Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dinner WIth Cay At CCP

Cay asked if we could have dinner.... He says me, Ace gor gor and Yee Zhang never eat together with him for long time already. I reminded him that we just had dinner together the other day... and he said, "But Yee zhang never come mah.."

So we arranged to dinner together again.

Ah Yee says she has a voucher and so we arranged to dinner at the restaurant she can use her voucher..

Then while we were eating, Ace asked if we could order the raindrop cake for him to try after.. I was also curious.. having seen it online some time back.. so I said ok..

Nett nett offered to order if Ace ate more chilli to which Ace replied.. "I am not going to be tricked again!" LOL....

The cake arrived and looked like super soft jelly lor.. that is all ;)

 Cay says he wants to try.. but leh, he did not like it.. hahhaha

 Nevertheless, I asked them to pose for me.. so difficult to take their photo lor.. awhile this person cover face.. awhile tat person look elsewhere...

Anyway, Cay had lots to eat even before the food he ordered came cos Yee Zhang kept feeding him this and that..

ANyway, I cannot understand a restaurant tat serves the kid's food last. Kid is least can wait for food one... they served his food when we were all done with ours! WTF man...

Anyway, as a result of that, he cannot finish his set meal and so Yee Zhang finish for him lor..

Then we walk walk abit and it was time to go cos tomorrow is school day. Sigh...

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