birthday gifts received this year:
- red packets from Daddy, Mummy, Papa, Mama
- key pouch from Clari and Stanley
- pot of roses and a hand made card from Ace
- wallet from Max
- Ice cream maker, chocolate chips, vanilla essense and a customized personally compiled dessert and ice cream receipe book from Karen my bestest fren
- loads of greetings from friends on facebook and via sms
- teeth cleaning session and new hair do from ME
- keeping my fingers crossed tat in a month's time, I will find out I got one more birthday present from god--- a new baby! hahaha.....

It's not alot but I guess I am at peace and happy :)

PS: On a side note, the other day, Ace asked me why I have only one birthday. He said he got 10 birthdays and had so many birthdays.. how come I only had one. He celebrated his birthday like 7 times in total (once with gong gong popo, once with nai nai ye ye, once with ganma megan, once with ganma evon, once with us, once in school, once with ganma karen) and so he wonder I only celebrated mine once.. hahahah... so cute.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

What Is Chicken Drumstick?

My mother says that Ace must be the ONLY 4 year old little boy in Singapore who does not know what a chicken drumstick is. Hahahaha...

The other day, Ace's school had a national day celebration and usually during celebrations, the children will get special food prepared for them. So my mum did not want Ace to feel left out by eating his usual rice and veggies and so she bought 'special food' for him too.

She bought some vegeterian fishballs, some sushi and also a vegeterian chicken drumstick.

At night, she called him and asked him if he liked his lunch that day. “你喜不喜欢那个鸡腿?”(Do you like the chicken drumstick) My mum asked him.

Ace was stunned for a moment and then he asked her, "什么是鸡腿?"(What is a chicken drumstick?).

We all had a good luff. Hahaha...

Indeed, he must be the only little boy in sgp who doesnt know what a chicken drumstick is.. hahahaha

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Do You Want Me To Be Sad?

The other day, I was just having a chat with my brother in law about how most people want to do business but shun away from doing sales. But what they do not realise that selling is one of the most important skill set required of an entreprener.

Most successful businessmen that I know are all master of persuasion or master of promotion. My business coach always says that his mother says that when he was born, he could already talk and he can already say, "Sell! Sell! Sell!" My many other mentors that I have followed are all also great promoters.

Promotion and persuasion is the art of influencing people and their decisions. A good business person would require such a skill so that they can easily promote their business idea, their product to either investors or consumers or even the people that they work with.

I have mentioned before many times in my blog that mothers are natural promoters and master of persuasion, an art that they train from when their children are young.. in order to get their kids to co-operate with them and do the things they want them to do.

I have discovered recently that children seem to have the inborn ability to sell, persuade and promote:)

Recently, Ace has taken to using his inborn ability to get me to do things that he wants. For example, the other day, we went to the pasar malam and he saw this game stall and he wanted to play a game.

"I don't know how to play.." I told him. "But I know how to play...." he insisted and he was on the verge of throwing a tantrum. I reminded him that I don't like little boys who throw tantrums and that he knows that if he throws a tantrum, he for sure will not get what he wants.

Recently, Ace has managed to master the art of holding back his tantrums and try a 'better way' to persuade me to do things aka EQ. But at that instant, he really surprised me with his tactic.

"Mummy, do you know that if you don't let me play the game, I will be very sad? Do you want me to be sad, Mummy, you don't want me to be sad right?"

I almost wanted to laugh out loud. "Well, I don't want you to be sad of course. Let me think about it..."

And then he proceeded to give me his very best 'good little boy' face and finally I told him. "Because you are so patient and such a good little boy and because you choose not to throw tantrum and to ask nicely, I will let you play one game."

I noticed that he is starting to realize that tantrums are not the best way to resolve issues and get things done and he has stopped throwing so many tantrums and started to do more things in a loving way... which hits my soft spot.. for example, he will hug me and kiss me and tell me that he loves me, or he will ask me really politely and nicely...

Ah, life is indeed getting better!

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