Monday, December 31, 2007

Teacher Ace

I admit. I have been rather lax and lazy in teaching Ace and revising his Shichida stuff with him...

But that doesn't faze my son in his quest to learning! ;) And I am really proud of him.... hahaha...

The other day, he ran to me and told me, "Mummy, teacher ivy... lessons..." Which just meant he wanted to do his lessons. As I was busy with something, I told him I would do it later with him.

So he ran into the room.. opened the cupboard, dragged everything out himself and started flashing the flashcards at himself as he recited various random words...

Dam funny I tell you! Hahaha...

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ace's Visit to the ZOO

We brought Ace to the ZOO the other day ;)

Initially I thought he would be afraid of the animals but he turned out enjoying himself quite a bit ;)

And he was really funny. He kept wanting to drink cold drinks when he saw the drink stalls and so whenever he saw them, he will say, "He shui, he shui!"

And then drag us towards the stores. I told him that if he was a good boy and finished his KV6 water, we would buy him a drink after that.

But he refused to drink his plain water and just wanted to 'he shui'.

Eventually, much to my dismay, Daddy gave in to him and bought a ribena...

After that, we went to look at the tigers and Ace kept looking at that packet of ribena... "Papa... ribena... papa... ribena..." he repeated and repeated...

"Hiya, he got no mood to see tigers lah.. he wants to drink his ribena..." I told Daddy and so Daddy told him, "Ace, you want to drink water? You go and pose with the tiger first and xiao xiao ok?"

And while it was so tough to get him to look into the camera previously, he ran over to the tiger playcard.. stood beside it, smiled and POSED for a photo! Amazing.. the things he can do to get his food and drinks.. hahahaha...

After his ribena drink, this little boy was very much recharged.. instead of looking half dead when he was walking around, he walked quickly and everything he saw, he exclaimed, "WAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!"

But too bad we didn't have enough time to let him play at the animal farm... think after me comes back from India, me will bring him there again :)

You can view the pics of our trip here :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fast One

The other day, Ace came to me and started lots of gibberish about eating ICE CREAM again.

I told him, "Daddy is back already.. you go and tell him when he comes back ok?"

And so when Daddy came home that day, I asked Ace, "Ace, dun you have something to tell Daddy?"

So he ran to the door and shouted to Daddy before Daddy even had a chance to open the door and come in.

"Daddy! Ice Cream!"

"Ok Ace, but how come the house is so messy? (World War 3 just took place when Ace threw all his toys around the living room) If you pack it up, then I will give you ice cream, ok?"

Daddy walked into his room to put his bag down. I walked into the kitchen to put a plate in the sink. When we both came back to the living room like 30 seconds later, we got a shock of our lives.

"All packed already.." my mum told me.

Wah lau.. anything for Ice Cream this boy...

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Director Ace...

Ace showing off his lesser known talent.. videography.. haha ;)

Assistant director of cinematography: Kev
Toddler: Ace
Beautiful lady: Evon Ganma

PS: I will be off to India for 12 days and this blog will be resting meanwhile.

Will update you guys when I come back! ;)

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tantrum Ace

This is how Ace looked like when he is crying to get what he wants... both amusing and annoying...

I just treat it as a phase he is going through. At least he stops when you distract him or reason with him.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I don't remember whether I was fascinated by storerooms when i was young.

But Ace SURE is VERY fascinated by them.

For the past few days, he has been bugging me to open the storeroom door for him.

No matter where I am, what I am doing, he will run to me, hold my hand, pull me towards the storeroom and tell me, "Mama, open..."

Because we are so afraid he will go in climb here and there and fall down, we locked the door.

"Cannot leh, Ace, it is locked.." I tell him and demo to him that no matter how I turn, the knob cannot turn.

And then he runs to the Gohonzon table, takes out a key and say, "Suo shi..." and then tries to put the key into the keyhole. If he cannot do it, he asks me to do it.

Anyway, the ending is that I will tell him that I cannot open the storeroom for him and then he will cry, roll on the ground and look so sad. If he repeats this stunt too many times, I will ignore him..

Until the point I cannot take his NOISE anymore, I will try to use something else to distract him and then tell him that crying does not solve matters... and sometimes we cannot always get what we want.

The other day, he made me really angry.

I opened the storeroom 3,4 times for him and each time took out a different toy to play with him.

We played together for about 1 hour plus and then I told him we had to keep our toys... and he happily helped me keep all the toys.

Just as I locked the door though, he started to do the stunt of crying and asking me to open again. And then he cried and rolled on the floor.

So I pretended to be like him and cried and rolled on the floor... seeing me do that agitated him furthur and he came and hit me all over...

I held his hands tight and scolded him..."Ace, are you beating mummy? Are you a good boy? Do good boys beat their mothers? You were crying what, I am just learning from you.. crying to show you how you look like... If you don't like me to cry, I also don't like you to cry. Ok? I already played with you and opened the storeroom a few times today. That is all. If you want to play, we play tommorrow."

"Mama angry..." he said.

"Yes, I am angry.. do you know why? Because Ace keeps crying over nothing. If you are sad, I will let you cry and cuddle you. Now you are crying to get your way and that is not right. So mama is angry. So will you stop now? Ok?"


"And for beating people, you have to stand in the corner for 1 minute."

And 5 minutes later, he forgot every single word I said and started crying again.. "Ace!" And I sat on the sofa and fold my arms.

"Mama angry..." he immediately quieten down.

"Yes, I am angry.. do you know why? Because Ace keeps crying over nothing. If you are sad, I will let you cry and cuddle you. Now you are crying to get your way and that is not right. So mama is angry. So will you stop now? Ok?"

And 5 minutes later, he forgot every single word I said and started crying again..

This time I got really angry and folded my arms and said nothing.

"Mama angry..."

I ignored him.

And then he tried to act cute and come and grin and tilt his head to make me laugh.

And still I kept quiet...

Then after a while, I told him in a quiet, quivering voice (cos i was feelings lots of emotions).

"Ace, whatever you want, Mama do my best to give you. Be it a toy, or food.. whatever you want, I already do my best. But sometimes mama cannot give everything that you want. I already give you all my heart and my love... can you appreciate that or not?"

"Appreciate" he said...

And viola! No more crying for the storeroom.. phew...

So I guess when you tell your kids what you really feel. They do understand you know ;)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I think Ace has some form of addiction.

He is addicted to Barney the dino.... siao one.. how can someone watch the same barney disc one thousand times and still want to watch it the next day, the day after next, the day after next and the day after next?

It almost feels as if that if you gave him barney and some food, he can survive anywhere in the world. And he very eh sai one lor.. still know how to go and get KIKO baby mat to sit on when he watches his barney...

And if you did not let him watch BARNEY? He would cry, roll on the floor and make a big fuss.

If I did not know better, I would think "Oh, all kids are like that..."

But I do know better.. haha... after so many POV courses, I SHOULD know better...

Addictions prevent abundance.

There are many different types of addictions. Eg, romance addiction (everytime looking for a new partner), addictions to the internet, new toys, gambling, sex, etc etc etc...

Addictions are a way of stopping us from feeling very good.

Addictions usually stem from the fact that we feel that we are bad and so we fear feeling too good.

As a result, we indulge in an addiction that gives us a temporary feel of being good and well but in actual fact stops us from moving forward.

Mostly, people who who have a fear of feeling their feelings (eg, afraid of being alone) will start to develop some form of addictions.

Therefore, addictions are a waste of time and an obstacle towards real abundance.

I think I should ask myself what my addiction is towards at this moment because if Ace is showing this behaviour, it means it is in me as well... hmmm... I think I am addicted to the PC... Ok, after this BLOG post, I should STOP WRITING.. muahahaha....

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Monday, December 24, 2007

My Space

Well, Popo bought a new cupboard some time back and allocated one part of it to keeping Ace's stuff.

Ace now recognizes that cupboard as HIS and always tries to open to take things out.

Poor popo has been packing after him everyday because everyday, he would open the cupboard N times and then he will take out all the flashcards and lay them in a pattern on the floor.

She would keep them and he would take them out again...

She would keep them and he would take them out again...

She would keep them and he would take them out again...

She would keep them and he would take them out again...

Poor Popo...

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


I think Ace loves books.

I suspect when he grows up, he will love reading as well. That's because I have exposed him to reading since young and he often sees Popo reading as well. Sometimes, he gets to see me read as well (sometimes cos most of the time, I only get to read when he SLEEPS)

We went to the library the other day and he borrowed some books to read. He loved them and would sit down and anyhow read aloud to himself.. hahaha ;)

IN addition to reading books, he has also taken to ARRANGING them like some display artpiece ;) haha... artistic right?
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bug Fighters

We have been bug fighting...

Since dunno when, our house started to be infested with BEDBUGS. They are the worst sort of bugs you want to see in your house.

We tried spraying those anti bug liquids on them... but they still dun leave.

We tried STEAMING them with the IEcology that I have (I never felt better about this 'purchase' cos I got it using vouchers i won at the Most Beautiful Mum To Be contest and never really appreciated it cos i think it is too clumsy and too mafan to use...) BUT they still survived.

Our last resort.. LIVE BAIT.... My mum is now so sensitive that she will wake up in the middle of the night and kill 10-20 bugs one shot.

My room is the only one that is considered quite 'safe'. I dunno is it because it is difficult for them to travel so far or because I PRAYED for them to LEAVE ME ALONE.

But leh, me still kenna bitten lah...

Ace also..


We were working hard steaming and vacuming all our stuff and Ace is the only one who dam bloody boh chap.. still play ball and jump all over the mattress.. hahaha...

PS: They have since died.... yeap.. all thanks to Net Net who got his bug fighting fren to fumigate our whole house.. and since then, wonderful nights of peaceful sleep and no more scars!

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Friday, December 21, 2007


Ace held his own mini concert as he sang and played the organ...

Only one problem..

No one could make out what he was singing.. HAHAHA....

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

You thought I can't get it?

We thought putting the phone up real high will make it safe...

How wrong we were... hahahahaa....

PS: Other than using it as a chair, Ace has been using this as a learning tool.. the other day.. he was looking through a pamphlet and then he pointed to the OSIM logo and told Daddy, "Daddy, OSIM!" We thought we heard wrongly and so I asked him, "can you show mummy where is the OSIM?" And so he pointed to the logo again and said, "OSIM." I wonder where he learnt tat from! My mum says it is all thanks to the TV ads.. hahaha...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thomas Train

Ace loves Thomas the Train and his friends.

Ever since he discovered Thomas the train when Ganma Karen bought him a Thomas the Train book, he has been fascinated with trains.

The other day, when Ah Yee and Net Net brought him shopping, Ah Yee said he stopped at the Barney area and played with the barney toys for a while but when he came to the Thomas Train section, he just stopped there for a good 15 mins and refused to move.

In the end, Ah Yee got moved by his persistence and bought him a Thomas the train toy...

On top of that, whenever he sees the MRT, he will tell me, "Mummy! Thomas train!" And then I will tell him, "It is an MRT Ace..." and he will repeat "MRT.." But the next time he saw an MRT, he would still call out, "Thomas train!"

I also don't understand why he likes the train so much.

The funniest thing is that the other day, he climbed up the chair to look out of the window. And then he shouted very excitedly, "Mummy! Thomas Train!" As the room was just facing another block of flats, I wondered why he said that..

When I went to the window, this was wat he saw!

Hahahahaa..... does look a little like thomas's friend, Percy who is green.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Mac Donald

Well, after hearing Mac Donald 10 000 times a day.. i guess it finally got into my sub conscious mind. So I finally brought him there. Isn't my son clever?

How not to bring him right?

When he is free, he will say something like, "fhodsafhsaldfhdshf;dsaihfldshfdsof.. mac donald.."

If not, he will sit down there and slowly count..
"Papa, mac donald.."
"Mama, mac donald.."
"Ace, mac donald.."
"Waigong, mac donald.."
"Waipo, mac donald.."
"Ah Yee, mac donald.."

If not, he will answer any question that you ask him with only one answer "MAC DONALD!"

Better still, he combines it with his favourite Barney song and sings, "mac donald, mac donald, mac donald..." to the I love you song in the Barney VCD.

I hear already also dunno whether to laugh or to cry.

Anyway, decided to bring him there and we had a great time. Mostly cos there was this very friendly boy who came over to play with him.

I had such a great time that I decided to bring Ace to the library... that was a bad choice though cos after being seated in his chair for so long, Ace just wanted to run around in the library.. I literally had to drag him crying and screaming out of the children's section in the library. He only quietened down when he realized alot of people were looking at him.

The most amazing thing is tat because I was juicing, he alone finished one cup of milo, one cup of corn and a meatless cheeseburger! And still he was hungry when he reached home! Hahaha...

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chao Barbie!

When Ace was born, my father in law liked to say he is a CHAO BARBIE.

I don't know much malay. But I know chao is smelly and barbie means pig. So I was really angry that my in law called my baobei smelly pig.

In the end, my mother explained that it is an affectionate term that the older generation use because the person that is being called Chao Barbie is very adorable and likable.

Over the years, I got used to it.

And then all of a sudden, my son started to use it! Initially I found it funny... that is, until I brought him to Mac Donald as promised and when he was playing with this malay boy, he started to shout, "Chao barbie!" and laughed very happily.

Heng ah.. the boy is only 8 years old and because Ace is very young and I had no reaction. He probably thought he heard wrongly.

I later found out that it is because while Ace was at in law's place, ji pek went to visit and played with him, called him chao barbie and then they would laugh together.

So now whenever he feels very happy and likes something very much, he would say, "Chao barbie..." and laugh very heartily.

Haha.. I also dunno how to break this habit or how to explain to him that it is rude. Just how to explain rudeness to a two year old? Hmmm....

PS: Happy Birthday, Ah Yee!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Haha.. it really amazes me how a small kid who is only two can come up with such intricate games..

Just the other day, Ace took out his building blocks IQ puzzle and started doing something strange. He took out all the IQ questions, put them on the cupboard, used a clapper to hit on it (as if hitting a nail into something or trying to hang a painting) and after that, he placed them in one straight row.

And then, he started placing the blocks in a particular order on the floor. I was fascinated and when I accidentally knocked over a block when I walked over, he got upset and told me, "No!" And pointed at me angrily.

So I had to put it back to where it belonged and then he looked happy.

Another day, he found this whole roll of ten cents coin and proceeded to tear away the packaging, and take them out one by one and slot them into the whole between the drawer and the gohonzon table...
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Moustache Ace

That's how Ace looks like when he tries to eat noodles by himself..

Look like lao ah pek with beard or not? Hahahaha....

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monkey Ace

Well, forget about child proofing your house.

No matter how hard you try, your smart little monkies just outsmarts you.

Despite all that we do, Ace just likes to climb up and down furniture.

No one taught him this but he has finally understood that" if it is too high for me to climb, I just get a stool."

The other day, he was feeling bored and trying to conquer Mount Iron-Door-Grill.. he tried for a few times, ran to get more mountain climbing 'gear' AKA a STOOL, stepped on it and effortlessly stood on the grill.

I am king of the world!

Haha... Happy like he conquered Mt Everest like that...

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dirty Is Fun!

Hahaha.. Ok, lazy and dirty mummies do have dirty babies..

While feeding Ace, he accidentally pushed me and I accidentally dropped some food on his feet. For some unknown reason, he was really happy about this and laughed non stop and even tried to shake his leg to let the food fly all over! Hahaha...

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ganma's Visit

Ganma Evon made way from Malaysia to SG to visit Ace with Uncle Kev again ;)

But because they havent met each other in a long while, it took Ace a little while to warm up to her again. However, Ace still called "GANMA EVON!" very loudly.. so I think he must have melted her heart ;)

Uncle Kev caught Ace's heart by playing the knocking head game and then they told me that the way to get a baby to like you is to imitate their actions. Then they will think you understand them.

And Ganma also bought Ace a shirt while touring Bali. "Mei mei!" Ace told me the moment he saw it and immediately wanted to put it on. "Chuan chuan!" He said and then HE PUT ON THE PANTS BY HIMSELF! I didn't know he knows how to wear pants! Hahaha..

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Swimming Again!

I brought Ace swimming again...

This time round, two very interesting things happened.

1) I dropped my shoe...
Well, I wanted to bring Ace to the pool before it hit 11am so that it would not be so warm. The last time we went at 12 noon, we came home alot darker and I prefer to be fairer ;) Hahaha... So I was in a hurry. Just before we left, Waipo said to ask Ace to pee and so I did. But alas, nothing much came out and he told me, "no more..." So we pulled up his pants and walked on.

Halfway through walking there, Ace told me, "Mummy, shee shee..." and he squat down.

"Ace, we are going to reach soon. Grin and bear with it."

So we walked on somemore.

About 150 steps more, "Mummy... shee shee..." And then he squat down again.

"Ace, you can shee shee when we reach the swimming pool ok? Let's walk faster!"

When we walked past the Sepak Takraw Association, Ace squat down and told me he wanted to pee again. "Mummy, toilet.." he said.

"Yeah, there is no toilet here Ace..."

"There... toilet" He said as he pointed to the association building... (Wah, so clever ah! How he knows there is toilet inside?)

"Well, Mummy carry you and we walk quickly to the swimming pool ok?" And so I started carrying him and started walking quickly. Just as I was about the reach the gate of the swimming pool, Ace told me, "Mummy, shoe!"

I thought he might have dropped his shoe and so I looked on the floor. Nothing! And so I presumed he had his shoes on and so I continued to walk. Only when I reached the swimming pool toilet and tried to put him down to pee, I realized that he lost a shoe.

"Oh dear, Ace, your shoe is gone! How ah..."

He looked really dismayed and proceeded to be unable to pee at all.

"Ok Ace, your shoe is somewhere. We will look for it on the way home ok? Since we are here to swim, forget about the shoe and go swimming first ok?"

"OK", he said sadly.

When we reached the pool and looked out into the green grass area outside, I caught sight of his orange crocs.. "Look ace! Your shoe! We go and pick it up later ok?"

And Ace stared forlornly outside.. till he finally saw his shoe. "Shoe! Shoe! Shoe! He said excitedly and finally, he was ready to go into the pool and play.

2) Chat Me Up
Anyway, once we were in the pool, as usual, Ace only wanted to waddle in the first step of the pool. The improvement is that he needed no coercion to go into the pool and walked in to walk around himself and he did not resist putting on his float.

Halfway while walking here and there with Ace, my eye caught a very strange ensemble from the outside carpark. Two grown men with two children. And reminded me of the movie, Three Men and A Baby.. hahaha ;) I wondered if they were gay partners.. haha..

And then I noticed that one of them kept staring at me. The moment he walked into the pool, he started to bio me from far far away.

The two children jumped into the pool and one of the men started taking out the toys that they brought. "Daddy, we go swim le!" And they went swimming as the children's Daddy started applying sunscreen and taking out the toys.

The one who bio me lay down and suntan.

A while later, Mr Ace Chua decided to go and explore OTHER PEOPLE'S TOYS. I told him that if he wants to play, he has to ask permission so in a very meek voice, he said, "Can I play please?" (I taught him to say tat lah) The Daddy said ok and Ace continued to play. Ace also very lucky because the children very gladly shared and just played their own games and left Ace to play with the toys quietly.

After a while, Mr Suntan came over and sat beside me and started chatting me up. "How old is he..." And then he proceeded to tell me how I look like his friend... how he has no girlfriend and no one wants him.. how cute his nephew and nieces are... and finally he asked me, "So is this your son?"

"Yeah!" And I smile sweetly at him. I could see his face was crestfallen! Hahaha.. "I thought since you look so young, you are his ah yee..." And then we proceeded to talk about what I do for a living and what does my husband do...

"I am yellow face woman lah.. stay at home and look after kids one.." I told him. Hahaha...

Anyway, his name is John. Hahaha... I am quite happy lah..means me havent lost my charms mah ;) hahaha..

I told Max about it and Max said I should have asked for John's address so that he can go and tear his door down. Hahaha...

"His built very good leh!" I told Max.
"OOI!" Max retorted.
"I trying to motivate you to train mah...."

Ah Yee always reject when I ask if she could bring Ace swimming. When I told Ah Yee about this and we came to the point about how John is very well built, she said, "Hmm... ok, from now on i volunteer to take Ace swimming!"


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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Grand Evening Out

I promised Daddy I will bring Ace out once a week...

So every week, I will either bring him shopping, bring him somewhere for a meal or bring him swimming...

The other day, since we had nothing much to do at home, me and Ah Yee decided to bring Ace out shopping again! ;)

This time round, we managed to stay outside for a long long while before we returned home and even managed to buy something while Ace had his own share of fun ;) Think Ace had lots of fun too.. cos after shopping (where he managed to find a friend to play with), we went to Mac Donalds for Ice cream and after that , we even went to the playground for some fun ;)

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