Saturday, January 02, 2016

Chao Ni De Guo Tiao!

 We have a new, favourite place to dine:) It is Loving Heart at Siglap and Ace's favorite is the
抄你的果条... hahaha.. not that this dish is called this name lah.. just tat it is a nickname we give the dish after this tv character, HOng Meiqiang's favorite phrase:)

 It is very good lor.. if I may say.. even better than non vegeterian ones and also not very oily:)

 We've gone a few times and Ace has always ordered this... so I decided to try too... really nice!:)

 Max's favorite is the laksa:)

 Ace usually drinks the organic cola.. but that day when he tried his dad's Lemon Aloe Vera, he liked it very much too so his dad said no more cola next time we are here:)

On a side note...  that night, we went to nai nai's house for dinner and and nowadays, after dinner, Ace will ask Yeye if he wants to play Blokus... or whether he wants to 聊天 and two of them will go to Yeye's room where Ace will lie on the mattress and Yeye will sit on his bed and the two of them will chat about everything under the sun...

Max says it is cos Yeye's room got air con... I think that is somewhat true but I am still glad he is making an effort to connect with his grandfather:)

On a totally unrelated note.. Look what i found at my mum's place that day... this is one of the first presents that my bestie gave me:)

I took a picture to show her and all these years, I have been wondering why she gave this to me.. and now I have the answer..

When I sent her the picture and asked her if she remembered this, she said that she does and that her dad bought this when he went to china for a work trip and she gave it to me because she feels that it looks so pretty!:) hahahaah

I always thought there is some deeper meaning or wat to it lor:) Hahahaha...

Anyway, those are good memories:) Ace says I should bring this home to display somewhere cos friendships are so important:) haha..

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