Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Dinner With Annie Godma At Dazzling Cafe

Godma Annie had been giving us so many treats I think it is time we gave her one back:)

So we made an arrangement to meet up for dinner at Dazzling Cafe ;)

The last time we were there during my BD celebration, I was too full to eat anything except have a drink.. so decided to go back and eat...

Unfortunately, not many vegetarian choices so not really god place to visit with Ace.. plus, the dinner food is VERY EXPENSIVE and actually NOT NICE.. totally not worth the money we paid..

But if just there for desserts is not bad lah..

The above is the soup we ordered.. the soup is very very thin.. and Annie Godma cannot believe we are charged $6 for this very very small portion of very thin soup..

The pasta also not very nice.. quite hard.. and the waiter said that it is meant to be Al Dante.. but I think it is a little harder than al dante lor:) hahah

some sort of mushroom vegetarian dish tat costed $20 bucks... Forgettable.. I think I make is nicer:) hahahahaha

I scared Ace not enough to eat.. so I ordered more.. This is some sort of baked egg souffle that.. well...tasted like.... FRIED EGG...

The only thing that we all found is NICE is this:)

Here is a video where the waiter demonstrates the right way to eat their signature toast...

I think I will go back again for the toast... But that is all.. the rest, save money, save stomach and save calories.. better dun eat:)

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