Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who is this Fei Fei

Make a guess who this fei fei is....
















Haha.. that's none other than Max!

Surprisingly though... When I asked Ace which is Daddy, he actually could tell.

Given that Ace looks so much like Daddy at this current age, I wonder if Ace will ever become fei fei and look like this?

PS: I think max is very cute and handsome no matter he fei fei or not.. I love him anyway.. haha ;)
PPS: By the time I posted this.. Max is having a contest with someone.. whoever loses 5kg first within two weeks wins:) Jia you, dear!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Am Baby

Periodically, Ace likes to pretend that he is still young.

Sometimes he wants to be carried and he will talk baby talk while he drinks milk.

Other times though, he wants to do things he used to do. Like the other day, when we went over to Yeye's house, he ran into yeye's room to take out this chair that can be turned over as a child seat and insited that he wanted to sit inside to eat...

But after a while, he got tired of it and ran out to play again.. hahaha...
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Monday, December 29, 2008

My 2 Uniformed Man

It has officially started....

Ace has been promoted officially from Pre-N to Nursery class. Because of that, he will have to wear a shirt and pants attire as uniform for all days in school except on wednesday where they are supposed to have some form of physical education classes.

That means, from now on... till whatever age learns to iron his clothes (I started at age 8 or 9 I think), I will have to be Minah and iron his uniform.

And his Kinderland uniform is not so easy to iron because there are many layers and somehow they dun sit flat properly.

Thank god Daddy takes pride in his uniform so much that most of the time, he insists on ironing it himself unless he really has no time to do so...

I told Ah Yee about this and her response was, "Aiyah.. children's uniform never iron also nevermind one lah... pls hor, remind me.. next time I have children.. remind me to check the school first. I will only enroll my kid in schools whose uniforms are wrinkle free and do not need to be ironed..."

Please lor, Ah Yee.. where got this sort of uniform.. you tell me lah...
PS: The benefits of having Ace promoted is this. While he always wants people to feed him, wants people to carry him, being promoted sees him coming to me and telling me with a very serious look on her face, "Mummy, I will walk myself... because I am strawberry kids now... (that is the class name for the Nursery kids in school). I CAN walk myself..."

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Want Xmas Present

The other day, Ace was talking to Ah Yee via msn... and then out of nowhere, he told Ah Yee, "Ah Yee, I want a xmas present!"

I was quite shocked...

Ah Yee then asked him what present he wanted and he gave it a long long thought...

"Do you want Fibrena?" Ah Yee teased him.

"I don't want, I don't want... I want toys...." he said.

And in the end, after lots of thinking, he decided that he wanted Ah Yee to buy him "aeroplane toys.."

"Ok, Ah Yee will go and find and see if there are any aeroplane toys for you, ok?" promised Ah Yee.

"Yeah yeah yeah.. I got present! I got toys! Yeah Yeah yeah!" he cheered.

It's really nice to see someone so enthusiastic about something... I think when we are grown up, unlike children, we rarely remember to cheer over the smallest joys that we experience... Instead, most people invest time in mopping over the pains that they are suffering from.

Thanks, Ace. I learnt a good lesson here :)

PS: Yday, Ace told me "You know I got big big big big big big love...?" And I din know wat he was talking about... and then.. ask him this and that he just said he got big big big big love..

Finally he said, "I got big big love for Ah Yee.. I give big big hug to Ah Yee lor..." I asked him why and he said.. "Cos she buy present for me.. she buy aeroplane toy for me...."

"Where is the present?" I asked him..

"It is not here yet.. must drive then it will come...." he said.

I think will be very tough for Ah Yee not to buy him anything when she reads this.. hahaha....

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gingerbread Girl

Every sunday, my aunty would visit my grandma and have lunch with her. Since she started this ritual of visiting on a sunday, Ace has been enjoying her visits.

She doesn't really visit us or Ace but rather, every week, without fail, she would buy Ace either scones or muffins.
Last week because it was christmas, she bought Ace a gingerbread man which made very excited.

About two weeks before that, we brought Ace shopping at Bugis Junction. Because Daddy parked his car quite far away, I had to accompany Ace and hang around the place till Daddy comes back.

I didn't really know what to do and wandered aimlessly into intercontinental hotel... There was a huge xmas tree inside and we spent like 2 min looking at it. And then we spent another 5 min looking at all the gingerbread houses, gingerbread deers, gingerbread man.. etc...

Apparently, Ace really liked it cos he would walk in and out of the confectionary section again and again and again.. until the waitress started to smile knowingly when she saw us again and then once he was out into the shopping area outside the hotel, he would pull me back into the hotel to go back and view the beautiful gingerbread art pieces again.

So needless to say, he was really very excited to own his own gingerbread man/girl.

But I guess out of sight, out of mind. I told him we have to keep it in the fridge and once it goes there, he stopped asking for the gingerbread man... I am wondering how we are ever going to finish the 1 gingerbread man, 1 large muffins, 2 chestnut biscuits and 15 cups of agar agar we have in our fridge. All presents from other people... this xmas will be a fattening one i think... thank god no one has given us chocholates yet :) haha...

PS: I think the many xmas cartoons with gingerbread men had some effect on him. He din really forget though. Xmas day early morning, he came to me and said, "Mummy, I want to eat my gingerbread man for breakfast..." I think I under estimated him...

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Master Gui Gui

Somehow, because of a Kungfu Panda DVD advertisement on TV, Ace wanted to watch Kungfu Panda again... So Max showed him the movie and he was sort of re-introduced to the movie.

When we brought him to watch the movie the other time, he was happy but not really impressed as he stopped talking about it after a while. This time round, maybe it is because he could express himself better or maybe it is because it was his second time watching, he would constantly talk about the characters and he will ask us to use chopsticks to 'fight' with him like Master shifu and Kungfu Panda.

And then, he proceeded to give everyone in the family a kungfu panda character name. Daddy is Kungfu Panda... I am Master Snake.. and to my surprise, he says that he is Master Wugui (he calls himself Master Gui Gui).

I mean, I would expect most children to make believe that they are the Panda who is the main character of the movie.. I really dun understand why he has taken to Master Wugui... maybe it is because Master Wugui is spiritual and wise like Ace.. hahaha...

Anyway, the other day, he took one of Daddy's shirt and started to put it on.. maybe it was because it was black/grey colour or maybe it was because it was Kungfu Panda Daddy's shirt.. he started doing kungfu stunts and exclaimed, "I am the Kungfu Panda!"

When I asked him to pose for a few shots, he gamely did a few kung fu-like poses.. haha.. nice or not?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

PS: Hat proudly sponsored by his teacher from Little Neuro Tree.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Want To Be Botak

Once again, Ace decided that he wanted to be like his dad.
So Max decided to cut BOTAK for him.. no lah.. we din dare to do that, if we did, sure will kenna tonnes of complaints from our parents.. anyway, you can see more pictures of it HERE.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Want Big Big Mei Mei

The other day, Ace was sitting beside me and he was telling me that his tummy was very big because he ate alot of things.

So I asked him, "Is Mummy's tummy big as well?" "Yes!"

"What is inside?"

"It's a baby!"

"Who is this baby?"

"It is me! It is Ace. Ace is a baby!"

And then Ace giggled.

Then out of nowhere, he continued. "Mummy, I like meimei you know.... I like small small mei mei..."

And then to my utmost surprise, he continued, "Mama, 你去生一个妹妹lei.. I want big big mei mei... I want big big baby mei mei..."

"Why you want mummy to 生一个妹妹?" I asked him.

"Because I like many many friends..."

Hahaha.... Ace, I hope your wish comes true too...

The other day we were at a party and my friend, Sally told me that if your child's 'zeng' on the head is central, the next baby will be the same sex. If it is off the center, then it will be a diff sex. Based on this, she says my next child will be a girl.. :)

Okie, next child, do you hear.. your gorgor and definitely your papa and mama welcomes you to this family. Come quick leh.... I think getting pregnant will be the best xmas and new year present for me...

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I Will Marry Xu Ai

I think Ace is quite determined to marry his classmate, Xu Ai.

The other day while travelling in the car, he told me, "Mummy, I want to marry Xu Ai when I grow up. Ok?"

"So when will you marry her?" I asked him. "I marry her in Singapore..." he said.

And then on the same day.. about 4 hours later, there was someone who was selling flowers to raise funds for their cancer ridden mother.. so Max bought a bouquet of flowers from them... Ace looked at the flowers and said, "These flowers so beautiful. Next time I marry Xu Ai I can give to them!"

Pengz lor!

Speaking of which, Ace has been talking to himself alot more lately. Last time when he talks to himself, it is all gibberish. But now when he talks to himself, if you take time to listen to him, he will sound as if he is having a conversation with himself.

I feel it is similar to the thoughts going through in an adult's brain. Only instead of just fleeting thoughts, he articulates them.

Eg.. the other day, I was trying to pack the house because there were visitors coming over. No matter where I packed, once I left that area, Ace will make it messy again. So I told him that I was very angry that he was not helping and making everything messy.

He ran away to his room and sat on his mattress and then he started talking to himself..

"Orh... mummy is angry with you already..."

"Why is mummy angry with you?"

"Because you are a naughty boy, you make everything messy..."

But somehow, instead of talking it OUT.. he talked it UP and became even angrier. Afterward, he came out of the room and came to me and told me, "You look at my face! See! I am so angry now! I am so angry with you.. humph!" And he made an angry face and crossed his arms... it was hilarious I tell you...

In case you are wondering, that is his Daddy's script sometimes when he is annoyed with Ace and Ace does not seem to pay attention or notice that he is upset... hahaha... maybe he should do it to Daddy instead of me.. then Daddy will know how it feels.. hiaks hiaks...

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cassanova Ace

Remember how Ace talked about wanting to marry Xu Ai?

Well, that's old news already. According to Teacher Toh, Ace has a good eye for beautiful girls. There is a new kid on the block who just joined them recently and this little girl is apparently very cute and very sweet-looking. Max who sends Ace to school and has seen her agrees that she is rather pretty..

"Ace saw her.. and immediately went to hold her hand and talk to her.. and then he started to touch her face...." said Teacher Toh...

I told Ganma Karen about this and she said, "How come so different from Daddy?"

Most people would claim that Ace inherited this trait from Daddy but Ganma Karen knows better.

"I think Ace will do much better in this department.. Max is so shy last time.. if he didn't meet you over the internet first, I think he wouldn't have the guts to chase after you..."

Anyway, Ace wouldn't have much of a chance to get near her for long. I just received a letter that announced that Ace has been promoted to Nursery! His new teachers will be his favourite confidante, Teacher Erica (who is the only teacher in the school early in the morning when Ace reaches there at 7plus 8 and according to my mum, they often have 'meaningful' conversations together) and Zhao laoshi who is AT in his current class and so not a new face for him.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is It Because Ganma Love Me?

The other day, Karen ganma sent me an sms when she was in China. It went along the lines of telling me that she misses Ace and that she has already bought Ace's xmas present and so I related the message to Ace.

"Ganma buy me present?" Ace asked me when I read the sms to him.

"Yes," I told him and added that Ganma is in China now and that he will have to wait for Ganma to come back before he can get his present.
"Where is ganma Karen?" He will ask me. "Ganma come back, wait ganma come back give me present?" he would ask me. And then for the next few days, he kept asking me these two questions repeatedly.

Sometimes after asking about Ganma Karen, he would ask me, "Where is Ganma Seokling?" And then he will also ask me if Ganma seokling bought him a present....

After that, he will ask me where is his Ganma Evon and whether she bought him a present.

One day, out of the blue, he asked me this, "Mummy, why ganma buy me present? Is it because ganma love me?"

"Yes," i told him with a smile. "Ganma loves you very much so she buys you presents."

Anyway, I think his godmas really spoil him. He always gets alots of presents from them lor.

Ganma Karen will always buy him presents when she goes overseas and she travels very often for work. To date, she has bought a number of shirts, t-shirts, cups, thomas the train table mat, books, flashcards for Ace.

Ganma Seokling also buys lots of story books and toys (play doh, mini PC, stack it cups, blocks, toy telephone), lunch boxes for Ace whenever she comes back to visit because she is working overseas.

Ganma Evon has also bought him few pieces of clothing and many many many toys (Liverpool ball, shape sorter, musical piano, etc) whenever she comes and visit.

Anyway, he stopped asking me for a while and the other day, out of nowhere, he asked me. "Mummy, my school has christmas party, you want to come?"

I asked him if I would get a present if I went and then he started asking me, "Ganma come christmas party? Ganma buy me present?"

And then I asked him if he missed Karen and wanted to talk to her and he nodded his head and so I called Karen and let them talk abit. "Where are you, Ace?" Karen asked him. "I am here," he told her.

Wah, very good lor.. this kind of answer also can.. hahaha...

And then I took over the phone and Karen says she is very happy that Ace remembers her and is so appreciative of her presents. "This motivates me to buy him more presents!"

Like I always say, Ace is an abundant kid lah. People just like to give to him freely. I think he is very blessed and good at the gift of receiving :) Even I think I should learn from him. Most importantly, he is also very good at giving and is very often willing to share his toys and his food...
PS: It is STILL NOT xmas yet so Ace hasn't received his xmas pressie from Ganma Karen. It is amazing how his little mind knows exactly what to do to get it faster... the other day out of nowhere, Ace asked me why Ganma never visit him. I think he thinks that if she visits him, he will get his presents.
He then proceeded to request that I call Ganma Karen on his behalf. Once the line gets through, he starts to use super persuasion to get Ganma Karen to visit him.
Note hor, this little boy never ask for his presents outright.. he does it the round about way...
"Hello, Ganma... this is Ace.... Can you come and visit me? Do you want and visit me? My house got chocolate donuts. You want to eat chocolate donuts?"
After he puts down the phone then he ask me, "Ganma visit me, ganma buy me presents? Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" Hahaha.. I buay tahan man!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ace Got Lost

Have you ever gotten lost suddenly when you were young? You were just happily minding your own business and all of a sudden, your parents seem to have disappeared and you feel abandoned, lost and frightened all at the same time?

It ain't a good feeling I can assure you. This happened to me once when I was 5 and now that I am 31, I still have vivid memories of it. I was in Metro with my mum and I was happily browsing through all the stuff in front of me so I did not notice when my mum walked away.

"Mummy, can I buy this? I want to buy this?" I picked out this thing I really liked and passed it to my mum to show her.

"I am not your mummy, little girl..." said a gentle female voice.

HORRORS OF HORRORS! Where is my mummy?! And I started to go into a crying frenzy.

Another time it happened that my little sister got lost when she was about three in OG shopping center.. and then my mum said it is better for her to search and for me to stay put in one place so that in case I saw my sister, I could stop her. "You stay here and wait for me, I go and find your sister," she said to me.

I stood there feeling really frightened. I have already lost my sister and now my mother is gone too! So I cried and cried... and I think in the end, someone found my sister and heard my crying and brought her there...

Unfortunately, Ace had a similar experience the other day and I hope it doesnt stay forever in his memory.

Ace wanted to go to the zoo and because we have not been able to find time to bring him there, we decided to bring him, instead, to Simei where there is this huge pet shop where he can look at animals.

Max just walked about anywhere he liked. Seems to me that he felt that since I was around, he is free to walk whereever he wanted and he could do whatever he wanted cos Mummy is there to standby.

But when I asked him about it, he said it is ok, "Ace wun walk too far... don't worry..."

So I walked around on my own a bit as well and suddenly, Max asked me, "Where is Ace ah?"

And I went back to look for him but he was nowhere to be found. My heart nearly jumped out of my body. At this very moment, from the other corner of the store, I heard a familiar voice say, "Where is my mummy?!" and this familiar voice started crying loudly.

"He's over there..." a well-meaning passer by pointed Ace out to me and so I ran towards him and hugged him. "It's ok, Ace. I am here already. I will never leave you without telling you. Are you ok?"

"Where is my daddy?" Ace asked when he finally cooled down and quieten down. After that, he was careful to remember to stick around close to us ;)


Anyway, we walked around, had sushi for dinner and then bought a mini christmas tree and went home.

When we reached home, me and Ace decorated our christmas tree with my accesories. Merry Xmas, everyone!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is sometimes a very useful thing...

Even though can feed himself, he only chooses to do so if:

  1. He is in a good mood

  2. He is eating something that he really likes like noodles or fried rice

  3. He is somehow inspired to be a BIG BOY

  4. All of the above somehow fall into place

Every weekend, after Ace's class, if you ask him what he wants to eat for lunch, he will usually say, "Chicken Rice!" And so we usually try to find some place that sells vegeterian chicken rice to have our lunch.

The other day, we went to Pine Tree Cafe in Fortune Centre and met Ace's fellow classmate, Yuxuan, there. Yuxuan's parents were already my friends before we met again in Trio and somehow every weekend, irregardless of where we choose to go, we will always meet them.

That day, they chose to sit beside us and ended up ordering very similar foods as well.

That day, Ace wanted to be babyish and wanted me and his Daddy to feed him. When we asked him to eat himself, he just ended up playing with the food.

The moment Yuxuan's food came and she started eating by herself, Max told Ace, "You see, Yuxuan is eating by herself..." and then without much prompting, Ace suddenly wanted to eat all by himself and even started to use a fork like Yuxuan! hahahaha...

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweet Ace

Ace is such a sweet child...

On Saturday night, due to an accumulation of many late nights and me caught a cold and was sneezing quite badly and STRONGLY too. Because of the very BIG sneezes, my throat was also not feeling too well so at night, when Ace asked for his story, I requested that I read only two books to him because "I am not feeling well. I caught a cold..."

"Mummmy, you not well?" he asked me.

"It's ok, I will be ok if i sleep early.... I did not sleep early, that is why I am sick now. Mummy will sleep early tonight..."

That night, he had to stay over at my mum's place cos the next morning, I would be travelling early morning to KL with Max for one whole day. So we did not see each other for the whole of Sunday and Monday, I went to fetch him after school.

I told him we were travelling to meet a friend for dinner and in the car, he suddenly asked me, "Mummy, you well?"

I didn't quite understand him so I asked him, "Huh, what do you mean?"

And then he said, "You not feeling well right? You well now?"

I was so pleasantly surprised and really touched as well.

I mean, I knew he is a caring child and a sensitive one.. but I did not expect that he would actually remember and ask me about it so many days later because even I forgot I was not feeling well! haha...

Anyway, Ace, thank you so much for remembering and asking. I am really very touched. *muaks*

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Am Police!

Me and Max are quite against violence and because of that, Ace has not toys like guns or swords or knifes of any sorts at home. We don't want Ace to think that violence is right and is a good way to resolve problems.

But somehow still, along the way, he still managed to use the balloon holder from his mac donald balloon as a sword and still he manages to build strange structures with his engineering set and his lego set and call it "A GUN!"

And Mr Policeman is on duty like 24 hours a day lor. He could be sleeping and lazy to wake up or even open his eyes when we tried to wake him in the morning. All of a sudden, when Daddy started to roar like a lion and tell him that Lion is coming if he doesn't wake up, he sits up straight, opens his eyes and declares loudly, "I am police! I catch lion!", grabs his dad and then goes back to sleep again.

Because he has taken to calling himself a policeman these days and loves to catch us becuase he is a police, Yeye has decided to buy him this new set of toy that is basically a gun with some rubber bullets tat will stick on glass when you aim and shoot.

Initially Yeye bought him this one set that somehow couldnt work after the first try and so yeye went to change it for another set that comes with a baton, a gun, three "bullets", a badge a walkie talkie and even a police identification card... hahaha....

After he changed the the toy, Yeye was also very excited and called Ace to tell him that he has already changed for a new set. After that, for the next few days, Ace kept reminding me that Yeye has bought him a toy gun.

When our car drove past their house, Ace would say to me, "I want to go Nainai's house." When I asked him why, he would tell me, "Yeye change the gun for me, right? I want to go and play gun."

So yesterday, we went there and Ace had lots of fun pretending to be a policeman. We told him though, that he can only shoot at three things: the floor, the wall or the target board that we set up for him. I told him that it is very painful because the bullet moves very fast so he cannot shoot at other people or shoot at himself because it will hurt and if he does, we will throw the toy away.
So I guess me and Max dun mind him playing police for a short while. We asked him to leave the toy there and he is not to bring it home... I guess violence is passed on not through playing with toys.. but really with example by how me and max resolve problems ;)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Papa Buay Tahan

Max is not a very patient driver.

In fact, while he is mostly forgiving and nice, he becomes a different monster when he is behind the wheels.

His pet peeves are stupid people who do not understand road ethics, dum people who hog the roads even though the are driving really SLOWLY when there is nothing in front of them and of course, people who cut his lane WITHOUT giving any signal.

The other day, we were in the car and as usual, we saw one of those Sxxxxxx people and Max started complaining. "Wah lau, these people ah.. really ah.. don't know why they drive like that.." And the he paused before he got more vulgar because Ace was in the.

"Aiyoh, Papa buay tahan (cannot stand it) ah..." Ace commented when he heard that.

"What about Ace. Ace buay tahan or not?" I asked Ace.

"No,"Ace shook his head. "Only Papa buay tahan..."

Looks like he understands the meaning of this phrase... but I wonder where he learnt it from...
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Monday, December 15, 2008


Milk time (at night) is a very important time to Ace.

It is like part of his life routine that he cannot skip. I think in the 3.5 years of his life on earth, he probably only skipped milk like 3 times... when he was soooooo tired he just zonked out. Most of the time, even if he fell asleep, he would wake MUCH LATER to ask for the milk you "owe" him.

The other day, the milk supply at Popo's house ran low and so I told Ace that I packed some milk into his school bag. "Remember to pass to Popo. There is no more milk in Popo's house.. Mummy packed some for you to bring over so that you will have milk to drink at Popo's house."

After school, we sent him over to Waipo's house and because I was afraid I would forget, I immediately took out the milk powder, left it on the shelf and then went to pack other things.

"Mummy, mummy!" Ace kept calling out to me, looking very distraught.

"Mummy, where is my milk???!!! Where is my milk??!!" he kept asking me...

I held his hand, brought him to the kitchen and pointed out his milk powder to him. "There it is.. tonight you will have milk..."

Like a lightbulb, his face lit up instantly into a happy smile. "Yeah! I got milk! Yeah yeah yeah!"

Not only is Ace very particular about his milk time, he is also very particular about the type of milk he is served.

There was once I did not give him a full bottle of milk because he ate alot of things that night.

(That's how BIG he wants his milk...)
He did not protest when I gave him the milk. But for the next 3 months, every night when I am making milk, he will come into the kitchen and remind me. "Mummy, I want big big milk. I want 多多,我不要少少..."

And then he will come and inspect the level of milk in the milk bottle. It has to be full to the brim before it passes it's inspection and if it is not enough, he will remind you that he wants BIG BIG milk.. and if I ignore, he will start to make noise and throw tantrum. So, I just add water to the level he is satisfied with.

The other day he was coughing and so Nainai made some homemade remedy for cough for him. It was a sweet tasting drink that tasted a little bit like barley. Because he already ate alot of things, I felt it would be too much to drink both the cough remedy and his milk and i combined them both together.

He did not protest and went on to drink it.

But afterward, the INSPECTOR COMES and reminds me every night when I am making milk. "Mummy, 我不要凉水的milk. I want big big milk..."

It's been weeks BUT he is STILL reminding me... sigh... Dunno if it is because he has good memory or he thinks I have SUPER POOR memory.

Anyway, on the subject of memory, Daddy bought Ace a water squirter and then from then on, for the next one week, every day when he wakes up in the morning, he will hold on to the toy and tell me, "I don't want to go to school. I want to go swimming. I want to play with my toy..."

EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL! Luckily, Daddy brought him swimming that day and he finally STOPPED bugging me about it :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Robot Boy

Ace has a FAVOURITE t-shirt now..

It's a green t-shirt that says 'ROBOT BOY' at the back with a robot body on the shirt..

Everytime the shirt is washed and dried, Ace wants to wear it immediately. So the shirt ends up in the washer the next day again...

The other day, Ace was playing in his favourite t-shirt and struck by a stroke of brilliance, he put the pear holder on his head and told me, "Mama, look! I am a house!"

Actually Master Eric said Ace is NOT supposed to wear green because that is his MONEY. But for children with too much money element in their life when they are young, they will end up too smart for their own good... so he says we have to avoid letting him wear green and to encourage him to study hard so that he does not take his intellect and gifts for granted.

But leh, kinderland uniform is GREEN!

Ace's favourite colour is GREEN!

So.. boh pian lor! hahaha....
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hotel Stay

When Max was in Bahrain, he promised Ace that when he comes back, he will bring Ace for a hotel stay...
And so we went for a stay in Merchant Court hotel for two nights... one night with Ace and one night alone...

Well, my son is good lor, the moment he reached the hotel, he managed to find all the things I din even notice was in the room like the breakfast slips, the bible, etc...
Anyway, it was quite tough for us because we had to think of what games to play with Ace to entertain him. Other than swimming and taking naps, we had to come up with creative ways to entertain him like getting him to do some 'homework', asking Ace to massage us, throwing our beach ball around in the very small hotel room and of cos.. FEEDING HIM FOOD! :)
Nevertheless, it was alot of fun for all three of us ;)

You can see more pictures HERE.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

What I Want To Be?

While going out for dinner with Max, he told me that Ace told him in the car on the way home from school, that he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

"Really ah? How come he wants to be a doctor?"I asked Max.

"I asked him the same question too. He said he wants to help people when he grows up..."

Wah, I was impressed and was thinking that the teachers in his school have done quite a good job.

But that was not the end of the story. Max went on to ask Ace about the hotels that he said he wanted to build. "So you want to be a doctor... or do you want to build hotels?" Max asked Ace.

"Mmm..."Ace paused to think. After about a minute of deep, hard thinking, he declares. "I want to build hotel. I want to build big big hotels!"

Turned out that when we were in Suntec over the weekend, Daddy asked him if he would like to grow up and build buildings like these for sale... and he remembered the conversation they had..

Alas, that is still NOT the end of the story. After our dinner and our appointment, we went to Popo's house to fetch Ace. I went up to pick him up while Max waited for us in the car.

"I heard you wanted to be a doctor, Ace... Why do you want to be a doctor?" I asked him. "Erm.. because I want to POKE the playdoh..."

Oh, but I thought you wanted to help people? "No, I want to poke poke 打针the play doh.."

What about the hotels you wanted to build? You want to build hotels or you want to become a doctor?

"I want to become doctor..." he replied.. the lift door opens and we saw a cat walking past. "I become doctor and then I poke the cat and 打针 and then the cat dies. Eht (sound of dying)..."

"Ace, if you want to be a doctor, your job is to save lives the very best you can, not to poke them with needles and make them die..." I told him...

Since children and what they do are a projection of our sub conscious mind, I guess me and max have very different ideas about these occupations.. hahahaha ;)

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

JJ Lin's Youngest Fan

Nowadays, when Ace sees JJ Lin Junjie on TV, he will shout, "JJ! JJ Lin JUNJIE!" just like a true blue fan.
Even if he heard JJ's lastest song on radio, when I asked him, "Who is singing?" He would say "JJ!"

Well, he really was quite an accidental fan...

When we brought him the other day to the book fair, we had wanted to catch Nanoboy. But we hanged around for a while after that for a while and because JJ Lin Junjie was up next, the MC kept talking about JJ and told the crowd. "I will count to three and you shout together with me.. 1, 2, 3.."

"JJ林俊杰我爱你!" Wait a minute, that was my son shouting!

And so he became a JJ Lin fan.

In the evening while we were watching TV, he saw JJ again and repeated "JJ! JJ Lin JUNJIE!" like a crazy fan...


Daddy doesn't quite like it that his son is a fan of a singer. But well, I told Ace that JJ is a very talented artiste who writes beautiful songs and sing well. He makes people happy with his songs.. "Next time when you grow up, you can also choose to be like JJ and help to inspire alot of people and make alot of people happy through your dance or songs.."

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Long, long, ago when me and Max were just lovers, we would sit down in one dark corner of a certain park in Singapore and fantasize about our life together in the future....

In our fantasy, sport fanatic daddy Max will take on the role of teaching our future children how to do boyish, sporty stuff like playing soccer, basketball, badminton and running while the arty farty creative mummy Angel would teach them stuff like how to enjoy a good book, a good movie, a good piece of literature and maybe, just maybe, how to dance:) Mummy Angel will never ever need to do any sports and will be contented just to lead a peaceful, quiet and sedentary life.

You see, we have our reasoning behind this particular arrangement. My hubby Max is a very sporty person and being so, he has always wanted to get a girlfriend and a wife who is sporty and shared his passion for sports like him. Somehow, by a twist of fate, he ended up marrying a wife who is labelled "the most unsporty person on the universe".

Actually, it ain't that I dislike sports. After all, when I was in primary school, I was a softball player. I represented my class in track and field and shot putt, I joined badminton competitions and I even have some medals to show for it. Secondary school saw me training with the school badminton team for a while and I even enjoyed an occasional run round the track during my weekly physical education lessons in JC and I do enjoy sweating it out.

But because I didn't really have any friends who were very much into sports and mainly because I had a negative belief that I had POOR APTITUDE in sports (no matter how hard I trained in my various sports attempts, I always ended up warming the bench even though I was the one who went to all the practices and other people only came when they felt like it), I just didn't really get into it.

And like a vicious cycle, the less sports I did, the more weight I put on.

But it finally got too much for me and I decided to lose some weight. I lost 15kg in 2 months and met the love of my life who turned out to be a sports fanatic.

That gave me some motivation to start doing sports again. One: to impress the very sporty boyfriend of mine.. and two: to keep myself in tip top shape...

We started to go running together, I would watch him play soccer, we went to learn how to dance hip hop together, we played badminton together, we would go hiking (there was once we walked all the way from Bedok Jetty all the way to Tanjung Rhu) and right before our wedding, we even went to the gym together!

Alas, those sporty moments were but short lived :)

Shortly after our wedding, I became pregnant. Sports then became but a distant memory for me. We acquired a car and I even lost the need to talk to and fro from bus stops and MRT stations.

Once Ace was born, I started to be a little bit more 'active'. Other than the daily "exercise regiment" of mopping the floor, washing the dishes and washing the clothes, the one that burnt the most amount of calories was probably just carrying the baby around!

When Ace grew older, we started to act out our fantasy and Max started teaching Ace how to play ball, play badminton and how to swim. My only involvement in these somewhat sporty arrangements was to carry my 120gm camera to take pics of them enjoying themselves.

The side effect of this though was that I found it difficult to shed off post baby fat. Despite using many different ways to diet, detox away my extra weight, I was just not eating little enough and exercising enough to maintain a trim, slim figure. I had no choice but to admit it was time to shape up and start doing something sporty.

I started thinking that maybe it was time to get out of my sedentary lifestyle and start a more active lifestyle.

I started thinking about planning to go for some dance classes like aerobics or hip hop. I started searching for gym kakis and a gym membership. I even did one or two trial classes for Bollywood dance and yoga and invested in an exercise machine.

Time flies though. Now that my son is 3.5 years old, the only part that seemed to get any exercise at all is my brain.. which just keeps thinking and (ONLY) thinking about when to start exercising:) My exercise machine just collects dust in one corner of the living room. The only person who tries to use it is my son.

Inspired by the Nuffnang project to write about an unforgettable sports experience with my family or friends (I want to win that Ipod Nano!), I looked through all my photos in the past 3.5 years and realized that in the past few years, the only sport our whole family ever did together was a hiking trip on the Southern Ridge Tree Top Walk.

My very sporty female friend, Mag, who is in her late forties got me and a whole bunch of us friends from the Lions Club to go on a trekking trip walking through the tree tops from Henderson all the way to the Hort Park and back.

When I realized how long the journey was, I really regretted agreeing to her invitation. Just 200 meters into the walk, I already felt like dying. I really cannot understand how she can actually do this three times a week.

However, as we trekked along while I shared an umbrella with my mum because it was drizzling, I started to enjoy the experience.

The cool breeze and the smell of fresh air was indeed a refreshing change. I cannot remember when was the last time our family did something so sporty together.

That was probably the first and ONLY time that whole whole family (including my son, hubby, sister, mother) attempted a sports activity together!

But boy was the trek a tough one for me. Being out of action for a few good years meant I had ZERO STAMINA. But it felt good to be able to get my adrenaline pumping and to get all sweaty. It even felt good to feel that familiar aching feeling on my calfs. The self delusional thought that my fats must be melting and disapatting somewhere into the thin air in this TOUGH exercise added much joy to the process as well.

When I finally completed the whole trek and ran past the finishing line hand in hand with my son, words really could not describe the immense amount of satisfaction that I had!

Inspired, I signed up with another group of friends for the Women's Day Out and did a one hour dance lesson and another one hour yoga lesson back to back. I sweared I lost 2kg just by sweating that day! Though tired, the feeling was very shiok:)

As per in my fantasy with Max, my son still goes to his Dad when he wants his badminton, soccer or swimming lesson and he comes to me when he is keen to look for company to do things like reading or singing and dancing. The only difference is that I try to lead a less sedentary lifestyle by adding some workouts and some sport in my life and the upside of this is that I seem to be able to hold my weight down much better:)

Now, I am going into the website to find some fun sports to get me started on some fit and fun activities. Looking at my old photos has also made me ambitious about wanting to go back to my size 8 figure.... Of course, I am secretly hoping that with my new found zeal for sports, I can inspire Ace to be sporty and active instead becoming to a computer or PSP addict in future.

Anyway, looking for sports kakis now.. I am keen to do some sport related to dancing or aerobics. Anyone keen to take up the offer?:)

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Police Catch Mummy!

I am pleased to announce that all the lessons about occupations in school have not been in vain because at the very least, Ace understands the 'work' of a policeman.

The other day, Ace was talking to himself and he sounded like he was telling a story. I caught the words, "And the policeman catch him!" and so I asked him who did the policeman catch.

"Policeman catch 坏人!"

When I asked him why, he told me it is because "he is a naughty boy..."

I told him that policemen catch people who commit crime.

Anyway, the other day, he was suppose to change into a shirt with sleeves and go toilet and pee before he took his nap but he kept running around and trying to avoid doing all these and so I took his bolster and told him that I would keep his bolster unless he went to the toilet to pee and unless he changed out of his sleeveless shirt.

He put his hand on his ears and had the following conversation with his imaginary policeman friend, "Hello, police, you come and catch mummy.. ok, bye bye..."

I asked him why he asked the police to come and catch me and he said, "Mummy is a naughty boy. Mummy 拿我的抱枕..."

Later in the day, I showed him the packet of NDP stuff that Stanley got someone to send over for Ace. "Ace, Net net give you a surprise leh.. this is a present from net net..."

And he asked me, "Mummy, why Net Net buy me a surprise present? Is it because Net net love me?"

"Yes, Ace, Net net and Ah Yee love you very much..."

And then he took all the things in the bag out to play... he found this magnetic bookmark and told me, "It's a phone, can call police!"

And proceeded to call Police to catch Papa, Mama, Gonggong, Waipo, Laoma, Yeye, Nai Nai, etc...

PS: I asked his teacher if they taught him this. Teacher Toh says he probably picked this up from his peers because even though they learnt occupation this term, they did not teach them about policemen. I am proud to announce though that Ace can name doctors, firemen, etc in CHINESE :)

PPS: Yday night, Ace wanted to drink milk and asked me to make milk for him. I said to wait a while first and we started horsing around with Daddy. Daddy took away his bolster and Ace took his imaginary phone to call police to "catch papa.."

"Ok, now you catch mama..." Max told him. "Nooooo.... cannot catch mama.. Mama is a girl... and mama is good girl.. she make milk for me...."

We laughed until we were bent over...

But right after he finished his milk. "Hello, police? Come and catch mama, ok? Bye bye!"

So much for gratitude....

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