Saturday, May 14, 2016

East Coast Park

It has been awhile since we went to East Coast Park and Max asked if me and Ace were interested in joining him since he was going for a run..

Our plan was that I would walk, Ace will swing scoot.. and Max will run.. and we will do that for 30 min and turn around to meet at Bedok Jetty.....

And did not realize that East Coast Park is so pretty now...

The last time I was here at this stretch of East Coast Park is actually some 11 years ago... I went there for a walk with Max because I would be delivering Ace soon and he was there in my tummy when I did my walk with Max so it was literally like  a walk down memory lane for me:)


As I watched Ace swing scoot there.. I was filled with awe... I mean like last time I was here, he was this little bundled up thing kicking inside my tummy.. and now, here he is.. almost as tall as I am swing scooting away on his own... time really flies!


We went past the food centre and found these growing on a damp log.. looks  a little like LINGZHI.. hahahaa.. actually I always htought these things grow in a damp environment.. given the veyr little rainfall and super warm weather, I am surprised they are growing so well!

We went further up and reached all the food establishments... and then it was time to turn around..

Saw this beautiful flower and took a picture of it.. hahaha.. COpy Max!

Finally back at Bedok Jetty.. Ace said he wanted to see if anyone is catching fish roti prata style...  (He means like throwing this round net into the sea like someone flipping roti prata...cos we saw someone do that the last time we visited Punggol Settlement... I told him diff places require diff tools to catch fish.. so maybe not...

Took a video of the waves hitting the shore gently...because.. well, I was inspired by VINE and wondered how and why people took short videos for:) So I did this as experiment:) haha

 Max totally drenched after running:)

Max said he is going to wring his shirt for me to see how wet it is.. and I think  you should take note that this is supposed to be dry fit material...


ANd while we were resting at the jetty, Ace, who has very sharp eyes pointed out that he saw a big fish in the sea... Max says it is a injured Barracuda and Ace was worried for it because it was swimming near the jetty and Ace said he might be caught.. I told him maybe being near meant he will not be caught since they will throw the hooks furthur away most of the time... But well, I dunno anything about fishing but when we told Yeye about this later, he said they are very fast fish and not easily caught.. so Ace was a little more at ease...

 We noticed that if the fish is too small, the fishermen will let them go.. but these are also to me very small mah.. why they keep leh?

 Max says these super small ones that pple keep alive are for them to rear in fishtanks at home...

Sun is setting and it is time to go home:)

It was great to have a chance to come walk walk.. I think we will do this again:)

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