Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Class Monitor

We had a discussion at the start of the last school year about aspirations to become a student leader.

Ace said he wanted to become a prefect but to become a prefect, he will first have to be a class monitor... He wanted to become a leader of some sort and I guess he is just naturally bossy:) hahaha...

Last year, he was nominated but did not make it as a class monitor but he ended up as a Math Monitor ... To be honest, he did not do much as a math monitor but I think it gave him a boost of confidence to excel in math and develop a passion for it.

Over time, he discovered though, that it is not a great idea to be a prefect.

One of his frens, who was promoted to prefect in P4 said to him that if he had known he will have to go to school early and sacrifice time playing with friends to carry out prefect duty, he would not have wanted to become a prefect.. hahahaaha.. so Ace decided based on that.. that he will just aspire to be a class monitor:) Because... what do you know.. Ace's favourite hobby is PLAY and it is probably the thing that is MOST IMPORTANT in the world to him.

"Plus hor, if I am monitor, then I can write down the names of the people who are naughty and so no one will dare to bully me..." I told him that that is not the main job of a class monitor and that is not a reason to become a class monitor. He should not abuse the power or authority he has as a class monitor.

But leh, he says he will be monitor in P6 cos in P5 if he is monitor, he will be promoted to prefect in P6 and he doesnt want to be prefect. hahahaha... I told him if he is offered to be prefect, he can reject mah.... And so he said he will think about it... Anyway, that was last year when we discussed this...

Yesterday, when he came home, he informed me that his teacher will be selecting monitor the next day. And in order to demonstrate his leadership capabilities and "show up", he helped his teacher to carry books and stuff. "You see my hand now so red.."

I asked if he volunteered to carry the books and he said, "No, is my teacher ask me to carry... Mummy, maybe he asked me cos I have chance to be class monitor!" But I thought it was likely cos Ace is tallest in class and looks like he is the strongest:) haha...

Today, he came home and announced that he is elected as class monitor!:)

When I talked to him about it, he told me that when it was time to select class monitor, he raised his hand and volunteered himself. I asked him if no other boys and girls wanted to be class monitor?

He said, "They wanted to, but I was the only one with the courage to raise my hand and say I want to be class monitor." I am a little surprised at Ace's answer because it told me that he had to pluck up courage to raise his hands and I am really glad that he is confident and found the courage to fight for what he wants:) When I asked him later, he said he took a few minutes to volunteer himself

Apparently, after that, the teacher also asked for nominations and so total, there were 7 names being nominated (including the girls). So everyone can only vote once amongst all the boy nominees (cos they voted once for boy nominees and once for girls as they need to choose class monitor and monitress...)

Ace said that he received 27 votes out of his class of 33 pax who voted and there was one person who got zero votes.

I asked him why will people nominate someone and not vote for him? He said cos there was a boy  who did not want to kenna sabo to be class monitor and so he nominated 4 names but voted  for none of them... cos eventually he voted for Ace:) hahahaha...

Looks like Ace is quite popular:) Hahaha..

Anyway, I hope he will enjoy this experience and will learn and grow from it:)

I saw a marker in Ace's pencil case and asked him what it was.. he said his teacher gave it to him for him to write the names of naughty boys and girls on the whiteboard...

As a result of Ace being monitor, his teacher has requested that he goes to school earlier so that he can help with marking attendance and doing some other things. I asked him what time he wants to reach school and he said, "6.50am like that.." So I told him then he has to go to bed at 8pm instead of 9pm to wake up early enough to do that and so he told me he will negotiate with his teacher to see if he can reach later.

Eventually, we arranged for him to sleep at 8.30pm and wake 6.30am so he can reach school at around 7.05am... but leh, eventually, someone dilly and dally and he also realized nothing much to do in school actually so now we only leave the house at 7.05 instead:) hahaha...

The other night, I was complaining to him that he always dilly dally at bed time so by the time he is ready to sleep, it is 8.30 already and we dun have time to chat or read a book together like we usually do... and then he hugged me and told me in a reassuring voice, "Sorry lah mama... I am a little more busy now because I have more to do now that I am monitor.. but I promise I will make time to spend time with you, ok?" And gave me a pat..

Hahahahaha... feels like a role reversal lor!:)

But leh, actually hor, he is dilly dally lor... not really that he is more bz cos he is school monitor lor... school monitor at home dun have extra work one mah...

The one good thing that came out of him being class monitor is now he does not forget to hand me things to sign.. which he usually does forget previously when he was in P4:)

I asked Ace if his tuition teacher knew he is a class monitor and he said, "Yes.. she knows.." I asked him if she asked and he told her when he answered a question or he volunteered the info himself.

He said he volunteered the info...and so I asked.. "How did you tell her?"

And Max said... "I bet he did this..." And Max did a very hao lian but also very paiseh face at the same time and said in a kiddish voice.. "Teacher.... I... I... I am class monitor leh..."

And the funniest thing was that when Ace saw that.. he rolled over with laughter and went... "OMG! How did you know?! How did you know I did that?!"

It goes to show that his dad really knows his son :) hahahha..

PS: Like mother like son. The other day, Ace pinned his Class Monitor on his jacket when he went out with it cos he says it looks cool... this reminds me about how proud and happy i was to become prefect at Sec 2 tat I secretly pinned the badge on my skirt when I went to market with my mum:) hahahahahaha.....

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