Saturday, March 11, 2017

Penguin Ice

So I saw this game online... and with the Pirate Stab game secret being out in the open now... we can no longer play that with Yeye and Nainai..

I thought this game will make a good replacement and so I ordered online....

When he came, Ace excitedly asked me to play with him...

Was really quite fun... and Ace is quite good at it!

So leh, we decided to bring it over to Yeye Nainai house to play with them!

I was wondering if Yeye and Nainai will enjoy it.. and turns out... THEY DO!:)

And they are quite good at it and really spend time planning out which ice berg to hammer too!:)

Only thing is that Yeye cannot see the number for the dice clearly... and keeps asking us how many does he have to knock... so we had to use pen to outline it again... hahahaha...

Here's a video of them playing :)


We brought to Popo house the following day and even Cay loves the game!:)

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