Monday, August 07, 2017

Dinner With Lele

When Kar Peng heard I was attending a dinner, she promptly brought out her gowns and delivered them to me... so when she said she needed them back urgently, I had to try to return to her quickly.

My brilliant idea was to ask Ace to bring them out and meet me at the MRT and take an MRT to have dinner with her.. since Ace was coming, I asked KP to bring Lele along too.

And despite Ace having been taking bus by himself from school and to tuition many many times, he has never gone on to the MRT station by himself. I nearly wanted to vomit blood when he told me he did not know which side of the platform went towards town when I asked to meet in Bedok MRT at the platform going towards town..

Luckily... he woke up his idea and decided to READ THE SIGNS THERE... LOL

Reached City Hall and there was some exhibition going on... Many famous people given the same statue to paint or decorate... Ace says this is his fav..

LOL... I am reminded again that I have to ask him again when he is 18 whether or not he wants to go to the army:)

We decided to eat at food court and I am super happy cos it means i finally get to eat the yao cai chicken tat I always miss because I meet my frens there for lunch too early at 12noon:)

And leh, Ace says he wants to eat CCF... I bought him his chee cheong fun but when he saw Lele's noodle dinner, he asked if he can eat that too.. So I thick skinned, went to ask the uncle got sell noodles with zhup and veg only or not.. uncle say have.. $1... So i buy lah! hahahahaah

Anyway, Lele was in some cold war with his mum.. or rather, his mum is upset with him about certain things and so Ace was tasked to be middle man and to talk to Lele about apologizing to his mum and to understand where the mum was coming from...

One of the things is how he hang clothes to dry.. he tried to hang anyhow on the pole and his mum got upset and he could not understand why because he felt his way was also a good way to hang clothes to dry. I appealed to his logic by asking him if someone did something longer, does it mean they have better experience and can do something better? Then is it a good idea to follow their suggestions?

Ace on the other hand, appealed to Lele's scientific side and explained... using science, why haphazardly hanging your clothes will cause them to smell... hahahaha...

After all the serious talk... it is of cos time to play..

Last bought of fighting before we go home cos.. well, tomm is sch day still lor..

Ace asked me to take photo of this statue cos he says is Angel.. like me:)

Anyway, though it was tiring but I was glad we met up cos we all had  a great time:)

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