Saturday, May 28, 2016

P5 JPD Camp

So the Sunshine Aunty informed me that there will be a camp for all the P5 students and asked if Ace can make it.

We were blessed cos Max was bz and I also had lots of appointments that day but the SAs actually helped me bring Ace there and back so I was free to go do what I needed or wanted...

Just that Ace had to travel there earlier as the SAs needed to be there early to help out:)

The SAs were like roving reporters... sending us pictures and videos throughout to keep us posted... hehehehe...

The first to arrive for Group Nelson Mandala!:)
They were suppose to be listening to some guidiance or speech. When I asked Ace why he was reading the book, he said, "But everyone else was talking also..." As if reading a book is better than talking... Hello.. very rude to NOT BE LISTENING when someone talking on the stage lor..

That's them having lunch:) The sunshine Aunty knew I was worried about his vegeterian diet and even sent me a picture of his meal... Ace said he had yummy veg fried rice that even came with a veg chicken drumstick!:)

I think they were doing some sort of cheer...

All these are bookmarks that the SAs made and the children could each choose ONEbookmark to bring home:)

Next it was time to play games.. that is Ace playing the pass cans along with your feet game..

Picking beans out using chopsticks...

Threading many many needles!

Here is a video of the kids having fun:)

Q and A...

Then it was time for their talentime performance!!!!!!!

The children did a really interesting performance and I think Ace did very well.. he is fearless and is a natural on stage i think:)

Here is a video of their performance..

They actually practiced quite hard for it:)
And their team won the BEST RHYTHM AWARD!

Ace said he really enjoyed himself and liked the camp very mch. When I asked him what he learnt, he said he learnt how to be HAPPY.. hahahaha... And when I asked him about what impacted him most, he said he was most impacted by the testimonials he heard... most of them were related to their struggles in their studies or trying to get into a school of their desire...

Pity though, after the wash, his very cute camp tshirt became faded because I put white clothes through the 90 degree wash... and I forgot to iron this new shirt before washing...

PS: We were watching this show on TV where they were doing human towers...

When we watched the kids climb to the top, our hearts beat very fast and had our hearts in our mouths as they were climbing up.... and we were so moved by their team work.... I told Ace that SoKA also as a YMD Gymnast team that performs human towers during special events and if he has a chance, he should take part because this is an experience of a lifetime.... if you can do that, you can do ANYTHING in life!

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