Friday, August 05, 2016

SG Bear Project With YNPS

So last year, when I attended the NDP celebration in Ace's school, I found out there was a SG Bear project at school.

This year, when there was a call for volunteers.. since I was free, I offered to volunteer my time lor:)

Asked Max to send us both to school as we have to reach early :) What better way to start the day then do a selfie.. with a PHOTOBOMBER in the background:) hahahaha

Registration counter... I saw this photo in the PSG FB page and then upon looking closely, I realized tat this curly hair person trying to sign up is.. ME:)

Everyone signing up is given this card and this badge...

First, there was assembly and there was a brief on how to get it done... And why we are doing this... THere were VIPs there as well as the project will donate proceeds to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund and also Child Aid...

Some companies started the ball rolling by donating a lump sum to the cause...

So this is how it is one.. you put the cotton wool in... and then you sew up the sides..

It is harder than you think because in order to make sure the student dun spend TOO MUCH TIME sewing, they only left a very small gap to put in the cotton wool...

So the students then grouped.. some are to do it in the school hall and some will do it back in their classrooms. The great thing about this is that we were attached to the classes our children are in ;) ANd they will mix classes... like for Ace, his group was mixed with another group from P2 so they can help each other out:) Or rather, the big sisters and brothers can help the younger ones out..

I guess Ace is very excited to do this:)

I was very impressed with this little boy in the middle cos he really kept an eye on the little ones and helped them whenever needed:)

认真做事的男人/孩最有魅力哦! :)

I love this bear.. so sweet:)


Actually our group is quite fast and many of the kids finished one bear and offered to do another one... so many of them sewed two bears instead of one! And interestingly, the boys actually sew as well or even better than the girls!

For me, it was also an interesting experience because you see many different parenting styles at play. There are parents who want to help the kids do everything.. like cut thread for them... thread needle for them... etc... And because my style was different, I was wondering why they want to take away the fun of doing everything themselves:) Hahaha..

Then of course there is the sit beside them and guide step by step one.. and I only guide if they have problem..

Some of the bears our group made:)

I looked at the stitches that Ace did and told him that I think he did a pretty good job.. I am pleasantly surprised his stitches are so neat... and then he proudly said, "Of course lah mummy, I got experience last year and also did the Nila thing mah... "

I think he forgot I did most of the sewing at that Make A Nila event lor! Hahahahaah

Ooh... check out this cute Hello Kitty one:)

THe end result from our group ;)

Here are some from the kids who did the sewing in their classrooms..

THen when all is done, the children all went back class for school and we were gathered together for a buffet ..... Then of course must take group photo lah:)

SOme of the parents who were helping out in my group:)

But hor, this is not the end leh...

Because hor, most of the kids have never sewn before and these bears are going to be SOLD... so we need to check.. for those with very jialat stitches, we need to unpick and resew....

THen for the eyes that drop out, we need to paste back.. etc....

AFter that need to Febreeze it... so that it smells good.. and then need to pack it..

Sewing department...

THese are the "surgeons".... in charge of fixing the eyes:)

I belong to sewing department... resew and resew... hahahahaha

Ready gor QC check...

THis ANgry Bird theme bear is looks really angry with all the eyes and nose scrunched up together:)

I took photos of some of the prettier ones..

Laying them out to FEBREEZE!

I found Ace's bear!

This is how the end product will look like..

Found the other bear that Ace made!

I love the colours on this bear!

Elsa bear anyone?

Here are some bears I handled in the "re-sewing department"...

And so everyone went home feeling warm in their hearts knowing that they did something that will help others today:) Will most certainly try to volunteer again for next year's project:)

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