Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Wes Visits

 And so, my penpal, Wes, and his family visits AGAIN:)

And this time... Max is also here in Singapore.. so it is a rare chance that both our families can meet:) woohoo!:)

So because our guests made request to go somewhere with all the foods they havent ate yet, we thought that there is no better place than the Fengshan Blk 85 market! Hahahahaha... Want to eat anything also have lor:)

We went to pick them and passed by Geylang Serai.. so pretty hor ;)

Though the kids last met each other in 2013, they sort of instantly continued from where they left off. Likely because for Ace, it is like being back in Dubai with his international school classmates... and also because AL is such a dear and is Ms Congeniality personified! She is so chatty and friendly with anyone... and everyone! I am looking forward to Ace growing out of his chow bin face and moving into this chatty, friendly phase... Cos I noticed kids at around 10, 11 are usually emo... but upon reaching like 13, they sort of start to open up :) hahaha...

 The kids bonding over their common love of mobile games:) hahaha

 And taking selfies...

 And this sort of gathering of course calls for a group photo.. and since Wes has the longest arms... he gets the honor of holding the camera:) hahaha

 And of course must take one with my pen pal mah:)

 Ace was super excited to see how much taller he has grown as compared to Uncle Wes. The last time we met up, Ace told Uncle Wes he wants to be taller than him in future!:) hahahaha...

 Proof that the boy grew a fair bit.. BUT I think he is far from being taller than Wes!

 Round two for dessert :)

The "beer buddies" who made a date to have beer together the next time cos there was not enough time to grab one together this time:)

Looking forward to when they visit again!:) woo hoo!:)

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