Saturday, September 17, 2016

PoGo Parenting 102

I have often chided Ace for not having positive thoughts..

As he tends to give up easily when he views something as difficult, I always tell him it is important to have positive thoughts.... Because thoughts attract things to you... if you have positive thoughts.. you will attract positive things to you.. if you have negative thoughts, you will attract negative things to you..;)

And over the years, as he grows, he has started to embrace having positive thoughts.. Sometimes, he will even remind me... "BE POSITIVE, MUMMY... You were the one who says dun have negative thoughts... because being positive will attract positive things to you!"

And I am happy to say that Ace brought along this can-do, postiive attitude to his PoGo gaming experience...

The other day, we were looking at the maps and saw that there was a wigglytuff nearby... But it was not that near to get there on foot.. it was two bus stops away and we will only make it if we get on the bus immediatly upon reaching the bus stop..

"Come mummy, let's go!" Ace said when he saw the Wigglytuff... "Aiyah, so far... must take bus leh.." I said... "THen we take bus lah.." And he excitedly grabbed his stuff.. So as not to dampen his spirits..... I decided to go with it.. But all throughout, I was thinking.."Haiya, cannot make it one lah.."


We managed to get on a bus upon reaching the bus stop and despite the traffic lights... when we arrived at the location, the Wigglytuff was still there!

There was a rush of excitement and we didn't even have time to high five each other...

And then Ace went, "Yes! Caught it!"

And my Wigglytuff ran away...boohoohoo.....

I told him it is so good he caught it and he consoled me that we will see it again... "How you know?" And with a smile, he told me, "Because I AM POSITIVE..*sings* POSITIVITY.. LALALA"

Another day, I promised to bring him somewhere else to catch pokemons and we ended up in Tampines Interchange to go present shopping and have dinner there as well.. but when I reached the interchange, I realized that I forgot to bring my wallet as it is still in my yoga bag!

And so, we couldnt catch any pokemons... and had to go home.. couldn't even have dinner.. and Ace's face was BLACK.....

And he did not talk to me for the whole journey home.. when we reached home, I asked if he still wanted to venture out for dinner and he said he wanted to.. and when we were making our way again, Ace excitedly told me there is a Blastoise nearby in Bedok... and showed me the address... Turned out, it was right where our bus was heading and was at the next bust stop!

So we alighted lor.. But hor, again I had tat negative thinking... Because of all the bad experiences people had shared on the PoGo Singapore FB Page about how these rare pokemons are difficult to catch and tend to run away, as I was catching, I was half expecting the pokemon to run away....

I ever told Ace about this and he said to just catch lah :) "Won't run away one, mummy... Just aim properly, use berries and ultraball..."

And so, I guess you can tell what sort of ending happened..

He caught the Blastoise and mine really ran away! hahahahaa

So Ace comforted me and told me, "Don't worry mummy.. think positive, you will get it soon!"

So I realized that my negative thinking is not really helping me... good reminder.... And about a week later, we really saw a Blastoise just opposite our house... and we ran there and caught it... this time, the CP is even higher than the previous one that we saw!

"See mummy.. think positive!" Ace told me with a smile..

And so, Pokemon Go taught Ace good lessons about being positive much more than I ever could:) hahahhahaha...

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