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Mastery 2016 In Hawaii: Day 6-Day 9

Day 6 of our workshop starts. Time flies.. first few days I was still feeling like this workshop takes forever and suddenly we are left with just a 5 day workshop:) hahahaha.

Woke up early morning and saw a fireman bringing surfboard to work. I wonder if he is going surf boarding after work at the seaside opposite the firestation after work:)

Today, dropped by at Petrol Kiosk so that A could buy something and WL could top up the petrol for our car..

Today's waves look unusually large... and there is little bit of rain....

Started to rain harder and the mountains looks totally hidden in the clouds...

Today's breakfast was these milk buns and they were absolutely delicious!:)

My buddy, T, suggested that the Asian group can gather for a meal and since we ended early, we decided to all go for a meal at a recommended thai restaurant:) Our classmate A, who is British joined in as well cos she says she is "half asian" given that she is born in HK and has black hair like us:) hahahahaha...

It was our lucky day. The chef seems to have taken fancy to one of our friends and kept offering us this and that.. first they offered a free soup tasting..

He said he will make something special for our party and came back with this cheese thingy... tasted a little like cheese fondue to me:)

The special fishcake and coconut shrimp..

I need to give a special mention to this dish.. this is actually fried meesiam... with even fried beehoon!:) tastes good!:)

Then the lao ban niang took out many of their specials of the day to show us so that we can take photos...

Beef stew lah...

Coconut prawns (which we already ordered)...

Some sort of curry...

Apparently all these dun look like the normal thai food I know!:)

The next dish that the chef prepared for us is this hotplate version of this fish that is very rare but very good and very fresh.. din catch the name. It came with oysters and I think it was so so onli lah ;)

That is the chef... adding his last touch his dish....

Using the same fish, he did this special where there is the fish deep fried.. sides are some dakon stew and it also has a apple chutney made from local apple (extremely tasty!) And taro paste and those yellow things you see are the coverings outside baby corn.. supposed to be crispy.. and have sweet and peppery after taste...

I thought the fish is very fresh and it is such a waste that they deep fried it:) But that is the Chinese in me speaking:) hahaha

All in all, not the usual "Thai" dishes I will order when I eat thai food... where is my pad thai, green curry or even thai fried rice?:) hahahha..

We thought we will order a dessert to share and the chef said he will make us a special one... in the end, he threw like 5 desserts on a surf board and called it a dessert platter.... fat die us lor!:) hahahahaha... but was very nice lah:)

We also ordered roasted coconut drink (very sweet) and they gave us free ice tea. And when they charged us for the wine, our fren said she thought tat was complimentary and they really waived it:)

Time flies and before we know it, it is Day 7 already!:)

Weather is good that day :)

We were given a 3 our lunch break and instead of going to the beach, we decided we shall go eat at cheesecake factory!:)

That meant new scenery along the way...

Drove all the way to Waikiki..... which is like the centre of Oahu where all the touristy shops and beaches are... saw alot of banyan trees here and I wonder why.

Saw this gold car with a sign that says CASH FOR GOLD... and wondered what it is about.. but I was in a car.. so cannot really tell...

Drove past a Bar and Grill that is called Surrender.. but the font used suggested a hellish experience... and I wonder why:) hahahahha

Finally reached our destination. Right next to the Cheesecake Factory, there is a small passage that leads to the beach. Since no chance to go.. take a picture also shiok lah:)

My favorite.... chips with guacamole!)

Caesar Salad with prawns..

Our server for the day, Jen:)

Spaghetti with chicken...

Beef tacos with rice.

I must say tat the mains we ordered to share are not too bad actually:)

But the desserts we ordered were way to sweet for my liking...

The server even added in a thank you note on our receipt:)

I learnt that tipping here in the US is compulsory and they have recomended gratuities... either 15%, 18% or 20%.... but you are generally free to tip however much you like. If we did not like the service, there were times we only tipped 10%.

I thought a 3 hour lunch is enough to walk walk a little after the meal.. alas, it was time to go liao... saw a white pigeon and took a picture cos it looked so cute:)

Drove past this shop that I thought would be nice if i had a chance to go visit:) hahahaa

This is as close as I got to the sea....

Then it is time to go back to the barn.

Something interesting happened on our way home. In our experience, Hawaiians are generally very polite and they are very patient on the road.

While driving back to The Barn, something interesting happened.

There was this young chap in a car and we were trying to filter into his lane. But he was far away and dunno why just when we filtered, he sped up and so almost knocked into us...

Despite us signalling beforehand, he still sped up lor.. and he still thinks it is our fault and he was so angry that he opened the car door, used one hand to hold on to the door, and put the other hand out to show us the middle finger! So dangerous lor! But I saw his face and I think he did not look local... so maybe that is why so aggressive...I can't believe that he will risk his life just to show how unhappy he is though.. I hope he drives safe siah...

Despite the little incident, the good weather, good scenery soothed all of us ;)

We ended surprisingly early today as well and so, we decided to go shopping:)

First stop- Macy's.

Alas, they only sold aunty-looking clothes and din sell toys lor:)

Nothing to buy, so just take photos lor:)

I thought this shirt is quite nice but I din like it that the central figure featured is Darth Vader.. so I gave it a miss.

Saw a really cute bag that has this yellow reciever at the top. Upon closer inspection, I realized that you can plug the reciever into your phone and use it to talk to your frens using your mobile phone! How cool is that?! But coolness comes at a price tag of $99USD.

Then we walked around the mall and I tried to find toys in this party shop... Alas only saw this..

I think Ace might like but is quite ex though..

I then accompanied A around and she bought this set of skin care made from truffles that looks good. The kind sales girl even gave me a free body lotion and  some nail file free.. I gave the body lotion to A lah... cos I have so many that I cannot finish  using at home anyway and since she has the body scrub liao... probably more useful for her to use a lotion of the same series:)

And then we decided to eat Teddy's Burger again:) But we shared one burger amongst 4 of us lah:)

Reached home and did some work on the computer... and then thought that I should really get some sandy feet one of these days. Alas, always failed to wake early as I always sleep at 1 or 2am after chatting with Ace:) I brought the wrong travel adapter and I am glad that my laptop battery lasted just enough for me to get my work done so I get paid on time!:) hahahaa

Woke up the next day LATE! Hahahahaha... but weather was great!:)

Waves looked really big lor..

I will miss this place...

Had coffee for lunch today.. a first for me:) hahahahaha.. and I had never done so much coffee my entire life:) But coffee on a cool day is not too bad:)

Today, our class has a VIP attendee... that is Minty the cat:) She walked around in the class and eventually decided to become 门神 and guard the doorway to our classroom:) That is my buddy, T with Minty. T is a cat lover and she is so happy to be able to take these photos:)

Hahaha... I slotted myself in just before they took the picture.. some of the MEINUs in my class:) I say some of the...cos most of my classmates are very pretty lor;)

We heard that there is this place  called Ross where the things are cheap.. so we decided to go for a full meal at Teddy's and then visit Ross to do some shopping.

While we were at Teddy's we met this really cute family of a mum and her two kids. The girl looked about 7 and the boy maybe slightly younger . They were so friendly and the boy asked us if we spoke Japanese and told us all about their lives:) hahahahaa.... We were chatting about life and they told us that they migrated over here to Hawaii from another part of the US and used to live on the Big Island but are now happy here to be Oahu....

We were looking at this poster that mentioned Sriracha Sauce and I wondered it is... and suddenly...

They got us a sample!:) hahaha.. it tasted like mayo with jalapeneo sauce:)

After the meal, we went to Ross for shopping. Finally found some toys there! woo hoo!:)

Time to go to bed!:)

The next day was a fun day at the workshop. Time always flies when you are having fun. It was P's birthday and so we sang a song and had  a break to eat cake... so happy it is an ice cream cake!:)

After cake, we all started taking whacky pictures:) That is J and S posing after S smeared her chin with cream just for fun:) hahahaha

That is me and Y... Love her so much cos she is like the archetype of a LOVING mother to me lor.. she is always so happy and so loving....

Somehow at night, almost our whole class ended up here for dinner:) We actually made plans seperately but still ended up here together:)

Had a Mangorita... which is a Magarita made using mango:) It's quite nice...

That night, I was seated with Y and K who both did not speak english. So leh, I shared my food with them and acted as interpreter so  everyone could have a conversation. My german classmates told me they were thankful I was there cos they always wanted to chat with Y and K but had no chance and now they could, thanks to me :)

It was a great night and we talked about the movies to watch, S shared about a dream she had that she thought of making into a movie and Y recommended a few movies that was very good. I learnt more about all my classmates and found out one of them is taking voice lessons and writing a book and making a movie... found out another is on a one year break.... and found out yet another is getting married soon and of cos the KPO in me made sure she shared her proposal story with us as well:) hahahahaha

Saw a baby lizard.. so cute lor.. and they said if you touch it you get good luck... Thank you but I will just take a photo:) hahahahaha

The two pics above were pictures the restaurant put up as their decor... my fren H asked me if I was taking cos I dun have a chance to go to the sea to see turtles or ride the waves.... hahahahaha

As you can tell, everyone having hell of a great time!

I think I started to miss everyone a little by then cos tomorrow is last day of work shop liao...

By the time we reached home, it was pretty late already. We chatted a little and went to bed...

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