Monday, September 07, 2015

Science Centre Again Part 1

When the school holidays started, I asked Ace if there was anything that he wanted to do...

He said he wanted to go to the science center again... As we had planned on going during the June Holidays but did not manage to make it happen, I agreed to bring him there. I asked Max if he was free and whether he wanted to join us...

Max started to cough (He was actually unwell) and said he is sick lah.. cannot go lah.. this and that..

And Ace said.. "But you very long never go on a full day excursion with our whole family already..."

" Last Sunday I brought you out what, " Max said.

"Yes, but that was not a full day what...."

And Ace assumed close.. and assumed that Daddy will be joining us!:)

Taking a picture on our way the the science centre... too bad it was such a hazy day lor...

Message my friend who worked in the Science Center and he got us free tickets and staff discounts for the various exhibits. Max says he has never been to the Omni Theatre before and so, we decided to go and watch one show too:)

Ace's favorite photo pose in science centre.. hahaha:)

This one is an interesting globe.. it keeps turning and hor, the picture keeps changing an dit feels like it never repeats itself one..

When I looked at the timetable they had, I realized they had some sort of class about heat energy and so we made our way there to the classroom.

They are showing us how the thermal video camera works and explaining some facts about heat..

Notice that the forehead and neck is the hottest? That is why fever time.. always put cold cloths around this area..

The classroom was within this area where they are displaying the science related to defence.. Exactly Max's forte...

We saw this doppler game where you threw a ball and they track the speed of the ball. A doppler is a machine tat can measure the speed of moving objects.. I think not unless what they use in speedcams:) Hahaha.. Apparently they are used

As you can tell, Max is the highest score.. hahaha:)

The boys had fun at this game lor.. and as there were not many around.. they spent a good 5-10 mins throwing balls there...

Look at Ace's expression.. make a guess what he was looking at?

It is some 3D map of Dubai.. can you see Burj Khalifa?:)

Heat camera works on receiving the heat energy.. however, as Ace's body was behind a thick acrylic, the heat energy is trapped behind the acrylic and so leh, only the heat from his head passed through..

THe boys had fun at this station that was designed by some students.. there are these pipes tat blow out air and when you put the ping pong on top, it will float.. and when you move the pipes around and change the direction of the air flow, the balls will go through the pipes and travel all around.. quite fun:)

THis one is another box like thing with a peep hole.. I put my camera next to the peephole to take this picture...
THis is what the box and peephole thing is supposed to show..

Max explaining the uses of the various weapons and how they work to Ace..

Do you know why there is a phone strapped to this bomb? That is cos if you know the number of this phone, you can call the phone and set the bomb off ;)

An example of hos ceramics are stronger than meal...

The ceremic head of a weapon can push through metal lor..

Tinkering around...

We did interesting thing where they show you images and tracked your heart rate...

First they showed you images of taking a roller coaster... a busy city...busy MRT station.. cars moving quickly.. and then slowly they turn to pictures in nature like animals.. plants.. sky...water..

This is the end result... for Ace, his heart rate is up all the way.. he is excited throughout... hahaha.. for me, all the images are not really stressful for me.. the last part it went up cos I was trying to take picture using my phone... Max very happy to declare that his reading is low and that he can take stress well.. hahahaha:)

We tried to play this game where you hit the button when it flashes.. not easy leh.. both the bos were quite slow.. haha ;)

Then it was time to go for the Human Body Experience. If someone told me earlier tat i had to climb in through the mouth and go down a slide etc.. Likely I wouldnt even have bought tickets! hahahaha..

So we climbed up through the mouth and took a slide through the "esophagus" and came to where the lungs were..

Then we explored the cardiovascular system...

It was this room that had blinking lights and lots of balls all around..

And then we explore how our body fights germs!

Welcome to your brain....

We had to squish through the brain..

And we finally also went through the intestines and came up through the anus! hahahaha

After that, we were walking around and we saw this tornado machine... as there was a long queue.. we went to queue while Max sat down one corner to rest. Poor thing.. not feeling well.. plus to him, he finds the science centre quite boring..

We were inside the typhoon simulator and it was so fun lor cos the typhoon was very fast and very cold.. hahahaha..

Then we went to explore this section that was dedicated to a man called Wallace. I have never heard of him before this and I was so surprised to find this man is so important to our small little country..

Alfred Russel Wallace stayed in Singapore and the surrounding countries and collected many speciments and made many records of the insects and animals found in the region that might be lost as a result of urbanization You can read more about him here..

I wonder tis fly so big.. is it a real specimen or a replica.. I would be really frightened to see such a huge bug lor!

Apparently there is a nature trail named after him too..

I am so fascinated with this bug.. cos it is shiny!

Kampong chicken!

So that Wallace guy travelled in the region and even went to Australia.. and listed like which animals are "Australian" and which belongs to the south east asian countries..

How many of these do you know by name?

Feeling boh liao, we went to the section with alot of fishes...... can you see the fish?

Cannot ah. nevermind.. I help you zoom in..


So lucky that we got to see both the top side and the underside of the starfish so clearly cos it was stuck on the glass...

Saw a cute looking puffer fish but too bad it did not puff up..

Looks like they realized I was taking photos and so another fish came and cou re nao:)

Our friend told us there was some sort of robotics comepetition as well and so I wen to take a look cos I thought Ace might be interested. Saw a shop displying some of their robots made with the Lego Mindstorms series... guess what is the inspiration behind this robot?

I was excited at my discovery and went to look for the boys.. to find the relaxing and having ice cream:) haha

After that we went back to look at the robots. can you tell what ist he inspiration behind this one?

There is also a robot that can draw...

And one made to look like a Super Puma...

Ace was not really very interested though and I am glad i did not waste money to send him to those robotics course I thought he might enjoy. hahahaha... He was more interested in this display which is interactive... and when you "load" the cannon... you can shoot it..

Ace was at the exhibit for a long time so meanwhile we take a rest lah.. and Max did his "Wah lau, I am so bored" face... hahaha

Anyway, we still had some time before our omni theatre show.. so we take it as a good chance to rest before we continue on..

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