Friday, October 30, 2015

Ah Beng Ace

While we were having dinner, I was telling Ace about how Aunty KP told me that LL was bullied by a few boys in his class.

Apparently, the  boys ganged up.. two of the boys held his hands and another two hit him on the back.

When Ace heard it, he was really upset that his good friend was being bullied.. (they play together often and are best of friends). He said that he MUST go to LL's school and that I should tell LL to tell his friends that he has a friend in P4 lor!

Hahahahaha.. He thinks he is some LAO DA or wat ah.. say his name other pple will fear him ah:) wahahahahaha... So ah beng lor!

I told him LL just needs to say his father is policeman lor! hahahaha..

Anyway, we had a discussion about this and I asked Ace... like why he is so upset since he was also the one who told us that sometimes boys like to play fighting to have fun also... He says that while they will play a fool... but there is a few unwritten rules and you are considered having cross the line if you break them.

According to Ace, they are: No using of your  拳头, no kicking, no hitting stomach and no hitting face...

And he added, "Actually our current favorite hit each other game is butt slapping!"

Wah lau... hahahahah...

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pre Exam Bohliaoness

I think "exam stress" (it is in inverted commas cos even though Ace tells me he is always  stressed during exams, his action of walking around, looking at the phone till I had to confiscate it doesnt really reflect the level of stress he thinks he is feeling) brings out the comedian in Ace.

I have been trying to push him to get started on exam revision and he still dilly dally till I puh huay an volcano erupt...

We finally sort of got started on the PSLE marking school holiday period...

On Day 1 of his full day "intensive revision". With 18 chapters worth of chinese words to revise and having only done ONE, our good friend spent his first half of the day walking around, playing in his room despite constant reminders from me to start revising... the result? I told him he must be a genius and told him in that case, he needs no help from me and there will be no need for me to nag at him...

Reverse psychology works! He started to learn the chapters I told him to and when done, he even did the next chapter without me saying anything! Then he begged me to give him spelling and asked me to pls stop calling him "GENIUS".. wahahahahaha...

And then cos he was posing half naked and telling me he is trying to show off his abs, I was like.."Wat abs? I see only fats!" Cos since the haze, he has dropped his exercise level and also increased his food intake.. so he is fatter now...

So I tell him I will give him a new nickname called PTG... PT Genius... (guess wat PT stands for :P) hahahahaha... And without missing a beat, he actually said, "Yes, I am a PRODIGY!"


Anyway, a few days later, just as  we almost finished revising Chinese 4B text so I asked Ace to take out the 4A textbook to standby only to find Best Student In The World lost his book and dunno where it is! sigh... A kind friend had to take photo from her son's textbook and WA me lor..

I still will like to find the book and so I went to his room and started packing his book shelf. Wiping the books and even accidentally hurt my injured thumb again.. THen someone start to pack his shelf too and asked me to rest... and after packing.. he finally found his book lor.. PHEW...

Then leh, at night ask him to study, he went into the room for 15 min and came out looking like this..

Hat, jacket and vest proudly sponsored by Aunty Jackie!

My friend says he is very CREATIVE... aahahahaha...

I told Ace that and Ace says it is good to be creative before exams as it helps him relax... 真的是拿他没办法....

So over the next few days during exam period, he is in standup comedy overdrive...

First he did this...

HE was drinking MILO and then he suddenly added "WINGS" to it and said, "Mummy... Look, MILO ANGEL!"

Another day... Ace was doing something I gave a shocked expression. As his actions got more ridiculous (he is a fan of physical comedy and slapstick), I looked even more shocked and added more drama...

Ace: Wah mama.. You are dam good leh! Ur shocked expression is really good!
Me: of cos lah.. Ur laomu is from drama club last time leh..
Ace: Mama, look.. I can also do many expressions...

Ace: Happiness..

Ace: Anger...
(scrunges fave up and attempts to look angry)

Ace: Sadness...
(pouts to show sad face)

Ace: Comfort!
And our good fren proceeds to pose a pose that represents comfort... By PUTTING HIS FINGER INTO HIS NOSTRIL!

Pengsan!!!!!!!! Hahahaha.. I asked him to pose for a pic and he refused and so tat is why I only have a description of what happened..

But I am glad he seemed happy during exam lah.. that should mean he will perform better for this exam:)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Samurai Burger Forever!

 I love the Samurai Burger and always make it a point to eat it whenever it is in Singapore.

When I was living in Dubai, I always missed it as it was always here in Singapore during the months I am in Dubai... and they never brought the burger to dubai.. so I never could eat it..

Last year, when it came to Singapore, I brought Ace along to Mac Donald and becos they actually had this new version with an egg inside, I could order it without the patty for Ace and Ace loved it!

After that, I tried to learn how to make it and found out that the sauce is relatively easy to make. It is just a mixture of Mirin and Teriyaki sauce... And it is rather versatile too as I use it also to make those Yoshinoya like rice.

Ace really loves it and asks for it at least once a month. Sometimes he has it almost every week. And sometimes when I run out of burger bun, I make Samurai Sandwich using normal bread... hahaha

But leh, the Samurai Burger in Mac Donalds tastes different and according to Ace, tastes better.. so when they showed the ad for the Samurai Burger, he was excited to go and eat... Alas, they dun have the egg version now and so I joked that I can fry an egg and bring it there... and Ace said OK!

He took me seriously and then whined and whined when I said I was joking and so after tuition the other day, I fried an egg, fetched him and went to Mac D to eat the burger...

 I wanted to take a picture but by the time I remembered... only left the sauce and the veggie.. it was THAT good!  hahahahahah...

 Ace says dun waste the sauce.. must use it as dip for french fries..

 Samurai Egg Burger!

 Next three weeks, we had Samurai Burger once a week... hahahaa;)

I remembered one of our friends who turned vegetarian also loves the burger and so I sent her pics of Ace eating it... and promised her I will fry her an egg if we do get a chance to go eat the burger together:)

I wish Mac D keeps it in their menu FOREVER...:)

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No One Gives Up On Last Leg Of Race One!

Today, Ace came home from school with a smile on his face and told me, "Easy Chinese exam!"

And then and excitedly told me... "Mummy, teacher told me that I likely can pass cos he already looked through my Chinese paper and started marking.."

I asked him, "Did you tell your teacher that your goal is 80 marks and not just PASS?" Hahahaha...

"Yeah, he means I can do well... not just pass..." Ace tried to explain further...

And because we were talking about goals... Ace suddenly remembered that he has a goal and that I said if he met his target, I will buy him the Nerf Modulus system that he wanted...

And then... He remembered that he already got his math paper...

"I scored a 80 for math.. cos I lost some points for careless mistake..." Ace said. And at this point, he remembered his goal for math was to get 90 marks... you could literally see his face start to panic... He must be thinking.. "Shit, I must be losing my nerf modulus!"

And then, he tried to explain.. "Mummy, the only people who scored 90 and above are the Tentanium people..." And I told him that is for sure.. because "They had more practice..."

And then he went into his room and moped... as he sat there and moped, he realized that his chance of buying his nerf modulus on his own is also slim because he lost $45 that he saved up to buy that when he lost his wallet... and he went into a downward, instant depression mode.

His whole face was a look of defeat...

I explained to him that one should not give up at the last leg of the race. Even though he did not do well for math, if he were to choose to spend time feeling upset, then he will not do well for science too.

And then he just continued to sulk.

I told him to eat his lunch and he just sat there and ate his lunch listlessly I see he very ke lian.. so I tried to show some concern...

I asked him if he was ok.. and I told him that I understand that it must feel like shit to feel like he cannot get the toy he wants cos he did not meet target.. and it must feel even more shitty cos it also feels like he will need a long time to save up to buy himself since he lost the $45. But in life, there are accidents that happen like losing one's wallet and sometimes life does not go quite our way... and the important thing is how you pick yourself up after you meet a setback.

I told him I understand that he is upset but my initial purpose of offering the reward was to support him by motivating him... not to make him feel bad... And I understand he will need time to burn off those feelings but i really hope he dun take too long cos his battle is not ever yet as there is a science paper the next day too. Anyway, if he needs a hug to feel better, he can tell me and I will be more than happy to offer it.

And then... he continue to sulk... say he dun want to eat liao... and hor... YOu know wat our good friend did after tat? He sat down a read Dairy of a Whimpy Kid...

When I saw that.. I was feeling like #$*#*$(*#$%&*(&%*$%$*&%(!

But I lunz.... Still, after a short while, I cannot help it... I told him.. that i really think he is showing very bad attitude....

And it was time to go for guitar and we just brought him there in silence cos I dun want to talk to him when he is in this kind of bad attitude mode. It took me all my willpower not to say anything else that is nagging or scolding as I decided I am going to leave him to it..

While waiting for him to finish guitar, I was a little worried that he might go guitar in a bad mood and it might affect his guitar lesson.

But when I went to pick Ace up, he was like a different little boy! He was radiant and happy because he told me that his teacher told him he is getting good now and quite sure to pass the Grade 1 test.. and so he will likely be promoted to Grade 2 next term!

And as he is in super good mood.. I told him that for doing this well, I will buy him gong cha...

And then I explained to him that he cannot give up now... not at the last leg of the race cos tat means all he did before all useless... me and his dad want most is that he do his best.. if he shows tat he gives his all and he never gives up, we can negotiate... he can also do chores to earn his money for the Nerf Modulus... He should know that if he shows good attitude, we are always happy and will be willing to negotiate... "Who likes to nego with a person who shows black face?" I asked him. 

And suddenly, he is filled with hope again...

Now that he is full of hope and hears me... he told me, "Mummy, actually you know I made a big improvement from SA1.... I improved by 10 marks leh!" "Yes, that is actually a huge improvement.." I agreed...

And when he reached home, he is working hard again.

But as I think back... Seems like when he is in a bad mood, he will go read something. Maybe it is his way of burning off his feelings or what and maybe I should learn to respect that is his process of letting off steam may be different from mine and also trust that while he tends to go into a tantrum, he has the maturity to realize it and become aware and the heart to overcome and get over it too.

Anyway, I am just glad he is back on track:) Cos you know hor son.. no one gives up on last leg of the race one.. is super loogi when you do tat cos you already invested all the hard work!

Postscript on 12th Nov:
He still got a reward in the end. He got a NERF STRYFE but he is not allowed to play till he packs his room:) hahaha...

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ace Lost His Wallet

Ace has a very bad habit.

He likes to throw his wallet carelessly around.

Both me and his dad have reminded him many many many times to always keep his wallet in the same few places. But he never listens.

Sometimes I will find it on the dining table... sometimes on our bedside table in our bedroom... sometimes on the floor of his bedroom... sometimes on top of his school bag...

The other day, after he returned home from Popo's house, he said he could not find his wallet. We tried to search but could not find it... and it happened on the day before his first exam paper... But it was already bed time... so I told him that we will try search for it the next day.

He cried and told me that there is $45 in that wallet... It was money he saved when he wanted to buy the Nerf Modulus system. Now that the money is gone, it means he has to save all over.. and he only had this much cos Godma Annie gave him a red packet for doing well during CA2.

Usually, he does not bring so much money to school at all.. it was becos it was weekend and he wanted to be well prepared so tat in case he saw something he liked while he was out and he can buy using his own money if I did not want to buy for him.. but leh, 聪明反被聪明误.. exam period leh, why would I bring him to a mall where he can buy things right? Hahahaha... 

I told him too bad he has to learn his lesson.. and then went out of the room and tried to search for it. I messaged Popo and asked her to check her house too... But they could not find it too.. I asked his dad to search in the car and he said he did not see it too.

When I went back into his bedroom later, he had not fallen asleep yet and was silently sobbing.

I explained to him that tomorrow is his exam and having a good night's sleep is more important.. money that is gone can be saved or earned again. But if he dun do well in the exam, he cannot undo it liao cos only one chance at the exam.

"I am not crying over the money gone though I am sad.. " he said in between sobs... "I am upset about why I did something so irresponsible... "

Wah, that is something I never thought my son will say lor.. responsiblity does not rank high in his world...

Anyway, i gave him a long hug and told him to stop crying and just learn from his mistake and not bring around so much money.... and take better care of his wallet next time.

Next time I went back into his bedroom, he was asleep liao... Next day, when we were walking to school, I shared that we will still try to search for the wallet and he should know that losing a wallet is not really that big a deal to be so upset lah... and then I shared my story of how I lost my wallet once and how I learn to be more careful after tat and never lost it again since:)

By time he was home from school, it was almost as if he had forgotten this incident of losing the wallet:)

Anyway, he bought a coin holder in school and I reminded him that he has many wallets at home mah.. why doesnt he use them. And he remembered that Carrie Jie Jie gave him a red wallet and started using that. And then just so he will not lose it, he put a lanyard so he can hang around his neck.. hahahaha...

Fast forward to two weeks later... one fine day, I finally found his wallet!

Guess where!?

It was hiding in between two cushions on the sofa under a pile of laundry that his dad has been asking him to fold for the past two weeks!

I returned him his wallet and told him he will have to pay me the $20 I spent to replace his missing MRT card...

And then he said he wanted to give me all of the $45 inside..

"$20 I return you for the transit link card... Another $20 is for the other time I made you replace the card cos i did not take care of it... and then the leftover $5... just becos I want to give you the money..."

I told him I dun need all the money.. I will take the $20 for him to learn his lesson... the rest he can keep...

But very song to hear tat my son wants to give me money lah:) hahahaha...

I hope he takes better of his things in future!

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Parent Volunteer Experience- Suncatcher Workshop

 The Parent Support Group wanted to start some interesting activities for the P6 students who have finished their PSLE and one of the workshops they were organizing is a suncatcher making workshop.

Since I was free, I decided to go volunteer lor.

The process of making the suncatcher was a relatively simple one...

First you get a old CD that you do not want to use anymore and punch a hole in the CD using a hole puncher.

Then, you paste scotch tape on it and quickly tear it away to tear away all the printing on the CD. However, some CDs are easier to tear than others. There are some whose printing is so fixed that you cannot tear it away... so you need to experiment for this.

Then leh, you can either trace a design or come up with your own design and you draw out the outline using permanent marker.

Next, you use watered down acrylic paint and gold glitter to decorate.

Then you can put some beads through a string and tie them on the hole you punched.

That's it!

Helping out as a volunteer, I noticed some things about the kids that I find rather interesting....
  1. Kids These Days Are Not Very Hands On
    These kids are all 12 years old but many of them needed help with tying knots. One even said he could not put the thread through the beads. I guess kids these days dun use their hands very much and so their fine motor skills are not that good.
  2. Everyone Loves Glitter!
    Including the boys! When we took out the glitter, it got passed around and the whole bottle finished rather quickly!
  3. Kids Just Need Encouragement
    While most of the kids are enthusiastic about this workshop, there are some who give up really easily. After they try once or twice, and they cannot do something, they will declare.. 'I cannot do this... " and break the CD into two.

    So I went to the boy and told him, "You can do it. It is simple.. see, other people are doing it too. Come, I teach you how to do it." And then I demo to him how to do it and then with lots of encouragement from the Parent Volunteers and his classmates, he finally completed it!:)

    PS: I was told one boy said that he would rather do PSLE everyday than workshops like these:) hahahaha...
  4. Girls Tend To Be More Careful
    When they were painting the CD. It is quite easy to colour too much and so I reminded them not to put on too thick a coat of paint because then their sun catcher will not be able to catch any sun if it is opaque:) And most of the girls are just more careful and will do things like layer bit by bit.. and remember to leave transparent parts... But the boys will be happy to slap on LOTS OF COLOURS:) hahahahaha...
  5. Children These Days Are Not Strong In General Knowledge
    Hahahaha.. It's true! We only provided primary colours and white... and so when they wanted a different colour, they did not know to mix colours and needed to ask me. Even when I prompted them that if they wanted purple, make a guess what two colours they can mix? Most of them dunno the answer! But I thought this is common sense and is general knowledge a 12 year old should know lor...

  6. Every Adult Is Cher To Them
    Even though they know we are parent volunteers.. they all will call us Cher.. "Cher, can do this or not.." "Cher, can help me with this?"

  7. There Is Something Called The "PSLE Pencil Case"
    I noticed that everyone using like the same see through pencil case and asked them why they all have the same pencil case and one boy told me this is their PSLE pencil case. I am a little shocked that now they have synchronized pencil cases.. hahaha.. and when I told Max.. he asked why there is a need for it.. I made a guess that perhaps they had a fixed list to tell the children what to bring for exam and Max was like, "Sure or not.. so big liao still dunno wat to bring for exam?" And then I found out later that the PSLE pencil case is applied throughout the whole of Singapore as they are only allowed see through pencil cases to ensure that there is no cheating.
Being a parent volunteer also meant we got to see the teachers in actions. I know I shouldnt be judgemental and I understand it is not easy to be a teacher in Singapore and understand that there are cultural differences. But I was a little shocked when a teacher went up to the student and said something along the lines of "You better don't play a fool or I will make sure you will be very sorry..."

I mean as an Asian Parent, obviously I also will use that on my son sometimes.. hahha:) but I am just like shocked to hear it in school and thought immediately ... "That will never happen in Horizon School!"   Maybe the teacher treats the children like her own bah...

Anyway, I asked if Ace knew that teacher and he did and he does come into contact with her too. He told me she is very fierce but a very caring teacher. Asian elders just care for the younger ones differently i guess...

But still I noticed that sometimes even when the children are just sitting there and doing their own thing and being their own person, teacher will come over to scold them or threaten them... I really pity the kids... Cos I feel that all children are different but they are all expected to do the same thing and almost like be the same person like tat...

Eg, I saw a kid fiddling with things and I understand he is probably a kinesthetic learner and so I told him that he can fiddle with that thing but please do not spoil it and please do not disrupt other children.. ok?  He said OK and so I let him be lor.. but a teacher saw and came over and said he cannot touch that thing.. he has to sit up straight.. he has to this and that... So poor thing right?

But the teacher just wants everyone to sit up right and be proper and pay attention lah.. nothing wrong with that also I guess in singapore context... But I do think that teachers in Ace's school should learn about human behavioral science and also more about child psychology and also empathy. It will be so helpful for them and for the kids...

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Ace Makes Ice Jelly

Went to Nainai's house the other day and Nainai said she made some jelly and asked Ace if he wanted to make ICE JELLY.

When Ace heard that she has got the ice shaving machine and can help to make the ice shavings, he was totally excited and of cos said YES!;) hahahaha


Enjoying the end product together with Yeye:)

Since we are on the topic of food, here are some food I made this month...

The other day was thinking how I can finish up the sour cream sitting in my fridge that I bought to make rosti... And then I realized tat I have potato at home and so I decided to experiment with the air fryer to make roasted potato....

Not bad leh:) Potato was ready withi 15 in and tasted super yummy!

I also got a message from Max hinting that he wants to eat the vegetarian KFC again.. and he even specially went to buy the mushroom so I can make it... haha.. so I try again.. This time using a different recipe that is a little different...

The last time i did it, the recipe called for resting the mushroom after it has been dusted with KFC flour but this time round I did one where you did not need to do that.. and becos the mushrooms were seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil beofre dusting with flour I mixed normal flour to the KFC flour so that it wun be so salty..

The only thing was that I  prepared it way in advance so by time it was dinner, already not that crispy liao... I think this one have to eat hot one.. next time I will fry my veggie first..

To even out the heatiness of fried food.. I fried some bittergourd with salted egg... Yums! Next time hor I think I am going to fry and eat all by myself for lunch! hahaha...  I realized that if you dun fry till totally cooked.. it is also very crunchy... :) I like!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Car!

So the other day, Max had to sed his car for servicing and he was given a replacement car to drive for one day.

Early morning, he sent me pics of the car and told me that the car is s good and so comfortable.. hahahaha... And then cos I urged him to take us for a spin since he says the new car is so good... He told them he will only exchange the car back the next day and came home to pick us up for dinner.

It was actually the day 1 of Ace's exam revision and Ace did not really do well as he was walking around most of the time or secretly playing games... so I just wanted to go somewhere nearby, eat and come home.

But Max says he will actually be very busy in the coming week and this is the best time he can have some time to spend with Ace and so he decided that he will bring us to Obar at Punggol as he said the band there is really good.

And so we went:)

 That is Ace enjoying himself inside the car and playing with all the acccesories inside.... He was so happy that even seating in the backseat he can actually push it down and lie down in a reclining position..

 One with the car...

The car is as old as the one we are driving now but looks so new and even smells new lor:) Ace kept asking his dad to pls pls pls ask if he can change to this car instead. hahaha

Finally reach OBar!

 Max went with some friends and said MissChief was really good and kept telling me he wante to bring me there.. so finally we are here.

But leh, it was a Monday so a different girl was singing but she is not bad too:)

 They actually allow you to make dedications and Ace dedicated See You Again to Laoma cos this song always makes him think of her and sometimes cry..

 Ace ordered sourcream mushroom pasta... looks good and tasted not too bad:)

 I ordered something interesting.. it is a mix of two of my fav.. carbonara sauce and duck:) hahaha

 When they had a break for the singing, I just watched SCV there:) hahahaha... Meanwhile, the boys went outside to play pool...

 I dunno if Ace plays well but at least looks quite wu seh lah:) hahahaha

After that, Max gave Ace some moolah to go to the arcade outside to play.. wah.. our friend happy like a bird lor... play by himself and spent the money in no time... and then said this is nice place and he wants to come again...

 After arcade, they also went to throw darts..

 Daddy giving Ace some pointers..

And that was the end of our mini adventure... and also the last time Ace got to "enjoy" before he exams....

The next day, I reminded him that he already had his fun and pushed him to work hard.. Hahahaha :)

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pillow Fight!

Lion Dances are so last season!

The cousins now have a new favorite game-- PILLOW FIGHT....

They enjoyed it so much they promised each other they will play it again next week!

I so scared they will injure each other but they were having so much fun running around with their pillows.... (OK, to be more accurate, only Cay was running around with a pillow, Ace ran around with his bolster..)

Good that the Lion Dance got a rest cos I think the Lion is going to cui cos they have been dragging it around the house... hahahaha..

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Friday, October 23, 2015

I Set A Goal

We were having a chat today and Ace was telling me about how one of his classmates made his form teacher really angry today.

Apparently the classmate said he did not bring a piece of homework. His teacher asked him to bring his bag to the front of the class but he went back and did not bring it.. So the teacher went to him and brought the bag to class and took out everything and found that piece of work he was supposed to bring. Turns out he did bring it but too lazy to find.

And then leh, teacher took out the work and realized he did not do his corrections. When he went back to his seat, he also did not bother to do... in Ace's words, "He was just sitting there, hands behind his head and 摇脚..."

"That sounds like someone I know what..." I teased Ace.

"No hor Mummy, I already 改过自新already. Now I am not like that in class anymore, I am like this.." And he made action of someone concentrating at doing work.

"So what made you decide to change?" I asked Ace...

And Ace told me... "I changed when I set a goal to concentrate in class.... And when I started trying to do that, I realized that it is NOT possible to concentrate if I talk to my friends or if I sit there and 摇脚.." I think he realizes through his improved CA2 results that if he concentrates, he is really more effecient!

Anyway, I am so happy that my son finally has this realization! Hahahaha... At least I dun feel like my "goal setting lessons" are such a failure...

PS: He got his results for his exam. Not really on target but din do too badly for someone walking around the house and watching youtube or playing with toys all the time during exam period..
For english, he set a goal of 80 and scored 85.5. For Math he set a goal of 90 but scored 81. For Science he set a goal of 80 and scored 77. For Chinese he also set a big goal of 80 though he failed the last time and scored 64.5... Hopefully after a few more goal setting sessions it will become automatic SOP for him and I can relac one corner during exams in future:) hahaha...

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Good Listening Ear

Brought Ace to his guitar lesson the other day and since there was nothing to do and nothing to buy, I decided to sit outside his classroom to wait for him and enjoy the free aircon.

I realized that he seems to be playing something that is not in his exam repertoire and wondered what they were doing.

When he finished his lessons, Mr P, his guitar teacher came out and spoke to me. And I am very glad to announce that finally I dun need to feel very paiseh when I see him cos previously, he always complained tat Ace needed more practice.. "Which will make things alot easier for us in class..." And I will feel soooooooooo paiseh for being a bad mother... hahaha..

Mr P says that he noted that Ace has been practising the things he asked him to and so he is improving by leaps and bounds. But I think not perfect yet lah.. still, he is doing well and improving well.

Mr P also said that Ace has a good listening ear.. he can hear a song and then try to guess which note it is and play it. But that is a good ally and also a bad enemy because it will make you lazy at learning sight reading and he needs help on that.. so that is why they are doing different songs to force Ace to sight read.

"I totally understand that as it is a problem I had too when I was a guitar student.." said Mr P.

But well, I think the variety of songs also made the lessons more interesting for Ace:) I told him though that after exams we have to come up with a way to practice his sight reading as that is part of the grade 1 guitar exam.

Jia you, Ace!

PS: At the next guitar lesson, Ace told me Mr P said he is doing well and will likely pass his grade 1 exam and be promoted to grade 2 next semester! Yay!:) I hope he really passes man!

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