Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ace Wins Chinese Compo Contest

So Ace told me some time back that there is a composition competition in his school.

I told him that I am happy as long as he did his best.

After the competition, I asked how he thought he fared... he said it was quite ok and he wrote a good one. But we were not banging on him winning anything.

Turns out though, he won himself for being first in class cos he scored the highest marks i class for the contest. I think it is a boost to his confidence! Who would have thought right? CHinese compo leh! Chinese!

HIs tuition teacher always tells me that Ace has lots of great ideas and actually can do pretty well. In fact, he is considered mid range in tuition class and if he puts his heart to it and concentrates, he should be able to do much better for Chinese than he is doing now!

He won himself some bookshop vouchers and boy was he happy! He promptly used them to buy some blu tack and a pen!

Good job Ace! I am very proud of you!

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