Wednesday, December 31, 2014

To The Zoo With Le Le (Part 2)

This time round to the zoo, we found this segment that is like a mini rainforest enclosure. I think it is new as I have never been inside at all.. there are so many animals inside.. I think it is the part of the zoo that I enjoyed most:)

Ace had fun walking around CAREFULLY with LL since the there are animals that might suddenly appear :)

Mandarin ducks:)

We could see many beautiful butterflies up close and personal:)

We walked halfway and this bird came out.. Ace and LL held hands and were rather apprehensive about walking past the bird:) wahahahahaha

I guess this is what they call YUAN YANG XI SHUI:)

The racoon was just sitting there and staring at us and maybe wondering what we are doing... :) hahaha

Saw some sleeping bats also..

Saw another butterfly eating watermelon skin:)

After we finished walking we walked through this area that were housing some butterfly pupas in various stage. We were lucky that there was a guide explaining to a group of tourist and I overheard that this si the place where they place the butterflies.. waiting for the chrysalis to happen..

And then even after the butterflies emerges, it has to hang on some surface for some time to wait for its wings to totally dry out before the wings can fly...

Butterfly with crumpled wings..

Warthog or wild boar?

This time round the zebras were all hiding so din get many good pictures of them but i so love watching zebra and their stripes.. so elegant!

Very boh liao.. nothing to do.. wahahaha:)

While the rhino was resting....

His good friend, the bird came and kept him company:)

Did you know there is an animal called Wolverine? It is not merely a name for one of the X-Men!:) Wahahaha.. and they really got claws like the X-Men character!

Can you see the claws?

Inuka the polar bear having a swim...

Sort of finished the zoo and went to the shop as Ace requested while the rest went to toilet and we had a short rest before heading off to the River Safari...

This made me think of our yoga-loving friend, Mag:)

And to River Safari we go!:)

We have to walk through a long maze to get to the Pandas at River Safari.. so walk and see see look look lor..

What a funny-looking fish?

Is this a duck or a fish?

Strange fish that shows off all its teeth...

Funny crocodile with a "nose"...

From this picture, can you tell what the monkey was doing? Too bad my camera was not fast enough.. but this dirty monkey was using his hands to scratch his bum and SMELL his hand after tat.. yuck!!!!

One of my favourite sea creatures.. sting rays.. I can watch them swim forever:)

We are going to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai!:)

The adorable red panda!:)

Their meal plan...

KP told me that Pandas eat lying down.. and I couldnt understand how they can do tat cos so difficult for me to do that.. and then leh, we had the luck to see Panda Kai Kai show us just that!:) Wah.. like so shiok like tat..

Ji shuang yi xia..

Ace having fun in the shop... and after two pics.. I kenna asked to stop cos no photography allowed;)

The famous Panda Bao.. but i din buy lah.. my fren say taste like normal bao and since ace din ask for it.. of cos save money better lah:)

There is a monkey sanctury... where we see alot of mini monkeys.. very cute:)

After such a long walk.. we went to this portion where it is the flooded amazon forest and the fishes that swim there during the period. sit down and rest..

Bye bye panda...

Aiyah, this pic blur.. but actually hor I took it cos the snout of the panda is sala.. they sew upside down and so the mouth is at the top of the nose.. Made the Panda look strange and sad.. I wonder why so obvious.. the pple who put the panda up in display never notice!:) They work there.. dunno how a panda looks like meh?

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