Friday, July 31, 2015

Meeting Up With Teacher Ivy

My appeal for iphone 4 cases reminded me and Teacher Ivy that we had planned to meet up.

Teacher Ivy is Ace's Shichida Teacher and she has constantly showered Ace with love through these years. She bought presents for him on his birthday and even bought us gifts before we left for dubai.

And so, we finally arranged and did it and since the last time we saw her was 4-5 years ago, I decided to bring Ace along lah.. so that she can see how tall her student has grown..

Cannot imagine that when we first started going for lessons, Ace looked something like this and now he is so tall liao lor:)

Ace said he is feeling hungry and ordered SO MUCH FOOD! So crazy! Hahahaa..

Well, I guess 我们不认老都不行...

Ace says we can gather again in another 5 years time... hahaha.. But I hope we dun have to wait so long! :)

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