Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ace Fixes Cupboard

So the horizontal pole in one of my cupboard has been senget for a  long long time. I thought it was spoilt so I let it be. Max also cannot be bothered and let it be.

Then the other day, I came home to find it totally dislodged and all the clothes and stuff hanging on it strewn all over the floor.

Ace took a closer look and said he can fix it..

And so he did!

We have quite a tinkerer at home! I am so glad he is curious and hands on.. like me! Hahahaha... And I guess he inherited his handy hands from his dad and me....

Anyway, I thought this incident left a quite interesting lesson for me to learn. Sometimes, if you see that there is some small problem... be it with your life, your work or your relationship... if you put in effort and observe closely and have desire to resolve it, it can be resolved.

If you leave it there and think.. nevermind lah... One day, everything will dismantle itself and fall on the floor...

But I guess if when that happens you still have the desire to fix it, it still aint too late!:)

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