Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Feb Food

If baikar can cook.. so can you... LOL

THough leg baikar.. still made effort to make good food..

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Lego Movie 2

 Because of my leg, I couldnt bring Ace anywhere so we havent done our mother and son day out for a while..

Today, I told him we can go out.. but to a nearby place for a movei and a meal lah.. cos if not I cannot handle walking too far.. cos my leg is painful..

 Because we watched Lego Movie 1 together...  we decided we will watch 2 together too:) hahaha...

 After the movie, we went to mac donald for a meal..

I am thankful my son is easily satisfied:) ahahahah..

But leh, I think i liked Everything Is Awesome Lego Movie 1 better:)

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Chinese New Year 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Chinese New Year 2019

All in all.. i feel that my fall was a blessing in disguise...

In addition to being reminded of how much love I was surrounded with, I actually got to really rest after a really hectic 2018 where I was bz the whole year trying to fix myself, move house, get divorced, move office....

It also gave me the excuse not to go CNY visiting if I didnt feel like it. I dont mind meeting friends but not yet very keen to be answering alot of questions about why Max is not here, why I am divorced, why I never try harder...

So I made a decision to only visit my mum and join in the CNY celebrations with Peng family.. all other relatives I dont visit but I still gather with friends because they already know and they wont ask me:)

We had a super early reunion dinner cos actual day my sis has to dinner with her in laws..

I put on a red red outfit.. and slowly waddle my way to my mum's house... it was so painful.. but I am glad I could do so ....

 We invited my aunt along and she bought us delicious cookies.. once you start.. you cannot stop! OMG!

On actual EVE... instead of eating alone.. I want to do my Mac Donald thingy with my parents again cos Ace was with his dad and their Chua family..

Since still a reunion dinner mah.. so must wear orange orange.. ahahahaah..

My sis and her family were still there when I played with meimei..

Our dinner! Or what is left of our dinner.. my mum and dad love the prosperity burger so I repeat telecast for them...

THen went home.. becos super boh liao... took many many selfies!

Next morning woke and still went over to my parent's place because CHu YI need to go there and eat the nian gao that my grandma fry... It is TRADITION!

Spent my day 1 doing nothing much.. cos since I am no longer part of the Chua family, I have no one to visit...

Thankful though that after Ace came back from their CNY Day 1 party... he brought along Pig Trotters cos his grandma remembered that i loved them:)

so yums!

Day 2 is usually Peng Family gathering day. It is our tradition to gather on this day and among the many traditions of this day is that we will surely serve rambutan and logan dessert

And in memory of my grandfather, we will play blackjack:)

It is the once in a year time where we get to gather and catch up..

After that leh, will be time to go over to pray respect to Gohonzon...

This year, I told my sis I didnt get to eat love letters.. which are one of my fav snack.. besides kuah bolu and the prawn wrapper...

So she gave me this... lol..

 All in all pretty awesome first few days..

On the 7th day, my colleagues were celebrating CNY in office and though I was still on HL, the ones in changi suggested that I go over to join them and so I did;)

 JCI meinu... hahaha

And the next day, i offiicially went back to work in my jurong office and we had fun gathering.. I even attended a CNY lunch organized by the landlord ...

One of the days, I also attended a CNY party at Growth Vision.. we all recieved an ang pow.. huat ah!

On the last weekend of CNY, our family went for a meal at Haidilao..

And one of our HR directors said she will give us a treat... its yummy black pork kastudon..

And on the last day.. me and the GM's office + Finance girls went to have a good meal together!

We even bought 4D and said if we won, we will buy a plot of land in Sararat's hometown in Thailand and build row of houses and become neighbours:) ahahahaha

All in all, a great new year despite the fall... at any rate, a much better new year than the year before:)

Huat ah!

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