Monday, February 20, 2017

Pilates With Max

I kept wanting to do something together with Max and bugged him about taking up yoga with me.. But he says he prefers Pilates.. so I followed him to Pilates class.

Turns out in the end, I think he went because I bugged him..... and I went because I want to stick to him... IT did not work out cos we were both not doing it cos we wanted to... LOL

So we stopped after one sem...

This photo is got story one. I got upset at Max cos he keeps taking photos of other things and even posted pictures of him with another female fren of his.. and even when I told him I dun like it and I don't like her, he still chooses to take photo with her and post...  when he has not been taking or posting any of my photos.

So I say we must take photo together and post.. he said ok.. but end up is I take the photo...

PS: Notice someone sucking in his tummy to look slimmer!

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