Monday, June 26, 2017

Family Movie Outing

It is nearing the end of the holidays and Ace says he will like to go watch movies as his birthday request.... So leh, his dad asked him what he wanted to watch.. He said he wanted to watch anime... and then dunno why ding and dong and ding and dong.. finally morning then kan cheong wanna book.. But leh, the movie he wants to watch is only shown at 9am in the morning and so we missed it already.

Then his dad says he saw dunno where say 11am got show.. so we all changed, hopped into the car, only to realize that that is tomorrow's schedule.. LOL

But since in the car, we made our way to the theatres lor.. and Ace decided instead tat we will watch DORAEMON ;) Hahaha...

Bought our tickets and he went to arcade to use up some credits...

I just watch lah.. He asked me to play candy crush for him and win more tickets on his behalf. I tell him win tickets should be secondary since those ticket presents are cheapo stuff you can buy. Most impt is you enjoy yourself:)

And so we all waited around looking bored.. hahahaha

This game is so cute wor.. is kick soccer ball at Homer's nuts.. hahahha

Then arcade sian liao go walk walk in the shops...

Saw this TYPO shop selling lots of Simpons stuff.. so took pictures to send to a friend ho likes them.. so cute hor:)

Then we spent some time playing with toys in action city..

And finally time to collect popcorn and go watch the movie!

Movie was ok.. so so.. some parts I wanted to zzz.. I think Max really zzz.. And Ace was the only one who liked the movie and enjoyed throroughly:) hahahah

Feel hungry wor.. and decided to go grab lunch...

Chose this... and is not bad. Kind of reminds me of those UK like pubs tat we used to visit when we were in Dubai... And they serve FUSION asian and ang moh food too:)

Max tot I wanted to take his photo of him drinking.. I just take photo of him smiling nia lor:)

But drinking I also take.. hahahaah.

WHile waiting for our food.. let's do some selfies:) hahahah

Drink beer must take beer photo!

Father and son totally engrossed in Mr Bean! Hahahah

After Mr Bean, we went home lor:) All in all, a good day..

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