Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lions Vietnam Charity Trip- Day 3 At Ho Chi Min

Day 3 was nothing to shout about... cos it was very much us transiting from Hanoi to HCM. Gosh, moment I arrived at HCM, I miss Hanoi weather! HCM has no winter one.. like SGP.. it is summer all year round!

Nothing to do while waiting to make our way to HCM at airport... so the boys sat down for a beer...

Then we finally reached our hotel in HCM.

And here is our welcome party!:)

While I was sitting at the lobby waiting for the rest to gather after they settled their luggage, I  saw this strange sight...

There was this woman walking from afar and I noticed that she had tattoos on both her legs... and they seem to be faces.. I took photo trying to find out WHOSE faces they were...

But still cant really tell:) LOL

Ah... the lift here has G for GERO wor!

First time I see a bull dog in real life! It is so cute!!!!

Well done Xmas over so long liao still recycling the tree:) haahhaahahah

Wonder what they sell inside World Of Wonders!

Vegan food! Wow... then high chance our taiwanese fren can eat here.. Alas, they dun have seperate kitchen and they sell meat too..

After lunch, was walking back to hotel and saw this shop...

The swimming costumes here are so orbit.. hahahah

But I guess this one even more orbit:)

Rested for abit and waited for dinner. Our friend Sunny says he will bring us go pasar malam for seafood dinner. ANd we have to go there and see how they set up the pasar malam in a short time to become from empty carpark to full fledge restaurant!

Frut stall on way to pasar malam...

Pasar Malam havent started yet.. so we sit down, order a drink and chillax first...

Then suddenly, the chairs came...

And the tents came...

THe hustle bustle has started!

Restaurant all set up... Time to eat!

Vietnamese delight.. lemongrass clam..

Fancy burning prawns in coconut...

To be honest, tasted so so niah.. but fancy and very instagrammable:) hahaha

THey will peel the prawn for you later when cooked!

Some sort of kebab.

Our friends took out a Glen... and next table some couple from UK smiled and we offered them a wee bit... tadah.. instant friends! LOL

I will never understand this type of fashion.. nice meh???

After eating, I went to jalan jalan... go toilet. Borrowed hotel toilet in the end cos the toilet must pay and we ran out of small change...

Next stop, decided to happy hour... Sunny's friend recommended this place...

It is a very strange place... bartenders and waitress all wear uniform cross back... clientel all old uncle:) Hahahahahah

But it has live band and the band is not too bad I guess:)

And they serve unlimited cashew nuts.. yumz

Sunny even went on stage to perform.. :)

But then after a while, it got boring... so we left... As usual.. if drinking, Max will want to eat.. and we remembered that sunny said there is this very good noodle shop opposite our hotel... so we decided to visit..

Menu was very Chinese wor...

I ordered herbal duck soup... is nice lor:) Broth very thick.. but portion too big lah.. cannot finish..

And that marked the end of our day...

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