Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peanutize Me!

 Just for fun, we did up this "family portrait" at Peanutize Me website...

It is a site where you can choose face, mouth, eyes, outfit... and so I made one of myself.. helped Ace make one and made one for Max....

Ace is so happy cos he is in an outfit he will totally wear lor... he loves hoodies and blue army print as well :)

And as for Max, he totally has a similar shirt and pants and would so love orange shoes like these... hahahaha

The other day very boh liao and even made one for my mum..

She chose the outfit and everything herself :) I kid you not tat my mum has this exact outfit and glasses and actually has this hairstyle.. hahahaha..

Hahahahaha... cute hor?:P

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