Saturday, April 02, 2016

Beer Pong

 I dunno why Ace was suddenly inspired but that day when he was at Yeye's house, he was looking through all the cupboards for cups. When we asked him why does he need cups, he said he wanted to play beer pong...

Finally, we found those containers people use for dabaoing desserts and decided to use those to play water pong...

It was Max Vs Ace and Max was like saying.. "Wah lau.. these containers so big, so easy lah... no fun at all lor...

End up leh, Ace was the expert and got his balls into the water but Max didnt get any of the ping pong balls in..

Loser has to drink ALL the water inside the container so after losing twice, Max declared..."I dont want to play liao!"

Hahahahaha.. Sore Loser!

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