Sunday, August 06, 2017

Cousins Play New Toy

 Cay has a new toy and since Ace was over at Popo house, AH Yee says can open up to play with Ace.

It is some fishing game and it is not as easy as it looks! Hahahaha..

Both kids are sore losers lah... Cay sore when he lost to Ace.

Ace sore when he lost to Ah Yee... hahahaha..

I also tried playing with Ah Yee... and I lost! Very difficult to hook the fish lor!

Nowadays the two cousins always morning time is angry with each other and doing their own thing.... afternoon liao then want to play together... AH Yee and me thinks at least their cycle of being upset with each other is getting shorter:) hahahahaha...

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