Friday, February 10, 2017

Famous Again- In The News

Famous again...

Yeah, I guess my son is rather used to being in the news. He has since had his photo published once on The New Paper....

Had seen his parents' photo appear on a newspaper in Dubai...

Had been interviewed once on TV about Haw Par Villa... And this was  broadcasted repeatedly as a time filler...

Had been interviewed another time for a Pilot for Frontline's revamp (but not broadcasted)

But that is what happens if you have a media related job and friends who are now working in diff media related jobs.

And again,  I was interviewed about my experience in Dubai and what I feel the government can do to help families that have relocated overseas for work by The Straits Times.

Since 6.30am this morning, my phone has on off been ringing with messages of people telling they saw me in the papers.. So has Max :) My FIL even specially went to buy a copy of the papers to keep as remembrance;) hahaha

When Ace came home from school, I asked if any of his friends noticed that he was in the papers.

"Nope, just my teachers... they all came to tell me they saw me in the newspaper..."

And then Ace remarked that it was so strange that his Chinese teacher, Mdm Ong, also asked him about it.

Me: What is so strange about your teachers reading the newspaper?
Ace: Mdm Ong is Chinese teacher leh, why is she reading newspaper?
Me: Mdm Ong is SINGAPOREAN leh.. we are effectively bilingual, why she cannot read Straits Times?
Ace: errrr...

LOL... FUnny lah this boy..

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