Sunday, August 07, 2016


Been lazy to cook....Here are some of the few new things I tried out this month...

Ace ate this hotdog bread with egg mayo thingy at OBean and loved it.. so now he bugged me to make it again for him at home... He says nice wor..

Max was on some no carbo diet and I read somewhere that zuchinni can be made into carbo free noodles.. and so I tried to fry zuchinni noodles for him.. Not bad.. I will do it again:)

Carbo free also meant we started exploring eating quinoa and this is quinoa version of Korean Kimchi Fried Rice.. usually the egg is sunny side up one.. but as this is for Ace, egg has to be totally fried cos he dun like raw eggs...

Eveyrday eat the same thing very sian right.. so I tried this other online recipe I found.. zuchinni with cheese...

Bought these Japanese sweet potato on sale...Actually have to thank KP cos it was more like she bought, brought it home and brought it out to pass to me when we met up the next day...  and airfried them... NOt bad.. tasted like roasted potato... but I think cannot one shot eat so much.. next day keep passing out wind:) hahahaha

PS: Saw this fried rice that is actually fried veggies... looks good.. going to try some day:)

 Took out all the things I had in my fridge and made this prata  pizza.. Ace says is very nice:) hahahahahaa...THe trick is have to semi pan fry the prata first...and prefry the ingredients before placing them on top of the semi fried prata adding cheese... when the cheese melts.. put in airfryer to "bake" somemore... :)

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