Saturday, August 01, 2015

Meeting Up With Ganma Evon And Gandie Kev

We havent been able to meet up with Ganma Evon and Gandie Kev much when we were in Dubai....

Now that we are back in Singapore, it is alot easier to arrange meet ups.

After meeting at Legoland in Malaysia last December, Ganma Evon says she misses Ace and made a trip specially to Singapore to visit him...

We arranged to have lunch together...

Ace and Gandie having their mans talk.. hahahaha:)

Then after our meal, Gandie brought Ace to walk walk while I chatted with Evon Godma..

WHen he came back, Ace started bugging me to buy him the butterfly comb again..

I told him he can let Gandie and Ganma read his essay about peace and if they say pass then I will buy for him.

Very happy lor.. cos they said his essay was awesome and even though I told him that we can buy it online.. he insisted must BUY NOW.. and he picked the most expensive design lor... sigh..

Time for some group photo!:)

Anyway, after that we went walk walk.. and Ace asked if we could go and see toys.

Ganma bought him a belated birthday gift-- a lego set. But he said that he has alot of lego already and asked if he could change it into nerf guns...

Ace spent a good half an hour there deciding what gun he wanted... he is explaining his dilemna to his godma about the different guns and why he likes them.. godma told him.. "Just buy the one tat you love most.."
ANd this is how he ended up with this...

And this kickass awesome water gun!:)

Even I got a present lor:) hehe... THanks Evon godma and Kev Gandie!:)

We are trying to arrange to visit them in Kuching.. hopefully we will be able to fix a date to do that soon:)

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