Sunday, May 08, 2016

Four Is Four! (四是四)

So we were having a chat in the car the other day on the way home after dinner and the talk turned to doing youtube channels. I told Ace that perhaps we could aim to do a cross talk piece on youtube as a holiday project during this holiday... will be quite cool right? ;)

And then we started talking about how to train yourself to speak clearly.. by using tongue twisters. In Chinese, they are called 绕口令..

And so I asked Ace to try do this simple one that goes like this..


So both Max and Ace had a go at it...

Max could do it.. but not too accurately:) hahahaah...

And Ace would fumble by the second sentence and break out into laughter and declare "Oh, this is sooooo hard!" hahahahaa

I told Ace if he wanted to do this, he had to practice doing it accurately but slowly... and then increase the speed as he got familiar with the various positions his mouth and tongue has to be in to pronounce these words accurately..

And then afterward, when we reached home, Ace walked up to me and told me... "Mummy, I found a way to do it in the fastest possible way... Get ready for this... And here we go...."


Hahahahahaahaha... Boh liao to the max! Ace FTW! :)

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