Sunday, April 10, 2016

Best Cousins

Because the week before, we had gone to Sao Mu for Qingming and so we did not go to Popo's house. I asked Ah Yee if Cay missed us and she said, "Yeah lor.. he refused to eat breakfast and insisted that he has to eat breakfast with Ace Gor Gor.. cry and whine the whole morning.."

So perhaps it is because they did not see each other for a week, this week they 相亲相爱 again:)

Cay said he wanted to play with Ace and Ace asked if he wanted to play the app game.. I think it is called WRZ or something like tat.. it is a game based on that movie Real Steel... where robots fight.. so you gotta fight or points to zeng your robot to fight...

So Ace said he will teach Cay how to play.. and so for a few minutes, this is how they looked like happily playing together:)

But after this game ended, Ace took over the tablet and started playing by himself as Cayden watched on...

After watching for a while...  they started to have this conversation..

C: Gor gor.. is this me? (pointing to robot A)
A: No
C: Is this me? (Pointing to robot B)
A: No
C: Why all not me? *pouts*
A: Because you are not playing.. you are just watching me play..

Hahahahahaha.. So cute right these two boys..

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