Sunday, August 02, 2015

Kendama For Cay Too

 Cay came to me to show me his toy.. I asked him what this is and he said, "Gor gor say this is my kendama..."

 Apparently, when Ace brought his Kendama to play, Cay wanted to play too but I told him not to let Cay play as it might hit him as the wood is very heavy and hard..

So Ace passed him this and told him this is his Kendama.. hahahaa.. Good idea right?

Real Kendama:

Cay's Kendama:

Hahahaah.. So now it seems not only Ace and Max are into Kendama... even Cay also into it:)

Actually, even Yeye was inspired to try the other day!:) hahaha

On a seperate note.. Gonggong bought a new toy for Ace and Cay.. it is a spinning top with lights and Ace was quite fascinated with it.. hahaha:)

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