Saturday, November 04, 2017

Walk For Rice 2017

Took part in the Walk For Rice event again today.

Each round means a donation of 4 bowls of rice to a needy family. Only walked 6 rounds as i had an appt after that. Decided to run the last 7th full round only to find my legs cramping. So i slowed down and still ran as i promised myself to do so and was so glad i finished the round and fulfilled my commitment to myself. 

It's kind of like life i guess. I am not the fastest runner and i may cramp along the way... But I will do a good run, enjoy myself and get to the finishing line; ) Jia you, Peng Yuanru!

Anyway, my sis told me later that Cay was very upset that I did not eat dinner with him after that. Last year, I did this run with Max when Ace was at tennis and afterward, our two families ate together. Being a stickler for routine, my good nephew expected that I should have joined him for dinner. LOL

As a result, he niam and niam and niam whole week to his mother about why I never eat dinner with them so we made arrangements to dinner together soon:)

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