Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sammi Cheng Concert

So the other day... by chance, a friend had some concert tickets to giveaway.... And she said it was a Sammi Cheng concert... WOW!

I asked if Max wanted to go and he said he wanted to but could only make it on Sunday as he had to work on Saturday. After discussion, we decided to bring Ace along as well so he gets exposed to what his mum and dad were listening to when they were young... Hehehehe.... And also, it will probably be his second concert experience... (with his first being the concert he attended with his dad last year at the F1 event in Singapore.... )

 Many thanks to Mag for offering the tickets and Daphne for picking it up and sending it to me....I was so excited that we were going to a concert as the last one I attended was probably more than 17 years ago.... which was really more of like work because I was there to take pictures and cover the event as a writer for the website I was working for:)

 The plan was to drive somewhere nearby to have dinner and then make our way to RWS where the concert was held.. after much contemplation, we decided we will go have Thai Food at this fancy Thai restaurant we were talking about trying... and as we made our way there, we saw a ship named Triumph Ace.. I told Ace it meant VICTORY for him:) hahahaha..

 Waiting for dinner to be served:)

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