Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day 2017

After discussion with me, Ace said he will give his dad $5 to buy himself a beer as Fathers Day present. I say must take photo.. The father says need to tell the whole world meh?
I say of cos need.. I want whole world to know my son is a good son!
TBH, i also want all to know i got teach my son well okie... 😂 😂

Then also, we had celebration with  Gonggong and Yeye...

Because Shenshen's parents are here to visit, so we all went for a meal together. We had steamboat and the two vegetarians finished their food and started playing with bottle caps:)

IN popo house.. we just bought extra jia liao food.. gong gong fav-- curry fish head! YUMMY!

Happy Fathers' Day to all!

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