Friday, May 30, 2008


The other day, we were watching the video for the wedding table games...

So after he watched this video, he kept saying, "Eddie gor gor , Eddie gor gor..."

And so I asked him, "Ace, do you like Eddie Gor Gor?"

He nodded his head.

"Why do you like Eddie gor gor?"

"Yan Feng like lor..."

"Why Yan Feng likes Eddie gor gor leh?"

"Erm... Eddie gor gor friend.."

Wow... at 3 years old he can comprehend friendship and just feel it natural to love and like Eddie cos Eddie is his friend. Amazing!

So how come he says Eddie it his friend? That is because on a few occasions when we went out with Eddie, he would always take the time to play with Ace.. sometimes he will disturb Ace but mostly he will patiently play with Ace.. "Just like a big kid" says Jo...

I think this is a lesson we should learn from Ace.. friendships in the adult world is way too complicated. If this person is your friend, love him/her and like her lah... if not, then dun say he/she is your friend. Simple right?:P

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Having Fun With Tiffany

The other day, we went to celebrate Melvin's birthday and Ace had lots of fun with tiffany and the her pink cinderella sofa...

Seeing how much Ace loved it, Max almost wanted to buy it.. until Ace started flipping the sofa around while tiffany is seated in it! ;)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Go Yati Jia

The other day, I was playing with Ace.. and he told me again that he is Daddy, Kitty is Mummy and the baby bear is Baby.. so I asked him again what Daddy wanted to do that day...

"Go Yati jia lor.. " (go to Yati's house)...

"Why do you want to go Yati's house? What do you want to do there?" I asked him.

"Play with jie jie lor..." he said.

You see, Yati is the maid of a good fren of mine.. Yati is from indonesia and she has got a son of her own who is about Ace's age.. she has however not seen her own son in a long while and because of Ace's handsome face and sweet deposition, I bet she treats him real nice... Add that on to the fact that whenever Yati sees Ace, she will cook him nice food and feed him.. she has a sure winner there...

Occasionally when my parents cannot help me take care of Ace and I have important biz meetings, i leave Ace at my fren's place with Yati and my fren's two daughters..

They are the 'jie jie" that Ace was talking about.. Tashi and Oracle..

The other day I was just discussing this with Jez. I told her that Max dun usually trust other people with Ace. Other than our parents and ourselves, the only people whom Max allows Ace to spend time with alone are actually Clari and Stanley... Even Ace's ganmas have never spent time with Ace alone like bring him out or take care of him alone for a few hours before.

So how come he is ok to leave Ace with Tashi, Oracle and Yati? "I guess it is cos he sees that Yati did a good job in taking care of Tashi and Oracle.." Jez told me.

I think otherwise though. Our relationship with Tashi and Oracle go way back.. we literally watch them grow up and we know tat Tashi is a sensible, responsible and caring big sister.. so we know we can trust her to take good care of Ace... I think more so that Max trusts Tashi.. HAHA...

Anyway, wat goes around comes around.. when Tashi was younger, me and Max used to babysit Tashi and Oracle quite often when their parents are not free... Now that they are older and my son is younger, it is their turn to babysit for me! Haha.. isn't the world a interesting place?!:P

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Butterfly

I nearly went crazy that day!

While we were on our way to the supermarket... Ace started singing to the music we were playing in the car..

End up, the whole shopping trip he was singing this song again and again, over and over till we had to BAN him from it! haha...

Few days later, when he was sitting in the car, he requested for this song again and so we played it for him.. and then he started singing to it and asked us to all shuddup to let him sing...

I was telling Max.. "Other children sing nursery rhymes, only your son very good ah.. sing POP SONG!"

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Monday, May 26, 2008

ESP For Kids

What is ESP
Generally speaking, ESP is the ability to ‘know’ things without actually seeing them. Sometimes it is the ability to predict things without knowing beforehand what will happen next.

For example, I am good in feeling other people’s feelings. When I sit beside someone, I can feel their emotions just by touching them without them telling me. Sometimes I feel the emotion itself… and sometimes I feel the physical symptoms of the emotion like a pain in the heart signifies heartbreak, the numbness in my gums is usually anger.. etc….

Generally speaking, all children are born with some form of ESP. Their ESP senses are usually the strongest before they turn 3 years old. Before that, they usually have no need to rely on their sense of logic and can just instinctively tell you who is coming home next, who is on the phone, whose foot steps are those, etc.

But because children with ESP may also sometimes predict things that are going to happen and adults tend to like to brush this off and ask them not to talk nonsense, children start to think that this gift is not a good idea at all.

Sometimes, children with good ESP may also see some other things that we cannot see as their unconscious mind is totally opened up. When that happens, they may also get frightened and shut off their powers.

Mostly though, because most children tend to choose to lose this gift as they grow older… in order to just “be the same as other people”, and in order not to be strange or different, children will choose to give up this gift as they grow up.

ESP is actually a useful life skill to have. If we have ESP, we will know things and will always be in the flow. Imagine if you were with people, with ESP, you know what they were feeling and thinking and you will know exactly how they will react next and who to trust.. that will make life so much easier and make business so much easier as well.

If you were playing sports, ESP will allow you to foretell your opponent’s next move and so you will always have the upper hand.

Therefore, it is generally easy to ‘train’ ourselves and get this gift back. That’s because we are born with it! We just chose to forget or close up the door but once we are willing and reopen the door, we will be able to

I have recently been learning how to help children train their ESP from an expert. She has very kindly shared with me her experiences of using ESP exercises to help train this important ‘skill’.

Types of ESP
There are many types of ESP. There is ESP using clairvoyance (the sixth sense), telepathy, hand-readin, prediction and also using our sense of smell, taste and hearing.

Different kids tend to excel in different ESP games as no one is good at everything. Some people are better at seeing colours, some are better than seeing shapes. Some are more ‘open’ and get into ESP easily and some are more ‘closed up’ and take a longer time to get there. But all it takes is a willingness to be open and receive this gift of ‘knowing’ back.

Telepathy Training
Telepathy makes good practice and is very useful. With telepathy, you can communicate with your child without opening your mouth to talk and on a personal note as a mother, I think the most important thing about telepathy is that mothers will learn to understand their very young children who are unable to communicate their feelings.

Sometimes when Ace cries, I know instinctively why he cries and I can resolve the issue quickly. That is part of the reason I feel why my son does not cry or throw tantrums often.

A easy way to practice telepathy is to have 2 or 3 different pictures or choices and let him guess which one are you thinking of.

Clairvoyance Training
clairvoyance is using e sense of sight. It is also what we call the special eye (it is not the third eye, the third eye is for seeing the paranormal. The special eye is also in the place of the ‘tian yan’ where the third eye is but it is used to see things that are hidden.

A simple game to train this is to someting in 1 of 2 or 3 pockets/cups/boxes etc and let him guess where is the item hiding in. Another way is to hide a biscuit or a sweet in your hands before you give it to him.

Hand Reading or Touch Sense Play Training
Use three different cards and ask your child to touch the back of the card to feel the card. Eg, use cards of different colours or shapes and ask them to find the different card that is of a different shape or colour by just touching the back of the cards. Another way would be to let your child put their hand in cold water and imagine that the water is hot and feel the ‘heat’ in the cold water so that they get sensitive to the ‘heat’ they feel when they touch the back of the card. This will also help them to control sense of pain.

Clairaudience Training
Clairaudience is about knowing about something that is happening without being there.

A good way to train this will be to play games involving things like guessing what another person is doing in the next room, what music is playing in the next room.

Premonition play or Prediction Training
Well, these are simple games where you show them a series of patterns and get them to guess what colour or pattern comes next or get them to guess next day’s weather.

Clairgustance Play Training
Clairgustance works on your sense of taste.

Give your child some foods to taste and let them guess what is inside. For example, let them try to drink a mixed fruit juice and guess what is inside the fruit juice.

Clairalience Play Training
Clairalience works on using your sense of smell.

Put something inside the box and let them guess what is the smell inside the box or what is the smell in the next room.

Be creative!
Generally speaking, some games can be played in different ways. Some kids are better in hand reading and some are better in clairvoyance.

For example, if you have two cards, apple and orange, you can ask the child to either feel the card and use hand reading to find the apple. Or you could get them to use their sense of smell to smell the card to smell which one is the apple… or even the sense of taste and feel the taste on their tongue when they touch the cards to find out which one is the apple or orange.

The important thing is to try to see which area your child excel in and pull out the innate abilities in them. I repeat, no one is good that everything.

A good way to find out which particular sixth sense they are using is to ask the child, “How did you know the answer?”

If the child can express himself well, he will be able to tell you things like, “I feel hot, I can see it..” and you will be able to know how he got the answer and which particular ESP game he is more well versed in.

Tools needed
A good set of cards that can be used to play clairvoyance, telepathy n hand-reading games would be a set of 10 cards containing 2 sets of 5 different shapes. You can make your own and use any shape you like. Generally, you can use circle, square, triangle, star, cross.

Alternatively, if you are lazy to make your own cards, using poker cards are a good idea as well. You could get your child to find the red card out of two black cards or for your child to pick out the clubs or the spades. The possibilities are endless!

ESP training is simple and it is not really difficult to practice because you do not need to literally drag a child to sit down and practice. All you need to do is to make it part of your everyday life and the most important thing is to make it fun.

For example, you could do things like hide a biscuit and guess which hand it is in. Get your child to guess which lift is coming next, or guess what is the colour of the shirt you are wearing inside your jacket.

All in all, have fun!

This article is written with the help of a Important, Valuable and Young person... Special thanks for the generiosity of sharing her knowledge.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

You Really So Tired?

One good thing about Ace is that when you are tired and sleeping, he respects your need for rest and does not really come and kar chiao (disturb) you much.

The other day after Ah Yee's wedding, Popo was really tired after cleaning the house and preparing for the wedding for a few days and so the very next day, she woke up, did some housework and went right back to bed.

So Ace was playing with himself and then he got bored and went to Popo's room and started to wait for her to wake up by singing beside her... talking to himself...

He waited for a long while but she did not stirr and so he got impatient. He went to pry open both her eyelids to look at her eyes and then he asked her, "Popo, you sooooo tired ah?"

So she told her she is tired..

And so he came to my room and started to wait for me to wake up.

Halfway through his singing, he rolled off bed and fell onto the floor. He climbed back onto the bed, gave a sad face and told me with a crying voice, "Mummy, I 'kok' my head" and so I kissed his forehead and patted it a little and continued to sleep

And so he continued to sing songs, talk to himself.. till I finally woke up and he was sooooooo happy!

"Ni qi lai le ah?!" (You woke up!)

And then he started to bug me to play with him and go and eat with him.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


If you see Ace saying, "mmmm... mmmm...." he is not practising how to pronounce the letter M.

If you see him doing that, he is most likely trying to push an object into another object because that is Ace trying to make juice for us. Hahaha..

Avid juice drinkers, we drink juice for breakfast every single day. So every morning, waigong will make juice for us using our Phillips juicer... "Mmmmm......" goes the juicer.

Recently, Ace has taken to trying to help Waigong make juice.

"I want to drink juice!" he will tell waigong. "I want to mmmmm......" says Ace, imitating the sound of the juicer.

So nowadays, he only wants to drink the juice he makes. And if I am drinking juice, he wants to make my juice as well.

At night or in the afternoon when he is playing by himself, he will take two cups and fit them into each other and say, "mmmm....." and after that he will ask Zhen Popo, "Do you want apple? Apple gei ni hao ma?"


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yi Bai Wan

Did I ever tell you that Ace is a money face?:P Hahaha...

When he was in my tummy, there was once I was in a seminar and George, the speaker asked, "Who wants to earn a million dollars?" Everyone raised up their hands and Ace gave me a big kick in the tummy.

And then after he was born, when I talked to him about money.. like how the government has given him $3000, he would smile ;)

Now that he can talk, he goes around saying $1 and asking for one dollar for massages that he does for us.

The other day he was playing cooking and I told him, "Ace, mummy is hungry, can you cook some bee hoon for me?" He stuck out his hand and told me, "One dollar!" HAHAHA....

Lately because of some show that he watched, he started saying, "Yi bai wan!" (A million dollars).

He goes shopping with with me, he will point to the shoe and tell me, "Mummy, this shoe is yi bai wan!"

So I told Waipo about it. "Aiyah, upgraded recently liao.. now he no longer says yi bai wan.. he says wu bai wan..." (5 million)

And then about a week later, we were talking about this again and Waipo told me that he has upgraded his figure again. "Now, he says yi qian wan!" (10 million)

The most shiok thing that comes out of this saga is that Ace will take imaiginary money out of his pocket, come to me and his daddy and tell us, "Na, gei ni yi bai wan..." (There, give you one million dollars) and it feels dam good man! Hahaha...

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

In The Night Garden

Recently, Ace discovered a TV programme that he likes very much.

Whenever this programme is on TV, he can sit there for 10 min and not move. The moment the advertorials come out, he gets bored and starts to walk around the house and bug me and my mum... once the show starts again, he goes straight back to his sitting position to watch it.

My mum kept telling me about this wonderful programmme that airs on Kid's Central every morning at 9am ;)

"I think it is called Sleeping In The Garden... you must wake up early one day to watch it lah.. I also dunno why he likes it so much... the characters look like Telly Tubbies..." she said.

That got me really worried and I was determined to wake early to watch the show cos I really dun like Telly Tubbies. I think Telly Tubbies are freakie and that they are "satanic" cos they have this baby face sun that Ace will cry whenever he watches it when he was younger.

So I woke up at 9am one day to watch it. Turns out that it is called In The Night Garden... it is about a surreal world in the garden between sleeping and waking. I thought it was probably more apt for children to watch it at night. Really looked alot like Telly Tubbies.. even the names of the characters also very TT.... wat upsie daisy... strange lah.

There is for most part, no dialogue... just a narrator and the sequences goes in and out of reality... in short, it is a telly tubby show with no telly tubbies ;) Later I found out it is by the creators of telly tubbies.

As of now, I still cannot understand why Ace likes it so much.

Here's a preview of it... and if you have a noisy child in the morning, you can consider letting him watch this.. they do teach them some things as well :) Note, it is meant for children 1-4 years old.. so if you are older than tat.. it is normal if you cannot appreciate it! hahaha...

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Neh Neh Ni Boo Boo

The other day, I was playing with Ace... he was trying to catch me and we were running around the living room.

"Neh neh ni boo boo, you cannot catch me!" I sang to Ace with my hands wriggling beside my ears and my tongue sticking out ;P

And the very next day, just to show that he got the point, he did this to me when I tried to catch him...

Hahaha... so cute!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ace is like that lah.. wat you do, he follows.

He saw net net lie on Ah yee's leg, so he quickly go and "chope" the other leg and lie down.

"Wait! Wait! Let me take a picture!"

So after the picture is taken, Ace sat up...

And Ah Yee asked Net net.. "Oi, picture taken liao leh, you can sit up liaoz.. "


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Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Helper

When your child grows to about 3 years old... your life changes.

That is what I told KP who was about to give birth.. at three years old.. your children start to become really useful around the house and they are really enthusiastic about helping as well ;)

Eg, Ace loves to help.

  1. He wants to help to fold the clothes.
  2. He wants to help keep them.
  3. He wants to help you throw things into the dustbin.
  4. He wants to help you wash stuff.
  5. He wants to help you keep the plates and cups after meals.
  6. He wants to help sweet the floor.
  7. He wants to help clean the table after meals.

And it is great! Haha...

Of course he doesn't do it very well and most of the time I have to do it one more time after him. But i think he enjoys it and feels lots of joy about helping.. anyway, I guess this is good training to develop him into a SNAG that does housework.. JUST LIKE HIS DADDY! hahaha...

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ace Picasso

Well, presenting to you.. the first... ever... FAMILY portrait drawn by child prodigy, Ace Chua! *clap clap clap*

Can you believe it, this little boy at age 2.75 years old can draw family portrait lor...

But leh, takes a little bit of explanation to understand.. haha.. i asked him about it and he explained to me so I have very kindly labeled this for your reading pleasure...

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tissue Ace

Ok, I admit it.. it is my fault and an oversight on my fault.

Because of me, Ace has picked up a strange habit..

You see, I have a very sensitive nose... when i was much younger, whenever it is too hot, too cold, too dusty, temperature change too fast, smell too strong, too tired.. i will start to sneeze non stop and have a running nose..

Now after detox, it has been limited to only when I am too tired... and that has been happening often recently because I have been working hard on my business.

And since I am a lazy person, I find it a hassle to keep cleaning my nose. Plus, whenever I clean my nose with a tissue, it furthur irritates my nose and so i go into a vicious cycle. I have discovered over the years that the easiest way to overcome this is to stick a piece of tissue into my nose and just let the tissue absorb the mucus.. once the tissue is full, change another piece of tissue. Usually within 3 pieces of tissue, I will be ok to go tissueless and after some rest like a nap or something, I will be good as new.

Eager to feel better, I have never considered the consequences of doing this in front of Ace...

Until he started doing the same as well.

First he wanted tissues to stuff inside his nose.

And after that, he got more creative and tore the tissues into small small pieces and rolled them into balls to stuff them into his nostrils.

"Hahaha.. see lah, always say I teach him strange things... you teach him this one is the strangest of all..." Daddy says to me.

I dunno whether to laugh or cry...

I told him no more tissue into the nose or he cannot breathe.. and luckily, he has stopped doing it already.. PHEW...

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Want To Eat Myself

Of course I did not mean that Ace wanted to eat Ace! Hahaha...

What I mean is that nowadays, Ace is getting more and more independent.

When we go out for meals, instead of waiting for us to feed him, he will tell us, "Wo yao zi ji wei..." meaning that he wants to feed himself.

And because when we are outside, we usually do not use scissors to cut his noodles for him, we found out that he is quite good with chopsticks and that there is no longer a need to make his food into smaller pieces for him as he can handle them well.

When he got a little more confident, he started to request to feed himself when he is at home as well.

But that only happens when he is drinking soup or eating noodles, bee hoon or hor fun... and the pre requisite is that he must have a pair of chopsticks (he finds it easier to use chopsticks than to use forks to eat these now).

Come to his usual daily fare of porridge and rice, however, he will still say that he wants to feed himsef but will end up using the spoon to stir and play with the food.

In cheeky moments, he will use the spoon to pick up whatever sauce he can see in his porridge and then drink it and tell me, "I drink soup.. yum!"

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Helper Ace

Ace loves going to the office with us..

Firstly, our customer's service girls love him. Everytime he goes, they will shower him with sweets in return for kisses... hahaha ;) They love him so much that sometimes if I never bring him there or if I bring him there during their peak period where they have no time to play with him, they will scold me! ;)

Anyway, Ace is not all about playing... sometimes he will go into a helpful mode and start to try to help the CS by helping them tear forms... most of the time though, he hinder more than help! Hahaha... but they all love it anyway.

I told them that when he is older, they can ask him to help with more complicated stuff :) haha..

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Handsome Ace

About a year ago.. me and max went to have our fortunes told ;)

Not because we were superstitious or that we believed in fengshui watsover.. purely just because people told me that this fengshui master is really good and since we are in the business and it seems that people in the business have this believe... "I'd rather believe that it works and let it help my biz", we went ot see the fengshui master :)

The master told us that Ace will look absolutely charming when he is wearing all white so the other day when we were trying to pick out an outfit for Ace to wear during Ah Yee's wedding at Mustafa, we came across this suit tat costs only $19.90...ALL WHITE SOMEMORE!

Despite it having an ink mark on the sleeves, we decided to buy it. What the heck, anyway, I think he will only get one or at the most two chance to wear this...

Handsome boh?

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jumping On Bed

When Ah Yee got married, and Ace helped to jump on her bed ;)

Guess whether Ah Yee will give Ace a male or female cousin to play with leh? :P

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Presistent Ace

Children are really persistent and I think we have a good lesson to learn from them..

Just like Ace.

If you are a frequent reader, you would know by now that Ace loves ice cream ;)

And most of the time, his love for ice cream outweighs his fear of rejection and he just keeps asking and asking for ice cream.

The other day, Daddy sent me over to interchange to meet Jon and afterward, he was supposed to bring Ace to the playground.

On the way there, Daddy asked him what does he want and he said, "Ice cream!"

And then after I got off the car, he kept asking Daddy, "Do you want ice cream?"

"I think he asked me about 50 times after tat even though i kept saying that I did not want any ice cream..."

On another occasion after Ace finished his lessons, we were on our way to have lunch and we asked him, "Ace, do you want to eat noodles, rice or hor fun?"

"Erm... ICE CREAM!"

And after that, he kept bugging us till we bought him ice cream to eat.

Just last week, after his shichida class, he asked for ice cream. It's like a normal treat for him because every week before he gets off the car, his Daddy tells him that if he is a good boy, he will buy him ice cream.

But unfortunately, he was quite a little terror in class that day (running around... not wanting to pay attention) and so Daddy did not say OK to his request.

"Daddy, I want ice cream..." Ace told him.

"Hmm... so were you a good boy in class today?"

Ace had the guilty look... but still continued to plead. "I want ice cream..."

"Well, I know you want ice cream... but were you a good boy in class today?" Daddy asked him.

Ace pursed his lips and then leaned on my chest and told me, "Mummy, I want ice cream..."

"Ace, did you answer Daddy's question?" I told him.

And then he started to cry... "I want ice cream...."

"So were you a good boy today?"

Ace shook his head and started to cry even louder with tears streaming down his ice... it seemed quite apparent what the answer is...

"So if you were not a good boy in class, can we eat ice cream?"

And he started to cry loud and hard. "I want ice cream, I want ice cream..."

And so I told him, "Ace, we are not saying you cannot have ice cream. Just not today. Let's try to have ice cream next week, ok?"

And with that, he stopped.

I think sometimes in life, people should take a leaf out of a child's notebook... too many people I know in life 'want' things but give up too quick.. most of the time, people give up just as they are about to get what they ask for. When they give up, they decide that maybe that is not wat they really want.....

I think life is simple.. if you want it, be like Ace.. keep asking for it! ;) Ask and you will be given.. eventually anyway.. haha ;)

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Exercise Video

Presenting.. Exercise Video by Ace Chua and Max Chua...

Hilarious I tell you... Hahahaha...

Part 2:

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