Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trial Robotics Class And Fun With Lele AGAIN:)

Aunty KP told me there is a free trial for a robotics class in suntec and  since Ace was so bored during the holidays, I asked him if he wanted to give it a try. He said OK he wanted to try so I signed him up for a session and brought him there.

Basically it was some sort of trail for a "robotics class membership" where you sign up with a monthly payment and can go as many times as you like. And I guess it is something Ace has tried or done before previously..

But they basically gave them challenges to do.. only thing was that the challenges were a little too easy for ace.

But leh, though I say it seems too easy, he also did not get it on the first try..

After an hour, we were allowed to go inside so they can show us what they have done... Ace was just bz chatting with this ang moh brothers he met there... And I think they liked to talk to him because they kind of clicked. Ace felt at ease as well since it reminded him of his international school experience in HOrizon:)

So anyway, we happen to meet Lele there and so we arranged to meet up after the lesson. Alas, Lele has to finish his homework before he can play and so we waited at the foodcourt at the next table..

So happy that they could finally go to the SKy Garden in suntec to play...

They spent a long time hiding from each other in the nerf gun hide and seek.. I dunno what is so fun about just hiding though.. hahahahah

Anyway, as with any playdate with Lele.. it is ALWAYS FUN!:)

After that, his dad came to pick us and on the way home, we were discussing whether or not to sign up for the robotics class. I told him if I signed him up, he has to go like 4 times a week to make it worthwhile. And given that he was lazy to travel from home to suntec 4 times a week.. and the fact at they said he could not skip the basic classes which he felt he already knew, he said he dun wanna sign up for it. Haha.

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