Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Ace Gets To Play WIth Sphero BB8!

So since a few gatherings back, our friend, Karen, has been talking about inviting us over to her place.

But leh, she has already shifted house once and we have still not visited her lor. So over FB, I self invite our grp of frens when she mentioned she was  cooking something special with a new pot she bought:) LOL

And she actually put together a menu and gathered the group in the course of one short day and we we finally got to visit her and taste her cooking:)

And the food not only looked good.. it tasted very good too!:)

Orange baked with salmon

Roasted chicken

Mushroom white sauce spaghetti (for Ace who is vegetarian)

Brocolli cauliflower cheese

And hor, many many moons ago... Karen told me over FB that she bought a BB8 in Japan and invited Ace over to her place to play with it. We never go round to it.. but Ace actually remembered and asked me if he will get to play with it when we were on the way there...

His eyes literally lit up when he saw this!

Waiting for it to charge... Ace was so excited to see it light up... But the light kept blinking and blinking.. never stopping to indicate full charge.. LOL...

Alas, not charged and boh battery.. so we spent the whole gathering charging it:) hahahahaah  When it was time to go.. Ace kept saying he wanted to stay longer... cos he was still hoping the BB8 can be charged enough for him to play with it a little...

And true enough.. jsut when we were about to go, it was fully charged.. Alas it cannot link to Ace's phone.. so Ace used my phone to play.. and I used his phone to take photo and video:) hahaha

Finally got it moving! Both him and little Carine were so happy!

The kids having more fun with it..

Then our good fren finally kam wan to go home... have to go home early cos next day is school day mah.... Anyway, we realized there were alot of bees flying around that night.. dunno why...

On our way home, Ace told me he really had alot of fun and that he wanted to save money up to buy this because it was so much fun.. and there were so many things you could do with it.

I am not so sure if it is that fun and worth the hundreds of dollars spent though... cos I am not a game or robotics type of person. But well, seeing that it has been months since that day and he has not mentioned anything about it.. I guess is a passing fad:) I am just glad he had a chance to experience playing with it and that he enjoyed himself;)

Many thanks to K and A for the great experience!:) (and of cos the yummilicious food!)

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