Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Despecible Me 3

 So Ace was saying the DM3 movie is coming soon and I suggested our family catch it together but his dad is not keen to watch it and so me and Ace decided to go together:) Very thankful that though he could not make it, he passed us some money so we could have good meal on top of eating popcorn while watching the movie:)

 Was trying to take a wefie but sun was shining too bright...

 Chatting on the bus..

 Arrived and went to buy tickets... Ace insisted I should by this set because it is cheaper;) hahaha... Actually is cos he wants the minion cup..

 After we bought the tickets, we went to walk around Toys R Us...

 The movie was so so only..

I liked the DM 1 and 2 better. Ace says so so also.

After tat leh, we went to Swensons to eat dinner! Proudly sponsored by Uncle Ahbun!

All in all a great day out:)

I am glad we got to go out lah.. whole holiday he was bz studying so that is why I wanted to bring him out for some fun.

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