Monday, July 04, 2016

Ganma Evon And Gandie Kev Visits

Ganma Evon and Gandie Kev came visiting and we decided to have dinner together... since we havent been to Original Sin for a long time and Ace hasn't been there before, we decided to meet there for dinner....

Evon ganma says Ace is so tall and looks so grown up in this get up!:)

We ordered some food to share and had a great time chatting with each other...

Thanks to Max who passed me the chilli flakes without the cap..  and tadah! Chilli flake blessings for y pizza.. heng I already put cheese.. so the chilli flakes din all stick on top...

Ace picked out a few of the chilli flakes to make a smiley face:) hahahaha..

We told the waitress that we were celebrating two birthdays.. :) Hahahaha.. And we got a free dessert!:) woohoo!

All in all a great night.. BUT too short a night:)

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