Saturday, February 11, 2017

Decathalon Singapore: Just Like The Old Days In Dubai

 I was just telling Max the other day, I notice we don't do much as a family anymore. We just go eat somewhere... (usually Ace's fav Thai Table) and then we go home.. at best is go supermarket shopping. Unlike in Dubai where we always look forward to weekend cos we get to spend so much time together.. shopping in different malls, visiting decathalongoing to the beach, going for different gatherings...

I really miss this part of our Dubai life.

Back in SIngapore, Ace has so many extra lessons to attend during the weekend... And Max is also always bz with his various activities... and then there is family commitment of visiting our parents... so we rarely have time to do all that... But I noted that even if we did, we always go home.

Max's response to that is that Ace is no longer young and so there is no need to bring him out anymore.. which is I guess also true cos he just needs a phone and he can be happy like bird one whole day in his room.

THe other day, we went out for dinner at this new THai restaurant called Para Thai that our friend recommended...

It was a little exciting since his dad changed a new car and we were still exploring this new car...

Ace trying to see if he can stretch out his legs fully...

After food.. went to Popular see see look look.. and it was only because hor that I thought Ace ran out of green pen and we wanted to buy one.. then he saw this book and said he wanted to buy.. I told him take picture and see if he can find ebook or in library lah...

Found this part of the car and cannot figure wat it was...

Googled and realize it is some sort of movement sensor.

So shiok right can lie down..

Then because Ace said he needed to buy a schoolbag cos his schoolbag koyak already, we headed off to Decathalon at Chai Chee....

I was really kind of glad we went cos... it was great and it reminded me of the wonderful times we had in Decathalon in China and also in Dubai:)

I think Ace felt the same way too.. he quickly ran into the tents in Decath when he saw them... and promptly posed for me:) LOL

I asked Ace if he really needed a 40 litre tracking bag as a school bag?? Hahahaha.. so din buy in the end..

ROck climbing, anyone?

wah.. so many camou clothes... But strangely ,Ace did not get excited.. I guess he already has TOO many of those:) hahahaha

FOund these back rollers... that looking back now, I should have bought.. perfect for yoga fish pose... But well, Ace thinks they are awesome as robot hands... LOL

THen Ace went to try out the kick scooters.. mr KS even put on helmet before trying out... hahaha

In picture look quite wu seh right..

But he was quite wobbly... hahaha...

Then father and son found some ping pong tables and started playing with each other... But as the only table available was the kids table.. after a while they sian liao. then they discovered this and started playing against the table ;) hahahaha

Then Ace said he wanted to go play basketball in the basketball area cos apparently, that is his favorite sport now.

Then we saw some interesting bags but they were still not very suitable as school bags..

Our good friend still wants to try..

Fooling around withthe net when his dad is making payment for this massage ball.. the ball turned out to be best purchase ever according to his dad.. cos he no longer needs us to massage for him and can do it himself;)

All in all.. quite a fun trip :)

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