Friday, July 31, 2015

Meeting Up With Teacher Ivy

My appeal for iphone 4 cases reminded me and Teacher Ivy that we had planned to meet up.

Teacher Ivy is Ace's Shichida Teacher and she has constantly showered Ace with love through these years. She bought presents for him on his birthday and even bought us gifts before we left for dubai.

And so, we finally arranged and did it and since the last time we saw her was 4-5 years ago, I decided to bring Ace along lah.. so that she can see how tall her student has grown..

Cannot imagine that when we first started going for lessons, Ace looked something like this and now he is so tall liao lor:)

Ace said he is feeling hungry and ordered SO MUCH FOOD! So crazy! Hahahaa..

Well, I guess 我们不认老都不行...

Ace says we can gather again in another 5 years time... hahaha.. But I hope we dun have to wait so long! :)

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Handphone Covers

Some time ago, Ace came to me and complained that the cover of the iPhone4 I passed to him is becoming rather sticky and that parts of it is broken.

And then as the plastic cover got more and more sticky, he started to bug me to buy him a new cover.

But I was unwilling to buy him a cover as I feel this is a super old phone lor. iPhone 4 leh... I bought before I left for Dubai lor... and so I decided to ask on FB if any of my friends had any covers to spare.

I must say many of them responded warmly! Thank you so much!

A few people offered to pass me...

Grace jie jie said she had a few and was happy to donate to Ace. So we met up for a meal and she passed me three lovely covers.

I asked Ace to thank her and he sent her a whatsapp audio saying thank you and exclaiming that "I like them all very much..."

So Grace jie jie teased him and asked him... "Even the pink one?"

And Ace went.. "Erm....."


Then leh, Jez Meinu also messaged me and said she had a bright yellow one that she thinks Ace will love.

She cleaned it up and passed to me and when Ace saw that it was minion yellow, he decided he has to make it minion themed!

Cay gave him a minion towel that came with a label. He cut out the label and pasted the label on the cover using scotch tape.. hahhaha:)

And this is how it looks like now...

Not long after, Ah Yee messaged me and said she bought three covers for him when she saw them at pasar malam.

Ace says the spiderman is really cool and has been using it pretty often these days. As for the green one, he added a STAR WARS sticker and made it a "to be used when I play with Lele" cover because Lele loves Star Wars.. and also cos Lele bought him the policeman handphone strap as birthday present when he visited HK.  hahaha...

Anyway, I think he is an abundant little boy lor:)

I took the chance to remind him that he is actually very loved lor. He says he knows.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lion Dance Part 2

 The lion dance game really bonded the two cousins..

Now, Ace actually will request to go to Popo house and play with his cousin and if we go to a Cayden-less Popo house.. he will sulk.. hahahahaha:)

Other than lion dance, they also play other games.. like tearing this plastic fake cake apart...

Apparently, they will take turns to be Lion Head.. and when Ace is lion head, Cay just follow behind him...

 Even got Meihua Zhen lor!:) hahahahah

Here is a video of them going around the house...

 Now Cay's turn to be Lion Head but as he is shorter, Ace just holds on to tail of the Lion and walk around with him... Apparently the two kids have been playing with the lion so much tat Zeng Popo says it is going to CUI soon.. hahhaah

After a happy game of Lion Dance.. our two friends now love each other so much.. hug here and hug there...

 Feed each other fruits even...

 Ace indulging in one of my favorite activities.. looking for blackheads on Gong gong's back and squeezing the out.. hahaha:)

 That is the two of them singing SUGAR.. giving a mini performance..

You can view their video here...

ONce and again, really have to thank Shirley and Roy for buying Cay this lion dance lor. When me and Ah Yee see the two of them so xiang qin xiang ai... we feel sooooooooooo happy!:) Hope the boys will be so close like we are forever...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The "Useless" Book

I don't know if you remember reading about this "useless book" that Ace was talking about.

He mentioned to me sometime back that his school bookshop is selling a very "useless book" which has a password code lock.. and apparently it is useless because everybody's code is the same...

Anyway. This book looks like this...

And how do I know?

Cos hor, while Ace said his classmates are silly for buying this useless book... he himself bought one!

I only found out because that day I was going through his bag to take out the useless stuff that he does not need.

When I asked him, he confessed finally that he bought this book and only because he had some sort of CLUB and they needed a book to write their secrets in.

After his suicide stint though, I requested to read the book because "I want to know what you are thinking and what is happening to you.."

He said it is merely some information about their club and true enough, when I read it with him, it is full of useless information like the name of their club and list of who is in their club.. (Ok, he called themselves a GANG) and lots of drawings.

While going through the book, he complained to me that his book is very thin now because everytime someone needed a piece of paper, he will tear out a piece and give to them.. hahaha:)

I am just still very surprised tat boys are also fascinated with cute stationary! I always thought this is a girl's thing!:)

Anyway, we walk walk in Smiggles the other day and he is now bugging me to buy him a new smiggles pencil case because the current one is ineffecient.. he is always struggling to take out or keep his pens using the current pencil case.  So he starts doing work slower than others.

I am unsure how the new case... of the following design is any better...
Image result for smiggle pencil cases
He says this means it is easier to take out and put back things...

I must say that the being inefficient somewhat moved me to want to buy for him.. But then I asked him a question- Why should I pay for his pencil case? And then he went.. "Nevermind lah nevermind lah.."

Ok lor. too bad lor:) Then no new pencil case for you if you dun want to keep your cool and negotiate with me... My son may be not too bad in persuasion but is terrible in patience, keeping calm and negotiation! Hahahaha...

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ace Is In The House!

Long long time ago, we bought a CD sound system.

When our dad came to our place, he said it seems very nice and so we bought one for him.

Alas, he did not really use it in the end and the other day, Shushu asked us if we wanted to bring it home. Since Ace is into listening to music now, we thought we can perhaps set it up and let him listen to music while doing homework.

So leh, we asked Ace to clean up the table so that we can set it up..

Once it was set up, Ace was really excited to stay in his room to do homework lor.

As an "opening ceremony"... he closed all the curtains so that his room is dark and lit up the blinking light he made at Maker Faire to create Ace's DJ Counter... hahahaha..

And then he called out to me and asked me to go into his room...

"Look mummy, Ace is in the house!"

Hahahahaha... Funny boy lah this boy...

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ace Teaches Yeye How To Play Online Games

We went to visit Yeye Nainai the other day and maybe all the repeat talks with him about asking him to pay some attention to his grandparents finally went into his head..

He told his grandfather he is going to teach him how to play games on the tablet...

He fiddled with it for a long, long time to find and download games...

ENd up he downloaded this violent game to teach Yeye lor!

Wah lau eh...

End up hor.. he fiddle fiddle.. and ended up he was playing by himself again..

Sigh... I wonder when Ace will grow into the age where he has the maturity and the thinking of how he can connect with his grandparents. Last time when we were young, we will talk to our grandparents.. even if we did not speak their language well, we find things to say and chat about our day. I duno why my son never learnt this skill of mine leh...

And not like I never demo to him. Everytime I visit his gong gong and popo or nainai and yeye, I will sit there and talk to them one lor.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Feels Like Wenzhou Supermarket In Dubai

The other day, a friend of ours posted a picture of some dim sum on FB and I started to have a dim sum craving... So I kept bugging Max to bring me go eat dim sum:) haha..

So Max did some homework, found out that a vegeterian restaurant in chinatown has dimsum and our family happily went there to have dinner.

When we arrived, we found out that they only served dim sum for lunch! What a bummer! So we just ordered food and eat lah. Heng it is not too bad:)

Anyway, we drove past Yu Hua Guo Huo when we were trying to find parking and there was a Korean Sale.. so we thought we will walk over and see see look look when we are done with dinner.

When we arrived and stepped in, I felt almost as if I was back in Dubai!

First storey was all the shoes and clothes... at cheap cheap prices! Feels like outlet mall in dubai.. ONLY thing was tat the sporting goods there looked a little fake.... so Max says he will not buy even though it looks cheap..

And then we walked up to the KOREAN fair and realized it is very sad lor.. very small corner and dun sell much...

 Then Max saw this and told Ace... "Look, this bottle so cute one... can drink from the top!"

Ace very excited and opened it and tried to put near his mouth to do a action of drinking water only to realize later tat it is portable urine bottle! THey even have a special shape for girls too..

So Ace was so upset tat his dad played this prank on him cos he says so dirty.. we assured him this demo definitely has not been used before and I reminded him that he should NEVER NEVER EVER put thing near or into our mouth!

Then leh, we went to the section where they sold art pieces and what nots... very nice to walk around there and we wondered if we will see the goldfish cups our friend posted online the other time and we really found it!

 So pretty right? If you pour water or tea in I tell you, the fish will look alive lor!

Very unfortunately, they are very expensive... these sets are like $200+... so  I guess I have to make do with just looking at them and admiring their photo from time to time.

But what really made me feel like I am back in Dubai is when we walked into the food section, Ifeel like I am back in Wenzhou Supermarket in Dubai! THat was the place we did our marketing every week! All the things sold in that place are so familiar.. familiar snacks, familiar lay out....

I really miss dubai and our life there.. even though I am also very glad to be back:)

The other day though, I was talking to Ace's friend's mum when they were visiting and she was telling me about all the changes happening in Dubai. My takeaway is that even if we did not leave dubai, life will still be maybe different cos many things would have changed too.

Many people we know left.. many things we were familiar with has changed.

So I guess.. as they say, the only thing constant in life is- ChANGE:)

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Goal Setting

And so, the other day, we had some time on hand...while waiting for his tuition..

And so we were seated in Mac Donald and I decided that I will do what I was thinking of doing before Ace's mid year exams but did not get around to doing that..:)

I gave Ace a goal setting class:) hahahahaah.. My friends from WBG will find the picture below.. very very very familiar!:) hahahaha..

Anyway, I gave him a prep talk about goal setting that talks about... what is goal setting.. why we have to do goal setting and how to do goal setting...

After a 30 min discussion, these are some of the goals he says he is going to set..

So we even came up with some strategies he can use!:)

And I even had him sit down and start writing reasons about why he wants to succeed!:) hahahaha..

Alas, a few days later, when his science test was due, our good friend has totally forgotten the goals he set!

Even though I reminded him about them... he said, "Orh...." and then kept walking in and out of his room.

I reminded him that he will have no time to study the next day as his friend is visiting from Dubai and we will be meeting them for dinner.

He said "Orh.." and then went on to watch youtube, walk in and out of the room...

So he did not study for his science test at all.

I asked him if he will score full marks like the goal he set.. he gave a non-committal, "Maybe..."

Sigh... Goal setting massive FAIL!

But hor, I must say he is rather gifted in the area of manifestation.

Just after setting those goals where he listed that he wants to be promoted tothe next class for tennis (because he wants to beat this girl whom he says is very irritating as she kept bossing him around during class and saying he shouldnt do this or do that with every little move he made... till he snapped at her and asked if she can shut up..)

Just doing nothing except attending tennis lessons, he has been promoted as of last week to a slightly higher level class:) hahahaha... so he beat the girl and also got promoted like how he wanted to be.

Perhaps after he sets his goal, he does has his own way and strategies and achieving his goal and that my strategies that are based on my experiences are not really so suitable for him.. haha!

PS: Today, Guitar teacher complained that Ace has not practiced enough.. in his words "He always looks as if he is seeing this piece for the first time.." I reminded ace again and again tat he has to practice.. and also, he set his own goal to improve and pass his exams BUT i dunno wat inside his brain dun click.. my son does not understand tat practice= get better.. no practice means FAIL. Despite my reminding him to practice, he always just walk around the house and play or watch youtube... than do all the things he has to. Kenna a 30 minute long scolding from me because it was the last straw for me as I also got feedback from his school teachers that he has not been putting his heart into completing his homework on time. It is one thing to not have ability but it is quite another not to have heart and show lousy attitude.

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Ace Eats Fish!

Ace eating fish now leh!

No lah.. not a fish fish.. but just a taiyaki- a fish shaped japanese snack:)

When we were in Dubai, Ace really loved the Taiyaki and we often went to 歇脚亭near our house to order bubble tea and Taiyaki...

I was thinking that I will like to get a Taiyaki Pan lah... but hor, always seem to be very expensive and I am not sure what is the quality like...

The other day, someone posted on FB that there is a Isetan limited time sale and there are only 50 sets available for sale.. Instead of $32, the pan is going at $19!!

So I was really excited to get it so that I can make Taiyaki for Ace:)

And..... so I went to poloso Max to drive me all the way there.. hahaha:)

Not bad leh.. marbeled surface one.. I dunno wat difference tat makes lah.. BUT quality is not bad..

First fish still cannot catch the timing... I realized it is better to use low heat and cook for longer time...  And I think it is important to heat the pan up first before pouring the batter in..

A successful one..

Strangely, the nutella that I put inside the fish tasted like bean paste! I read tat nuttela PLUS bean paste is sedap..  going to buy some next time I go NTUC finest:)

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Price Of Showing Off

The other day we went for lunch with one of Ace's classmate...

We decided to go for lunch at this jap italian restaurant cos Ace says he loves the mushroom spag there... so we went lor..

Actually the weekend that just past, we also went to this place and Ace ate the same thing.. he only managed to finish half of it cos he added too much chilli flakes..

You will think someone might learn from this lesson right?

But no.

"Looking cool" is more important...

So when his food arrived, he added alot of the chilli flakes..

"Not spicy meh?" HIs friend asked.. considering whether to put more chilli.>

"It is very spicy.. you better dun put too much if you don't take spicy foods... " I replied.

"But Ace put so much.." his friend said..

And Ace quickly added... "Ya tat is because I eat alot of chilli one. I am crazy one... like my father..."

"Ace, you really sure you want to put and mix so much chilli flakes inside???? Don't you remember what happened last weekend?" I asked him...

He kept insisting that he was okay... and so I let him be..

And this is what happened....

See lah...

Told him already... end up I have to finish the leftovers.. and it was too spicy even for me!

But the kids also very cute.. after finish lunch liao.. said they had alot of homework and took out homework to do... so guai leh..

After his friend, E, left.. I asked Ace why he never learnt his lesson and still added so much chilli flakes... he very honestly replied.. "I was trying to show off to my friend.."

But I reminded him that his friend doesnt eat chilli and will be impressed if he ate little bit. He should test waters first next time. PLUS.. it is actually silly to do things just because he wants to impress others.

Anyway, after guitar.. we "cool down" by eating Llao Llao.

Someone looks "sexy" with chocolate fudge on his lips...

Next time see whether he still dare to show off or not.. hahahha...

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Butterfly Comb

 Since about a few months ago, Ace came home and kept telling me about this really cool thing called the Butterfly Comb. It is like a butterfly knife but with blade replaced with a comb.

But because it is like a weapon, me and Max were reluctant to buy Ace one.

So he made a paper one himself using cardboard.

Not happy that it is not lasting, he wanted to buy one and kept bugging me. But I said no weapons or weapon like things. I asked him why he wanted it since he never comb his hair and he promised he is going to comb everyday from now on.

And then I told him I cannot understand why he wants this comb so much and he says.. because it is COOL. I asked him what is so cool about a comb... And he went, "Aiyah, mummy, you dun understand how a 10 year old boy thinks lah.."

So he changed tactic. He went to ask Popo if she could buy that for him as a birthday present and of cos.. Popo was like going to buy him but Ah Yee reminded her to check with me.

So because I already had that comb conversation with Ace, he earnestly tried to persuade Popo by saying upfront that he will be sure to comb his hair everyday... hahahhaa:) Afterward, Popo asked me why he told her tat.. haha!

Anyway, because he kept bugging me and bugging me... and he is rarely so persistent about something, I gave it more thought.

I was thinking if it is a matter of the more I don't give him, the more he will put his mind and focus on it... so I thought perhaps I will change my tactic...

So I told him that because I saw that he really really really wanted this thing.. I will buy it for him.. but on one condition-- that he writes a 500 word essay about- What Peace Means To Me.

I explained to him that this is:
-  a test to test how badly he wanted it as 500 words is not very short so I know it is tough but then it can show me how much he really wanted this.

- Because it is a weapon like thing.. it is something he thinks of as COOL and is associated with a weapon, I need to know he really knows what is PEACE and the importance of PEACE vs VIOLENCE

Initially he was grumpy but seeing that this is ONE way he can get what he wanted, he decided to start writing and said he is going to write a little bit everyday...

So he wrote a little bit day 1... another little bit day 2.... and stopped for a long long time....

I almost thought he had forgotten the existence of this agreement..

And I am happy of course because it means I get to save money right?:P hahahaha

And then hor, no sound no colour for many many many days...

That is... till we brought him along to meet Uncle Adam as he was visiting Singapore.

While walking in the mall, he saw a booth that sold the butterfly comb and he suddenly remembered his "STRONG" desire for the comb. Hahahahah..

He was so excited and wanted to buy the comb IMMEDIATELY.. till he remembered the agreement!

Then leh, we reached this place that had music and some dart machines and Max asked if Ace wanted to play.. gave him some coins and let him play lor..

 Ace chut alot of funny parttern when he throw dart lor.. 50% of it landed on the floor lor..

 Then he had one tat hit bulls eye..

He came up to me and asked me to look.. and said he got bulls eye hor.. because he was thinking.. Butterfly COMB butterfly COMB... and when he sees the butterfly comb in front of him in his visualization, he will hit BULLS EYE..

And to prove his point.. he pointed to the area he wanted the dart to land.. and then he went back to the point where he is to throw the dart.. and he started putting his hands together in a prayer and repeated, "Butterfly comb, butterfly comb..." and throw..

Not bad wor.. really hit wor:) hahaa..

And then I left him to do his own thing and chatted with our friends lah..

Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by his desire for the butterfly comb and the fact that he cannot get it and he squat down to cry..

 But I am very used to his antics like this and so I let him be.. I reminded him that I promised to buy him and I will if he keep to his end of the promise..

 And so he spent the rest of the evening like this...

Trying to complete his 500 word essay...

And then leh. his dad asked how he is doing and he got upset and said, "500 words leh!" very loudly with a chao bin... and so his dad got upset and screamed at him.. and then he became sad and gave a face and cried... SIGH...

Anyway, when we were alone and he was more cooled down, I explained to Ace that this is our agreement and I understand he was frustrated because this is difficult for him.. however, it was not right for him to shout at his dad.. even though I think his dad was also at fault for shouting at him so loud in public.. but as he is the son, and he should have respected his dad, he should go and say sorry to his dad first..

he said he will do that.. and he really did.. the next day.. Hahaha..

Anyway, when we reached home, he said he will let me read what he has written and that he really cannot come up with ANYTHING else...

I read through liao and told him tat i felt the first part he really used his heart but the second part he never use his heart to write.. he just wanted to get over and done with.. and because I can feel it as I read it with my heart, it defeats the purpose of him writing this and so I asked if he can do it properly using his heart and he said ok..

Here is wat he wrote.. parts in blue he wrote in the first two days and the rest he wrote at the pub..

What I think about peace
I think that peace is something we all need because without peace the economy will collapse,there would be wars,deaths and violent people.But peace is getting destroyed furthermore every second,minute,hour,day well you get the drift and so in conclusion peace is important.

Weapons were made to kill endless amounts of people but if our peace is strong enough weapon would just be used to hunt for food and scare away people who are menaces to society.

I feel that peace is needed for friendships and love because if there is war against the two people they will not be friends or they will not love each other.

Peace should be made between countries no more wars,just love and happiness.

Peace is important to all,if people did not have peace it would mean chaos,there would be lives lost too!

I think many are being affected by peace in different countries and I shall not mention names or should I...........

Anyway I just want everyone to be happy, but there is so much war between different countries,I wonder how the people in those countries are happy?

But wait........... There is a solution to all these wars, just make peace and nobody will be harmed!

What is the point of having all these ridiculous wars, terrorism and conflicts huh?

So we should all be peaceful and be happy yay!!!!!!!!


 As I type this out, Ace has yet to redo this piece.. so does he REALLY REALLY WANT the butterfly comb badly?

Erm.. I shall leave you to decide:) hahaha...


PS: Latest update. He finally redid the essay... his godpa and godma said it was awesome and so I consider that he passed lah.. so I bought him the comb...

Here he is.. posing with his godma and the comb.

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