Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Last Dinner

Asked to meet Max for dinner. He said OK but came home late. He has been avoiding me for a few days.

Finally reached dinner place. Food is good. Mood... well, not so...

 Last pic as husband and wife too... Though not official.. But as good as that I guess:) Considering what he was about to tell me after this dinner, I guess cannot blame him for not smiling.. And considering I think I knew what was coming, I did a pretty good job of smiling right?:) hahahah

After dinner, Max suggested we go for drink.

At drink place, he finally asked to divorce and I said yes. Partly because I saw how it seemed to be so painful for him to live with me as husband and wife, and partly cos the pain made him become a really really nasty husband to have. And when someone used to be the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD to you, that is really quite something to live with.

we were both in tears on way home. I told him dun show ace this crying face and asked to park at Bedok Reservior.. that is really sort of where we started. The place we met... for the first time.. where he held my hand for the first time.. where he kissed me for the first time... after some months of ding donging of emails..

I tried not to cry to take a good pic to remember this moment.. But sibeh ugly no matter how i tried cos i couldnt stop crying...

Ended up with swollen eyes. Many thanks to Jez who came immediately to sit with me and talk with me and cry with me till 4am in the morning..

I ended up with swollen eyes the next day.. only end of day I looked a little more NORMAL;)

The following month was a roller coaster ride... especially hard for me on our anniversary days. 6th June, we would have been married 13 years. 7th June, we would have been officially a couple 15 years.

My first rship was 5 years. My marriage lasted 15 years. I guess I did make an improvement:)

Anyway, to Ace... Mummy is really really very sorry. I know I promised you that I will do my best to keep this marriage, and I really did. I gave it my all and my everything... And though it seemed like Daddy was the "bad guy" who asked for the divorce, he also tried his very best to keep this family together. We really really tried but it just did not work and we were both so unhappy.

It has nothing to do with what you did or did not do and you were the best son we can ever ask for. We hope that even though we are no longer together as husband and wife, we will still be the best parents you can ever ask for who will support your life journey with much love, joy and wisdom.

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