Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bu Xiao Zi

I had tea with a friend today and we were talking about how the younger generation will have a different earth.. with different solutions but they will also have their very different solutions tat we cannot imagine ;)

Inspired by this... our family was having a discussion in the car...

I told Max that as I think back upon all the three 信约 stories (从唐山到南洋/动荡的年代/我们的家园) I watched on TV (It is the 3 parter that Mediacorp did to celebrate our SG50), I thought about all the storylines in the stories and saw how big a contrast each generation is from the next.

It is like the first generation will totally not be able to imagine what the second generation can enjoy or experience.

Max says of course... our parents probably never thought one day just a small flat thing can play games, take pictures and do so many things...

"Yeah.. I think the world Ace will grow up in is very very different from our world..." I agreed

And then just to tease Ace... Max added..."I think the world in the future is going to be very different indeed. I think in future, parents have to kneel down and beg for food from their children before they will be fed hor, Ace?"

And to my surprise, Ace replied in CHINESE... "Of course not lah... 以后如果我这样,就会被人家说是‘不孝子’咯!“

Wah... very impressive leh.. know wat is ‘不孝子’ leh.... Must be all the chinese tuition is finally working!:) hahaha

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