Monday, May 09, 2016

If You Don't Study Hard, You Are Letting Your Teacher Down

The other day, I saw this piece of chocolate in Ace's room. I asked him where he got it from and he said his Chinese teacher gave it to him.

I asked him what is the occasion.. he said, "No occasion.. She just give to us lor.." Wah.. teacher so good lor.

Then the following week, his English teacher called me and told me that she will keep Ace in during recess to help him catch up on corrections and teach him how to file and sort his stuff. She said she will prepare some biscuits for him but if he dun like biscuits, I can consider preparing recess food for him too so he can eat as he works.

So good ah the teachers these days... stay back during recess also will provide food...

Then one week later, I was asking Ace if he needed to buy any new green pen... "No need... I have already.." he said. "I thought you said the other time you are running out of ink soon?" I asked him. "Ya, but I have already.. teacher gave me.." He said.

Turns out that alot of the students in the Chinese class did not get their corrections done and when asked why did they not do it, they all said they did not have green pen.... so the teacher came to class next day with one green pen for EVERYONE IN CLASS! Wah! Power lah this teacher:)

I told Ace he is really lucky to have such kind, caring teachers and if he does not do his best and do well for his exams, he will really be letting them down!

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