Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Am Very Professional

So, the living room clock ran out of battery and Ace was tasked to change battery and update to the correct time...

I dunno why.. but he felt very important to be given this job... He made A BIG SHOW of being very professional and wanted to make sure even the SECOND HAND was accurate and same as his dad's Seiko Watch...

I told him to dun waste time lah.. just make sure the time is correct can already.. dun need to stand there for so long and wait for the second hand to synchronise....

To which he replied, "I am very particular about accuracy because I am very professional... "

Then we went out for dinner, came home and I was going about my own business... And suddenly looked up to check the time.. 😱😱😱

So much so for being professional... Cant even tell hour hand from minute hand and already in Primary 5 lor!!! LOL

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