Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Out With Lele

Ace kept saying that he wants to do playdate with Lele before holiday ends... Given not much of the holiday left, and his mum and me are meeting up for our own gathering, we decided to bring the boys along.

The plan is they can sit and next table while we adult chat, they can play.. or we could bring them to playground in Paragon and we eat at nearby place while they play there... So we made plans to eat in Orchard to facilitate this arrangement.

Ended up, we decided to eat at Indon restaurant:)

And the food hor, quite authentic leh.. like the one we ate in Dubai.. so me and Ace were super happy. I was so excited I even took photo to send to Max! LOL

Then hor, we walked around to decide what cafe to go to. When finally decided,  me and KP brought Ace and Lele to the playground. THe boys were all excited to be playing together but they were a little self conscious as they realized the playground is for kids 6 and above. We asked if they were ok to be alone and they said  yes. We reminded them we were at Baby Dutch Oven cafe and they can come look for us if anything. We also reminded them to be careful cos they brought their LIGHT SABRES along and were playing light sabre match... LOL ... Reminded them not to hit other people:)

So we left and went to the cafe.. But hor, sit there only 5 min.. the two boys came back hand in hand! LOL

Turned out tat right after we left, they hit someone while playing and that adult gave them killer stare so they ran back to find us!

They spent the rest of the night really at our next table playing LEGO.. hahaahah

Bonus.. AUnty KP bought present for Ace when she went to Japan.. and she even helped us buy many packets of the AEON rice mix that Ace loves ... Happiness! :)

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